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Shopping For a Scooter Carrier or Wheelchair Lift?

4 images of Harmar & Bruno Power scooter and wheelchair lifts and carriers

Shopping For a Scooter Carrier or Wheelchair Lift?

Online vs Brick & Mortar Mobility Dealer

With online shopping becoming more of the rule rather than the exception these days, you may find yourself searching for a scooter carrier or wheelchair lift for your vehicle online. While there are numerous sources out there where you can do just that, is that really going to be your best option? Most likely it is not. Here are just a few of the reasons why it makes more sense to buy your scooter carrier or wheelchair lift from a “brick and mortar” mobility dealership such as, Superior Van & Mobility.


Our mobility consultants are trained by the manufacturers to examine each application, ensuring you are choosing the right piece of mobility equipment for your current and future needs. Finding the right wheelchair lift or scooter carrier is not always as easy as finding one that fits your vehicle. There are many additional factors we must consider when determining what mobility equipment to recommend.

  1. Is the lift rated for the proper amount of weight it will need to carry?
  2. Is the lift the appropriate type for your mobility device?
  3. Does your vehicle have the specifications needed to handle a lift and its cargo?
  4. Every vehicle has what is called a “tongue weight rating” or TWR. The TWR is typically 10% of of the vehicle’s overall towing capacity. For example, your vehicle has a 1,500-pound towing capacity. Therefore, the TWR is 150 pounds. If you add a 100-pound lift and a 200-pound scooter to that vehicle, you will exceed the TWR. This can result in serious damage to your vehicle and mobility device. Plus, consider your safety. Exceeding the TWR is not only bad for your vehicle/equipment, but it also affects the handling of the vehicle which can jeopardize your safety and that of your passengers.

So, considering the investment you already made into your vehicle and mobility equipment, does saving a small amount purchasing online seem like such a good deal after all? Yes? No? Well let me continue…


All our technicians have been trained and certified to install and service every lift we install. This installation takes place in one of our service facilities. Not only will you have the peace-of-mind knowing that you are receiving the correct lift, but that it’s also being professionally installed and backed by a full warranty. (Most manufacturers require your mobility device to be professionally installed for activation of warranty)

  1. When you buy a lift online, who will do the installation?
  2. Does your installer warranty their work?
  3. How are you sure your installation was done correctly, and it is safe?
  4. Who will adjust it to make sure the platform angle is correct to handle the weight & size of your mobility device?
  5. How do you know the correct hitch adapter is being used to ensure the lift is installed at the correct height?

These are all questions you must seriously consider as your safety and that of your equipment depends on it. However, if you make your purchase from brick & mortar facility like Superior Van & Mobility, these are items you can rest assured are addressed and handled correctly as your safety and that of your equipment is our top priority.


When you call, Superior Van & Mobility you will speak to one of our lift consultants, not a salesperson. Our consultants are trained to ask the right questions and intently listen to your needs, both current and future before recommending any product. Our staff is not paid on commission, so you will find our approach is low pressure and understanding. You can rest assured that we will ask the right questions to ensure the wheelchair lift or scooter carrier you need is the perfect fit, and that it addresses your current and future needs.

When you shop online, you must make sure you’ve done all your research correctly and understand what you are purchasing will work for your situation. You must know exactly what questions to ask, your measurements, weights, etc., and hope the information you provide and are provided is correct. Remember, an online only retailer is only out for the sale. They are not concerned with the service after the sale. 

Two hands open holding a red heart


When buying a wheelchair lift or scooter carrier from a brick-and-mortar dealer, you know you are getting a quality product. At Superior Van & Mobility, before we sell any product, we do the research as our business depends on it. We will only sell products that we feel are of the utmost quality, safe, and that are backed by a full manufacturer warranty.

There are many lift companies out there, however not all of them build their products with the same quality construction as others. If you purchase a wheelchair lift or scooter carrier online, how well will it hold up and do the job you rely on it providing? Who will service your device if it malfunctions? What if you need parts? At a brick-and-mortar dealer like Superior Van & Mobility, our goal is to ensure that your equipment is not only correct for your needs, but also is quality made and of good components. There is nothing worse than being out and about, only to have your lift malfunction leaving you stranded!

By the way, most brick & mortar dealers like Superior Van & Mobility, are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). These dealers must uphold the highest in standards, and when they are also part of the NMEDA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) they must also provide 24/7 emergency service. We will never leave you stranded!


Superior Van & Mobility, has been around for 45 years serving clients. We have an A+ BBB rating in every state we have a facility, and as mentioned earlier, we are standing members of NMEDA. We have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business!

At Superior, we will always stand behind our work. We have a dedicated staff, each ready and willing to help you anyway possible in, “Regaining Your Independence”. In fact, we pride ourselves on having a staff that is passionate about helping others, it is our driving force. When you make a purchase from Superior Van & Mobility, you become part of our family.

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Which Vehicle Wheelchair Lift is Best for You and Your Needs?

BraunAbility Commercial Wheelchair Lift in white Ford Transit

With your wheelchair, you have your set of wheels and the increased mobility that comes with it. But to get further afield than your immediate neighborhood, you need wheels for your wheels. A vehicle wheelchair lift would mean greater independence for you, and the freedom to go where you need to go.

Your choice of a vehicle wheelchair lift is almost as important as your choice of a wheelchair. Finding what suits you best becomes easier once you know what your options are. Read on to discover the range of inventive solutions to straightforward travel in your vehicle with your wheelchair.

Vehicles Suitable for Wheelchair Lifts

Vans & SUVs are the best vehicles to convert to incorporate a vehicle wheelchair lift. Superior Van & Mobility specializes in van conversion and adaptive mobility solutions. We use our experience and expertise to ensure ease of wheelchair access to your vehicle as well as adapting hand controls behind the wheel to your abilities.

For an overview of the kinds of adaptations we offer to whatever make of vehicle best suits you, we encourage you to watch our summary video on wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Whether you convert your current vehicle or purchase a new or pre-owned one that has already been converted, there are several options available, but the simplest is the exterior vehicle lift.

Exterior Vehicle Lifts

Outside wheelchair vehicle lifts secure a wheelchair to the exterior of the vehicle, normally at the rear. The advantage is that the wheelchair does not take up space inside the car. The frame supporting the wheelchair is attached using a similar mounting to that of a trailer hitch.

They can be used with vehicles of almost any size. It is relatively simple to move the exterior vehicle lift from one vehicle to another. If you can stand for two to three minutes while the lift is running or if you usually travel with a companion or care giver, then the exterior lift is worth considering.

Once the wheelchair is in place, it needs to be manually strapped down, secured, and covered. If you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot, this might not be the best solution for you.

Interior Scooter Lifts

The beauty of a platform scooter lift is that you simply drive your scooter or power wheelchair onto a flat platform on the ground. The wheels are locked in place, and you dismount. At the push of a button, your chair is loaded into the rear of the SUV or minivan.

There are many different models of scooter lifts & carriers available in the USA. Most store the scooter or wheelchair in the cargo area of your vehicle, while others simply transport the chair on an exterior platform that visually resembles a very small trailer.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to scooter lifts. The make and model of the minivan or SUV where the lift will be mounted has as much to do with which lift you use as the design of your scooter or power wheelchair.

We suggest that you spend time deciding which type is best for you with the help of a certified mobility consultant. Their experience in matching your type of wheelchair or scooter to the device that is most suitable for your vehicle can be invaluable.
Superior Van & Mobility is a certified NMEDA QAP dealer, and as such we comply with rigorous standards. NMEDA stands for National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. And QAP is the abbreviation for Quality Assurance Program.

Road traffic safety and your personal safety as a wheelchair user must be taken into account! And, of course, you do not want your wheelchair damaged during transit. As certified mobility consultants, we will consider all these things and offer helpful advice.

We also offer a mechanical maintenance and repair service for all our converted vehicles.

Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts for Wheelchair and Its Occupant

Mostly found in commercial applications, there are hydraulic vehicle wheelchair lifts that are capable of lifting the wheelchair and the person in the chair at the same time. These types of lifts are often called occupied lifts and have much higher lifting capacities.

Our mobility consultant would take the combined weight of the wheelchair and the wheelchair user into account to see what the best configuration would be. Aside from weight, they will also pay attention to overall dimensions to find a workable solution.

We're Here For You

Superior Van & Mobility has showrooms and technical mobility consultants at 16 different locations, with plans for another site in Michigan in late 2021. The advantage of multiple locations is that if the branch you’re dealing with does not have the vehicle you want in stock, we arrange for it to be sent from one of our other branches.

Your mobility and comfort are uppermost in our minds. We are really keen to see you traveling in style — even down to your choice of the color of the vehicle — and with the greatest of ease.

Contact us if you have any questions about adaptive mobility or vehicle wheelchair lift conversion. And speak to us about our competitive financing options. We are always happy to provide one-on-one support to arrive at the mobility solution that suits you best.

Thinking About A Mobility Seat For Your Vehicle? 5-Items To Consider Before Your Buy!

Lady sitting in turny evo mobility seat in a van and image of handicap transfer seat installed in a van

Before You Buy A Mobility Seat for Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV - Consider these 5-Items

  1. Person Who Needs It: Similar to wheelchair options, it’s equality important to consider the person’s vehicle seating needs and how the product can best assist. Is it for a child or adult? What seat placement position in the vehicle makes the most sense for the mobility seat?  If for a driver, what control settings or customized control buttons are available?  If for a child or someone who needs assistance, what options might a caregiver need in getting the person into position.  
  2. Usage: It’s best to have a plan for usage.  Is this something to be utilized once or twice a day, or less frequent? Is it for the person driving or passenger?  Talk to your Mobility Consultant or Lift Specialist about your desired goals to accomplish the best mobility transportation option available.
  3. Cost: The cost of these products can vary according to mobility seat type and the vehicle it will be going into. You will also want to make sure to have a certified NMEDA dealer install your product.  This insures it meets all highway and load capacity ratings.  Also, you have the peace of mind it was installed by a seating professional and avoid potential costly mistakes down the road.
  4. Fit and Comfort: This seat will be an investment in your mobility.  It’s important to make sure the mobility seat gives you the ride you expect and need, including accounting for any health-related seating reasons. Some manufacturers require an aftermarket seat to be used for the application. You can often get the aftermarket seat to match in color. You can also upgrade the aftermarket seat to have leather, include heat and/or armrests if desired.  Want to keep your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) seat? There are some applications available where you can keep the design and comfort of your OEM seat. When possible, try out the seat or comparable product.
  5. What Does this Product Accomplish? Is a mobility seat the best solution long term or short term solution or both?  You’ll want to take into account the injury or illness and if there is any ongoing progression.  This solution might work at the moment, but not long term.  Have a plan in place for this investment. 

Here are a Few Videos of Available Mobility Seating Products

Handicap Parking Violator Deterrent System, ParkSmart from VMI

Handicap Parking Violator Deterrent System, ParkSmart from VMI

VMI Introduces, ParkSmart™ Handicap Parking Alert System on New VMI Wheelchair Vans Beginning 2021

There’s a new product in town and it is designed to help drivers and passengers of wheelchair accessible vehicles with eliminating blue stripe parking violators on handicap parking spots. The product is called ParkSmart™ and it is a new, patent pending feature that will be found on EVERY new, VMI handicap, wheelchair accessible vehicle beginning 2021.

However, before I get into the nuts & bolts of the system and how it works, for all who may not know (The blue stripes next to a handicap parking spot, that is designed for parking a wheelchair van, are there to alert other drivers to NOT park to close to their vehicle. The stripes are designed to mark off the appropriate distance from the handicap accessible vehicle where the driver can deploy their wheelchair ramp to safely exit and enter their vehicle).

Image of handicap Parking spaces

Now that I’m done with that, let’s get into how the system works. It’s quite cool! First the driver of the wheelchair accessible vehicle parks his or her vehicle in the spot designated for handicap van parking. Next, upon exit of his/her vehicle the user pushes a button on the dash to engage the new ParkSmart™ feature from VMI. (The system engages on a delay to allow the user to exit the vehicle). The wheelchair user then exits the vehicle and goes on about his/her business. The system is now engaged and active within 30 seconds. In all, the sensor works just like those on the rear bumper of a vehicle back-up system, deploying a short distance radar of sorts. Now, if a driver of another vehicle or a motorcycle user decides to park within the blue stripes or to close next to the, VMI wheelchair accessible vehicle, an audible alert will sound as the driver is getting out of their vehicle. The audible alert is then followed by a record message, further alerting the driver they have parked their vehicle illegally or too close to the wheelchair user’s vehicle and it asks politely to move their vehicle. The message will repeat itself as needed to ensure the user hears the message if there is a delay of them exiting their vehicle.

ParkSmart™ Button


There you have it! The industries first, passive parking alert system designed to assist wheelchair users in stopping the ever so frustrating handicap parking violator. In my opinion, this is going to be a game changer! I applaud Vantage Mobility International (VMI) with developing such a nice feature that can only help our users of wheelchair accessible vehicles by eliminating one of the biggest headaches they encounter in their travels, handicap parking violators. Thank you VMI!

Watch a Demonstration Video of ParkSmart™ from VMI Here!

Shop our Current Inventory of New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Here!

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Handicap Van Options Make Transit Easy

Handicap Van Options Make Transit Easy

4 images of Harmar & Bruno Power scooter and wheelchair lifts and carriers

What Can These Options Do For You?

New or used handicap vans are the main means of transportation for people with disabilities. They can compensate for most disabilities while providing comfort with the available options. Depending on your disability, you can choose which options would best fit your needs.

Here’s a list of customized options. These options will make commuting easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

The Options:

The main options for additional handicap van equipment include; Bruno Valet, portable ramps, hand controls, driving aids, lifts, jump seats, wheelchair tie-downs, transfer seats and platform carriers. Here’s a description of each:

Driving Aids: Driving aids include pedal extensions, wheelchair pulleys and sensors to help drivers maneuver safely.
BraunAbility Turny Evo: A Turny Evo seat allows someone with limited mobility to get in and out of their vehicle with very little effort and strain.
Lifts and Scooter Carriers: Lifts and mobility scooter carriers are probably one of the most useful options for a handicap vans and other accessible vehicles. Lifts and platform carriers for a van can be mounted internally or externally. They can lift a person in a wheelchair in and out of the car or store a mobility scooter during a commute.
Wheelchair Tie Downs: wheelchair tie-downs can be installed into the floor of a handicap van to secure wheelchairs during transit.
Hand Controls: In the instance of someone who has limited or no use of their legs, that person can have hand controls installed into their steering column so they can operate their vehicle.
Transfer Seats: A transfer seat works just like a lift and platform carrier. It can lift a wheelchair into a handicap van.

Understanding all of these options will make customizing your handicap van an easier process.

Joey Wheelchair Lifts

What is a Joey Wheelchair Lift & Scooter Carrier?

Older couple standing at rear of minivan with lady operating a bruno joey lift with their red scooter on the lift platform.


If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift to improve your mobility in your handicap vehicle, the Joey Model VSL-4000HW is one of the best options available on the market. The easy to use wheelchair and scooter lift effectively lifts and stores your unused scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle at the touch of a button. It works with both wheelchair accessible minivans and full-size wheelchair vans. All you have to do is roll your mobility device onto the platform from either side, hit the button, and let the lift do the rest of the work. Your scooter will be safely stored and out of the way.

Securement belts allow for maximum safety during transport, and an optional barrier system is also available if you need a little extra reassurance. The powerful performance and exquisite design of this Superior Van wheelchair lift mean you will enjoy many years of dependable transportation no matter what kind of scooter or power chair you are using.

The one-button operation of the Joey lift is powered by your vehicle’s battery. It handles devices up to 28 inches wide and has drive on/drive off capabilities. With this piece of equipment you will never have to drive your scooter or power chair in reverse. It features a rack and pinion design with a horizontal rail, offering one of the most compact footprints available in the industry.

Lastly, the custom mounting fit offered with the Joey lift fits a wide range of vehicles and requires little to no drilling. In most cases, third row seating is used to help preserve your vehicle’s resale value. With the Joey, you don’t have to sacrifice your vehicle style or value. Call Superior Van & Mobility today and check one out today to see how it can improve your experience.


Handicap Van Lifts: What Are Your Options?

Handicap Van Lifts: What Are Your Options?

4 images of Harmar & Bruno Power scooter and wheelchair lifts and carriers

There are lots of ways vans accommodate people with disabilities these days. From pivoting seating systems to adaptive driving hand controls to access ramps and lifts, you’ve got plenty to consider. One of the more important decisions you’ll make is picking from the various handicap van lifts on the market.

Whether you use a wheelchair or a scooter, whether you need side-entry or rear-entry and other factors influence the decision. Think about your needs and preferences and consult your driving rehabilitation specialist and dealer to make the most appropriate choice.

There are two primary differences of Handicap Van Lifts:

Unoccupied Handicap Van Lifts

If you’re looking for the cheapest lift option, you may be able to use one of the available unoccupied handicap van lifts. The two types—swinging arm-style lifts and platform-style lifts—load and unload a scooter or wheelchair when you’re not sitting in it. They’re easy to use and they’re smaller and lighter than lifts made for occupied mobility devices.

Obviously, this sort of equipment is for people who get in and out of their scooter or wheelchair for vehicle travel. If you need your mobility aid when you get where you’re going, but you can access the van on your own, this may be the best option for you.

Occupied Handicap Van Lifts

If you can’t always get out of your scooter or wheelchair van for travel, Occupied handicap van lifts that only work for unoccupied devices aren’t going to cut it. You need something that can safely elevate and lower you while seated. There are several types of occupied lifts that do just that.

Under-vehicle lifts attach outside the van, so they don’t take up any interior room. Single-post split platform lifts are relatively small and well suited to smaller mobility devices. They permit easy access to the passenger door when stowed. Dual-post split platform lifts are similar but larger. Standard dual-post lifts have sturdier platforms and two hydraulic arms that are well suited to the largest and heaviest wheelchairs. This equipment is strong and dependable. It does block access to the door where it’s installed when stowed, and it sometimes prevents seats in front of it from reclining or sliding back. However, in many instances, there is no safe substitute.