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Find the answers here to the most frequently asked mobility transportation questions by reviewing our FAQ page below. If you are unable to find the information you’re looking for, please contact any mobility consultant at any location by calling 1-855-217-8102.

Handicap Accessible Vehicles FAQ

Can I just put a wheelchair ramp on my van?

No, the conversion process in a wheelchair van/handicap accessible vehicle includes lowering the floor to create a larger door opening and seated height for wheelchair users. The door opening and interior height in a standard minivan are too low and a user in a wheelchair would not fit. In addition, the ramp angle would be so large the wheelchair user would not be able to roll up or down the ramp.

Can I drive from my wheelchair?

Yes, the majority of our wheelchair-accessible vehicles come equipped with removable front seating. With the driver’s seat removed and proper wheelchair restraints, a wheelchair user can remain in their chair to operate the vehicle.

Are 4-wheel drive converted wheelchair accessible vehicles available?

YES! As of 2021, VMI started building an AWD version of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van. 

Can I tow my boat or trailer with a wheelchair-converted vehicle?

Yes, some wheelchair-accessible vehicles do have optional trailer towing packages, but most do not. It is best to check with a mobility consultant on an exact vehicle towing option/capacity since it varies by chassis type.

What is the difference between Pre-Owned and Used wheelchair vehicles on your website?

Used Vehicles are vehicles where the chassis and the conversion are used. Sometimes also classified as Used/Used. Pre-Owned Vehicles are vehicles where the chassis is used, but the conversion is new. Sometimes classified as Used/New.

Do you take trade-ins even if the vehicle is not converted?

Yes, we take non-converted trade-ins toward the purchase of a converted wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

I have a converted vehicle, how do I get a trade-in value?

For the most accurate appraisal, it is best to visit any one of our locations to receive a trade value on your converted/unconverted vehicle. The vehicle would need to be physically seen.

How many people can ride in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle?

This question can be tricky and best answered by one of our mobility consultants as different chassis and conversion types have different capacities. However, some minivans with a full conversion and additional 2nd row seating option can carry up to 7 occupants with one being a wheelchair user. Other configurations are also available to allow for more wheelchair users and less ambulatory passengers.

Will a handicap-accessible vehicle fit in a standard garage?

Yes, the conversion process on most handicap vans/wheelchair vans allows for fitment into a standard garage. The only variation to the rule might be some full-size van conversions.

I have tried some other wheelchair vans and need more headroom. Do you have options for someone needing additional headroom?

Yes, most models available today come in two sizes; standard and extra tall (XT). The difference in the two is the door opening height and available interior space of the vehicle. If you sit tall in your chair, an XT model is generally the perfect fit.

What is the difference between a fold-out ramp and an in-floor ramp conversion?

A fold-out ramp is mounted inside the side doorway and remains there, folded in half when not in use. The in-floor ramp is mounted inside the side doorway, but in the floor of the vehicle so it is out of the way until used. Both models have their advantages so it is best to cover both with one of our mobility consultants.

I’ve just started looking at mobility vehicles. What should I know before starting the search?

Great question! To ensure you find the right fit in a vehicle there are a few items needed. First, we will need to know the make and model of your chair. Second, your seated height or tallest measurement of your chair is greater. Third, the width of your chair. There are other items necessary, but those are the top three.

Do you have any wheelchair converted RVs?

No, we do not sell wheelchair-accessible RVs.

If I already have an unconverted van, can I get it converted?

Yes and no. If your unconverted vehicle matches the current manufacture requirements for chassis type, year, and mileage then yes, we should be able to convert your chassis. However, if your vehicle falls outside the current specs for conversion, then the answer would be no.

How much weight can the ramps hold?

The ramps on most of our vehicles are rated at 1000 lbs. However, there are some models where the ramps are rated at an 800 lbs. capacity.

What does it mean if a van is ADA?

ADA stands for American Disability Act. A van that is rated ADA has to meet the current ADA guidelines in door opening height, ramp/door opening width, etc. Most ADA vans are found as commercial units as to why they must meet the requirements. A consumer would rarely purchase an ADA unit for private use.

Do you have any vans under $10,000?

Yes, at most times you will find units in inventory priced under $10,000. While vehicles at this price point are few, they generally are available. Your mobility consultant can verify with you at any time the vehicles we have in stock or that are in the process of being made ready for sale.

Will my health insurance pay for any of your vehicles or products?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. To date, there isn’t any health insurance that will pay for any vehicle modification. However, there are some small benefits available through Medicare/Medicaid in select states. Please contact one of our mobility consultants for complete details.

I’m unable to leave my house. Are you able to bring a van to me to see/buy?

Yes, within our service area, we can bring a vehicle to your home for evaluation and/or purchase. Simply contact one of our mobility consultants for complete details and availability.

I no longer have use for our wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Do you buy back vehicles?

Yes, we understand there may be circumstances where you no longer have use for a previously purchased wheelchair-accessible vehicle. We do provide buyback service for those in this situation. Please reach out to one of our mobility consultants for assistance.

Wheelchair Lifts & Mobility Seating FAQ:

Will a hitch-mounted lift work for my vehicle?

Hitch mounted lifts are only available for a vehicle where the hitch recommended tongue weight is more than the weight of the lift + chair combination. In most cases, this is a viable application for transport. However, there are always some vehicles, mainly sedans, and coupes with hitches that have a low tongue weight making a hitch-mounted lift, not an option. Our lift manager will be able to assist you in determining the correct product options and fit for your vehicle.

What information should I have available when inquiring about a lift?

In general, when looking for a lift for your power-hair, wheelchair, or scooter, we need to know the following: The year, make, and model of your vehicle and the make and model of your power-chair/wheelchair/scooter.

Wheelchair Van Financing & Grant FAQ:

Do you offer financing and leasing?

Yes, we have many financing options available at today’s competitive rates with terms up to 10 years in some cases. Leasing however is not something that is generally available on consumer vehicles but is available on commercial units.

Are there any assistance programs that help with the purchase of adaptive equipment for someone with limited income?

Yes,  many organizations provide assistance with the purchase of adaptive equipment. Click here for a partial list of organizations. Every state is different and the programs may vary from state to state, so it is always a good idea to contact one of our mobility consultants for more information.

Wheelchair Van Rentals FAQ:

What are your rental rates for a wheelchair-accessible minivan?

Click here for the most current list of RATES for our consumer rental vans. We offer competitive rates and terms starting with our minimum four-hour rental rate of $78!

Can my wheelchair with leg extensions fit inside one of the rental vans?

Yes, our vans are designed with removable front seating to allow for more room inside the cabin for larger chairs, riding up front, etc. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and chairs that are much larger than others. To be completely sure, it is best to send your seated measurements to our rental coordinator upon booking your appointment or stop by our location before your rental date.

Do you have Commercial Rental Vans that are ADA compliant?

Yes, we have several full-size vans that are ADA compliant for rent. We have both long and short-term rentals available.

Wheelchair Van Service FAQ:

Do you service wheelchair vans that you didn’t sell or models that you don’t sell?

Yes, we service all makes and models of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

I see advertisements for your Superior Service, what does that include?

The Superior Service is the prevention service that we recommend having performed every 6 months or sooner if your vehicle has heavy use. The service includes a thorough process of inspections and adjustments of the conversion components and is designed to keep your conversion in top working order.

What if my conversion stops working while out on the road?

We have available 24/7 emergency service in all our service areas. We generally can get you back up and running with a phone call, however, we do perform on-site maintenance if needed to get you back on the road safely.

Disabled Veteran Assistance FAQ:

I’m a veteran, does the VA provide benefits that pay for adaptive vehicles and equipment?

Yes, the VA has several plans available to Veterans of the Armed Forces who have service-connected disabilities. Some forms and qualifications must be met, but we can certainly help you determine if you have benefits available.

I’m a non-service-connected disabled veteran. Are there benefits for me from the VA that I can use toward adaptive equipment?

Yes, there are benefits generally available to non-service-connected veterans. You will need to contact one of our mobility consultants for complete details and evaluation.

What is form 4502?

4502 is the auto grant form from the VA that must be completed and submitted when applying for service-connected veteran benefits toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. We can assist you in filling out this form to ensure nothing is missing.

What is form 1394?

1394 is the form from the VA that must be completed and submitted when applying for benefits toward mobility equipment and lifts. We can assist you in filling out this form to ensure nothing is missed.

Mobility Driving Equipment FAQ:

Do you install hand controls?

Yes, we sell, install and service all types of driving hand controls from all of the major manufacturers. Our staff can meet the requirements prescribed by your Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Please contact one of our mobility consultants for the proper application for your vehicle.

Can I install hand controls myself?

No, hand controls alter the drive system of motor vehicles and if installed incorrectly could result in an accident. For liability and as a safety precaution we will not sell a set of hand controls to anyone if not installed by one of our certified technicians. Safety first…

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