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Discover the Best Handicap-Accessible Swivel Car Seat Options

Swivel car seats are innovative adaptations that allow the seat to rotate, facilitating easier access for individuals with mobility challenges to enter and exit the vehicle. These seats are designed to reduce physical strain and provide a more comfortable and accessible travel experience. Swivel car seats are integral for enhancing personal mobility and independence, accommodating various needs through their range of motion and adjustability features.

Image of mobility seating options. Handicap Transfer seat, Turny Evo, and XL Board in a vehicle

Enhance Your Mobility with Handicap Swivel Seating for Easy, Safe Car Transfers!

Superior Van & Mobility has numerous handicap, adaptive seating options to assist wheelchair users and those with limited mobility in safely entering & exiting their vehicles. Our accessible seating helps make transfers manageable and safer regardless of the varying heights of vehicles.


The adaptive turny seat is available in several options, and it is designed to help users with limited mobility enter and exit their vehicle safely. A turny seat does what its name says; it turns outward from the vehicle and lowers closer to the ground to allow a safe transfer to and from a car, truck, van, or SUV. There are both power and manual options available.


A transfer board works alongside the factory seating of a vehicle to assist a manual wheelchair user in transferring from their chair into the seat of their vehicle. There are both power and manual models available.


This type of mobility seating is found inside a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. It works like a power seat on steroids! There are both 4-way and 6-way models available.

A transfer seat allows users in a wheelchair or mobility scooter to safely transfer from their mobility device into their vehicle’s factory seating. From there, the user can drive or ride as a passenger in the front seat without using their mobility device. 

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image of a turny seat in a van

Braun Swivel Mobility Seating

Check out the new Turny handicap seating options for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs from BraunAbility

Image of lady coming out of van sitting on a turny seat

Link Adaptive Swivel Seating

View the adaptive seating options for your car, truck, van or SUV from Adapt Solutions

Image of XL-board wheelchair transfer device

Transfer Board

For easy wheelchair transfers where space is limited, check out the transfer board from Adapt Solutions & BraunAbility

Image of transfer seat in a van

Wheelchair Transfer Seat Base

Check out our in-vehicle wheelchair transfer seating options for vans from BraunAbility

Financing Options Available

Superior Van & Mobility has mobility equipment financing! Use the funds to purchase wheelchair lifts, scooter carriers, mobility seating, service & repairs, driving equipment, and more. To learn more, please click the button below.


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