Best Wheelchair Vans For Sale For Less!

Explore Conversion Types for Wheelchair-Accessible Vans & Handicap SUVs

Wheelchair-accessible vans are specialized vehicles modified to accommodate wheelchairs, often featuring ramps, lifts, and accessible interiors. Wheelchair vans provide individuals with mobility impairments the freedom to travel comfortably, catering to various needs and preferences with different customization options. These vehicles are vital for enhancing independence and mobility for many, making the consideration of features, safety, and pricing crucial in the purchase process.

Lady in a powe wheelchair going into her tan Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van in her driveway

Below, we’ve organized types of wheelchair van & handicap SUV conversions by chassis type. Here, you can easily compare ramp types and specifications for wheelchair-accessible vehicles built by the two largest manufacturers globally, BraunAbility & Vantage Mobility

Is your need for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle short-term, under one year? If so, renting might be more cost-effective than buying. Check out our comparison guide here for details on renting vs buying for a short-term need. 

Wheelchair-Accessible Conversion Options by Chassis Type

Silver Dodge Wheelchair van
DODGE Caravan
Discontinued After 2020 Model Year

Get details here on Dodge Caravan wheelchair van conversion types. These are still available as used & pre-owned vehicles.

red chrysler pacifica wheelchair van
CHRYSLER Pacifica & Voyager
Handicap Van Conversions

Get details here on Chrysler Pacifica & Chrysler Voyager wheelchair van conversion types

blue honda odyssey wheelchair van
HONDA Odyssey
Handicap-Accessible Van Conversions

Get details & specifications on current Honda Odyssey handicap wheelchair-accessible conversions

Silver, VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar wheelchair van with in-floor ramp extended from passenger side
FWD & AWD Models Available!

Get details on  the types of Toyota Sienna wheelchair van conversions from the world’s top manufacturers

Wheelchair-Accessible SUV Conversion

Red braunability chevrolet traverse handicap suv with ramp out
1LT, 2LT RS, 3LT Trims Available
Handicap-Accessible SUV

Get details & specifications  on the Chevrolet Traverse  handicap-accessible wheelchair SUV from BraunAbility

Full-Size Wheelchair Vans & Existing Vehicle Conversion Options

blue ram promaster
Tempest RAM Promaster
Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Get details and specifications here on the Tempest luxury full-size wheelchair van conversion

image of ask questions button
Already Have a Minivan?
You Might be Able to Convert Your Existing Vehicle!

Get details here if your existing, non-converted minivan can be transformed into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, and SAVE!

Do you have questions? Feel free to review our comprehensive FAQ page for answers. We added a section below for first-time buyers with valuable information that could save you from a significant financial mistake.

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