Mobility Seating and Wheelchair Transfer Seating

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Transfer and Turny Mobility Seating

What Is Mobility Seating?

There are a couple types of handicap mobility seating options on the market today. One one hand you have a device that replaces the factory seat in a vehicle, this is called a turny seat. A turny, mobility seat is a seat that replaces one or more of the factory installed seats and its seat-base in an automobile.

The seat-base is custom programmed to precisely turn, lower and raise to allow an occupant with limited mobility to safely transfer from their scooter, powerchair, wheelchair or other assist device in/out of their vehicle. The user stays in this seat during the entire process as it is now part of the vehicle seating. No additional transfer from the seat inside the vehicle is necessary and it works with all factory securement systems.

On the other hand, we have mobility devices that work alongside the factory seating in a vehicle to assist in lowering and raising a user to make a safe transfer. Think of this type as a moving platform. The most common type of this is called the XL Board. This device allows a user to slide onto a small platform next to the seat which then lowers and raises the user up and down to aid in making  a safe vehicle transfer. Click below for more information on each available option.

BraunAbility Turny Evo Mobility Seating

Mobility seating/transfer seating options for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Formerly Bruno Valet Seating

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Adapt Solutions Link Mobility Seating

Mobility seating/transfer seating options for your car, truck, van or SUV

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Comfort Series Transfer Seat-Base

Wheelchair user transfer seating options from BraunAbility and B&D Independence

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XL-SEAT Motorized Transfer Board

Wheelchair user transfer assist device from Adapt Solutions for your car, truck or SUV

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