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Qstraint wheelchair docking station images

Enhance Safety with Wheelchair Restraints & Tie Downs for Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair restraints in wheelchair vans are crucial safety features designed to securely anchor wheelchairs during transit, protecting the user and ensuring stability. These restraints typically include a system of belts and hooks that fasten the wheelchair to the floor of the van, mitigating the risk of movement or tipping. Wheelchair restraints in wheelchair vans are essential for providing a safe travel experience, complying with safety regulations and offering peace of mind to both passengers and drivers.

Let Superior Van & Mobility Recommend the Perfect Wheelchair Restraint System

At Superior Van & Mobility, we only carry to top restraint systems for wheelchairs to keep you safe and your adaptive device secure while traveling in your wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

From manual and retractable wheelchair tie-down restraints to fully automatic wheelchair docking restraint systems from all the major manufacturers: Sure-LokEZ Lock, and Q’Straint. Superior has exactly what you need.

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Browse & Compare Types of Manual & Power Tie-Downs & Wheelchair Restraint Systems

Qstraint Q-lock wheelchair docking station

Automatic Wheelchair Restraint Docking System

Automatic wheelchair restraint systems allow for hands-free wheelchair securement in your accessible vehicle.

QLK-100 wheelchair restraint dock

Permobil Wheelchair Docking Station

Automatic wheelchair restraint system made exclusively for your Permobil wheelchair.

Wheelchair restraint floor anchor

Wheelchair Tie-Down Floor Anchors

Fixed securement anchor points for your wheelchair-accessible vehicle to safely secure your mobility equipment during transit.

manual wheelchair with restraint system installed

Unoccupied Manual Wheelchair Restraints

Wheelchair restraint systems for manual wheelchairs in wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Image of a manual wheelchair restraint strap

Wheelchair Tie-Down Restraints

Manual and semi-automatic wheelchair tie-down straps for safe securement of your wheelchair or scooter inside your vehicle.

Watch How the Different Types of Wheelchair Restraints Operate