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Compare Types of Mobility Scooter Carriers & Wheelchair Lifts For Sale

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We have Both New & Used Scooter Carriers & Power Wheelchair Lifts for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs & RVs

Here you can easily compare every type of mobility scooter carrier & wheelchair lift available from HarmarBruno, and more.

We have both NEW and USED wheelchair lifts & scooter carriers for sale! If interested in a used unit, we encourage you to contact one of our lift managers immediately for current availability. Our used inventory moves fast and changes daily.

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(Sorry, we do not sell or provide installation of wheelchair lifts for the home. This includes stair-lifts.  For information on stair-lifts, please contact Bruno Independent Living Aids.)

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Two Types of Scooter Carriers & Power Wheelchair Lifts For Your Vehicle

1. Platform Lift & Carrier

Automobile wheelchair carriers & mobility scooter carriers for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs & RVs are available in both internal and external models. Harmar and Bruno make both of these types of lifts & carriers. These are the easiest type of wheelchair lift & scooter carrier to operate.

First, drive your mobility scooter or power wheelchair onto the lift platform. 

Second, exit the mobility device, and secure it to the platform using the supplied securement system.

Finally, depending upon the model wheelchair or scooter carrier chosen, your mobility equipment is then lifted and stored either outside or inside your vehicle’s rear hatch. 

NOTE: Inside, the rear hatch will provide the most protection & security for your mobility equipment. 

2. Hoist Lift

The hoist-type wheelchair lift & mobility scooter lift is ideal for smaller mobility scooters & power wheelchairs. It is not only designed for ease of use , but for users who need additional interior space inside their vehicle during transport. 

This type of mobility lift looks and works like a small crane to lift your mobility device off the ground for placement inside your car, truck, van, or SUV. Both Harmar and Bruno make several models of this type of lift. These are a popular option for use in pickup trucks.

Example: Platform Lifts
Example: Hoist Lifts

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Wheelchair Lifts & Scooter Lifts

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Wheelchair & Scooter Carriers

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BraunAbility Chair-Topper Wheelchair Lift

Save Space with a Chair-Topper, Roof-Mounted Wheelchair Lift for Manual Wheelchairs.

Image of power bed topper on pickup truck with wheelchair lift

Power-Operated Truck Bed Toppers

Power Truck Bed Toppers Work in Tandem with Mobility Scooter Lifts for the Best Equipment Protection Available!

Do You Need Adaptive Equipment Financing?

Superior Van & Mobility has mobility equipment financing! Funds are available to finance the purchase of new or used power wheelchair lifts, mobility scooter carriers, and much more! Please click the button below to learn more or apply today for fast approval.

Are You Uncertain if Your Vehicle is Compatible with a Lift or Carrier?

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