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Silver, chrysler pacifica wheelchair van in driveway with man loading cargo and woman in wheelchair going up ramp

Convert your Existing Van into a Wheelchair-Accessible Van!

Do you own an unconverted Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna Hybrid, Chevy Traverse, Chrysler Pacifica, or Voyager but need it to be wheelchair-accessible? If so,  we have an option that will save you some cash! Converting your existing vehicle will cost  $16,550 to $45,000, depending on the type of conversion and manufacturer. That’s savings of up to 60% over buying a new chassis & conversion!

There are several manufacturers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, but the two largest in the world are BraunAbility® and Vantage Mobility. The majority of vehicles on the road today are manufactured by them. 

Converting your existing van into a wheelchair-accessible van will cost $16,550 to $45,000

If you would like more details about the possibility of converting your existing vehicle, please get in touch with one of our mobility consultants for a  FREE consultation. This is important, as each manufacturer has specific requirements that must be met before conversion. 

Below are the posted requirements from three of our most trusted partners: BraunAbility, Vantage Mobility, and Adaptive Vans. You’ll find some stricter guidelines, but we usually can find some wiggle room and match a vehicle up with the proper manufacturer and conversion type. 

The below requirements are subject to change. Please check with a mobility consultant for the most current vehicle requirements.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements

List of requirements from BraunAbility to convert a vehicle into wheelchair accessible

Vantage Mobility Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements

Chart from VMI showing chassis types that can be converted into a wheelchair accessible van

Adaptive Vans Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements