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Exterior Wheelchair Lifts & Mobility Scooter Carriers For Hitch

3 photos of exterior wheelchair carriers and scooter carriers & Lifts on a car, truck, SUV

Bruno & Harmar Hitch Lifts are Designed for Cars, Trucks, Vans, RVs & SUVs!

Exterior wheelchair lifts and scooter carriers for your hitch are the most common, and least expensive option for transporting your mobility scooter or power wheelchair with your vehicle. 

The lift mounts to your vehicle through a towing-hitch receiver. The type of vehicle, its towing capacity, and the class of towing-hitch installed will dictate what type of power wheelchair lift or mobility scooter carrier can be used. Be sure to consult with our lift team to ensure you receive the right lift for your equipment and vehicle.

At Superior Van & Mobility, we not only sell, service, and install brand NEW power wheelchair carriers & mobility scooter lifts from Harmar, Bruno, Adapt Solutions, AMF-Bruns, and BraunAbility; but we also have a HUGE selection of USED wheelchair lifts & carriers at huge savings! Selection is limited and it changes daily.

For Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier Assistance, Please Call

To use a Harmar or Bruno lift & carrier, users must be able to perform these five tasks without assistance.

  • The user must safely walk from the rear of the front of their vehicle to the rear.
  • Must stand up to 3 minutes while the lift performs its operation.
  • The user must be able to place their mobility device onto the lift for proper lift. 
  • The user must be able to operate buttons or switches to operate the lift.
  • Have strength and dexterity to operate restraint tie-down straps or other device locking mechanisms.
Harmar Lifts Logo

Harmar Lifts & Mobility Scooter Carriers for Hitch

Harmar Lift


The AL160 is a lightweight, mobility scooter lift & carrier that features an open platform design. Backup camera friendly!

  • 350 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR SELECT: Cars, Minivans, SUVs, Trucks & Full-Size Vans
Image of Harmar AL580 scooter carrier

Harmar Lift


The Harmar AL300RV is a reinforced, power wheelchair & mobility scooter lift & carrier designed exclusively for recreational vehicles (RV). Adjustable platform & hitch height.

  • 350 lbs. Lift Capacity
Image of harmar AL300RV scooter carrier

Harmar Lift


The Harmar AL001 is a universal, heavy duty, manually operated, exterior, automotive, power wheelchair & mobility scooter carrier.

  • 500 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR SELECT:  Minivans, SUVs & Full-Size Vans
Image of Harmar AL001 Scooter & wheelchair carrier
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Bruno Exterior Wheelchair Carriers & Lifts

Bruno Lift


The Bruno Out-Sider is Bruno’s top-selling exterior-mounted automotive  mobility scooter carrier. It is easy to operate & removable for use on additional vehicles.

  • 350 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR SELECT: Minivans, SUVs, Trucks & Full-Size Vans
Bruno Out Sider Scooter Carrier installed on the rear of a black SUV

Bruno Lift


The Bruno Chariot provides flexibility to transporting your power wheelchair or mobility scooter. It is a pull-behind trailer design that does not act like an ordinary trailer.

  • 350 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR SELECT: Minivans, SUVs, Trucks & Full-Size Vans
Bruno Chariot scooter carrier on the back of a red sedan in a parking lot

Bruno Lift


The Bruno Out-Rider is available in standard & heavy duty models. It is designed for use in pickup trucks. This rugged, weather resistant lift is easy to use with a variety of cab designs and is a great way to transport your devices.

  • 100-350 lbs. Lift Capacity
Man sitting in his truck in his driveway unloading his manual wheelchair using a Bruno Out-Rider wheelchair lift
ScootaTrailer Logo

ScootaTrailer Pull-Behind Trailer For Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter Transport


The ScootaTrailer is a specifically designed, pull-behind trailer to transport your power wheelchair or mobility scooter. Compatible with EVERY type of vehicle.

  • 600 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR: Cars, Minivans, SUVs, Trucks & Full-Size Vans
Red Scootatrailer wheelchair & scooter carrier trailer sitting in a grassy field
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