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Discover the XL-SEAT, Transfer Board for Cars & Trucks

Transfer boards are assistive devices designed to help individuals with limited mobility move between two surfaces, such as from a wheelchair to a car seat. These boards serve as a supportive bridge, reducing the need for lifting by the individual or caregivers and minimizing the risk of falls during transfers. Transfer boards are essential tools in the realm of personal mobility, enhancing user independence and safety in various transfer scenarios.

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XL-SEAT From Adapt Solutions – Motorized Mobility Transfer Seat

The XL-SEAT from Adapt Solutions is a power, stationary handicap platform seat & lift that folds alongside the factory-installed seat in a car, truck, van, or SUV that is designed to assist a wheelchair user with limited mobility in making a safe transfer in or out of their vehicle.

The XL-Seat is an excellent solution if you need an application that takes up minimal space inside your accessible vehicle. In addition to the platform lift, a retractable support arm is also mounted to the platform to provide additional stability during the wheelchair transfer process.

No structural modifications are necessary when installing the XL-Seat mobility lift from Adapt Solutions. By installing the XL-Seat handicap lift into your accessible vehicle, your vehicle’s value or resale will not be affected.


  • 14.5 Inches Long x 13 Inches Wide
  • 21.5 Inches Maximum Transfer Height
  • 300 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Removable Platform to Accommodate Additional Drivers
  • Minimal Vehicle Modification During Install Eliminates Vehicle Resale Issues

Watch the XL-Seat Motorized Transfer Board from Adapt Solutions in Action!


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