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Silver, chrysler pacifica wheelchair van in driveway with man loading cargo and woman in wheelchair going up ramp

Convert your Existing Van into a Wheelchair-Accessible Van!

Do you own an unconverted Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna Hybrid, Chevy Traverse, Chrysler Pacifica, or Voyager but need it to be wheelchair-accessible? If so,  we have an option that will save you some cash! Converting your existing vehicle will cost  $15,750 to $42,000, depending on the type of conversion and manufacturer. That’s savings of up to 60% over buying a new chassis & conversion!

There are several manufacturers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, but the two largest in the world are BraunAbility® and Vantage Mobility. The majority of vehicles on the road today are manufactured by them. 

Converting your existing van into a wheelchair-accessible van will cost $15,750 to $42,000

If you would like more details about the possibility of converting your existing vehicle, please contact one of our mobility consultants for a  FREE consultation. This is important, as each manufacturer has specific requirements that must be met before conversion. 

Below are the posted requirements from three of our most trusted partners, BraunAbility, Vantage Mobility, and Adaptive Vans. You’ll find some guidelines more strict than others, but we usually can find some wiggle room and match a vehicle up with the right manufacturer and conversion type. 

BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements

List of requirements from BraunAbility to convert a vehicle into wheelchair accessible
Vantage Mobility Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements
Chart from VMI showing chassis types that can be converted into a wheelchair accessible van
Adaptive Vans Wheelchair Van Conversion Requirements
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