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Review Wheelchair-Accessible Van & SUV Financing Options

Superior Van & Mobility Has Numerous Financing Options For Wheelchair Vans, Adaptive Equipment, and More!

Below you will find information related to financing wheelchair-accessible vehicles, adaptive driving equipment, wheelchair lifts, and more. 

In addition, we included additional resources designed to further assist you with purchasing your new or used wheelchair van, and adaptive driving equipment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our mobility consultants. We are here to help and answer your questions. You can find a list of our locations here.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Financing

Submit a safe & secure application online with ease.

Grants & Assistive Resources

Find information regarding assistance & grants.

Adaptive Equipment & Wheelchair Lift Financing

Find information here and easily apply for adaptive equipment & wheelchair lift financing.

Loan Payment Calculator

Use our convenient online loan calculator to help you estimate your monthly payments.

Automotive Manufacture Incentives

Find a list of new vehicle manufacturer mobility rebates, incentives and qualification information here.

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Why Finance Your New or Used Wheelchair-Accessible Van at Superior Van & Mobility?

If you have ever financed a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you understand the complexity involved and that most lenders don’t understand the aspects of the vehicle. Most banks & lenders will not even consider financing a handicap-accessible vehicle. It’s out of their wheelhouse, so to speak. So what are you supposed to do? It’s simple, contact Superior Van & Mobility. We have a dedicated finance department that has built numerous lending relationships across the country for all credit types. 

What about other dealers, you ask? Sorry to say, but most dealers will simply send your application off to a single lender; usually, it’s the manufacturer who also provides consumer financing. We get it, it’s easy, but do you think it’s in your best interest? 

When it comes to financing, having more businesses compete for your business is the ideal situation to ensure you are getting the best rates and terms. Plus, what happens if you don’t have perfect credit? Is the finance manager going to fight for you and an approval? Oh, wait, most dealers don’t have dedicated finance managers, so I guess that answer is no.

Therefore, before you make the significant investment of purchasing your first or next wheelchair-accessible vehicle, make sure you not only do your homework on the vehicle for proper fit and function, but also the mobility dealer. Remember, where you do business does make a difference!

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