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Three images showing a B&D manual wheelchair restraint system for inside a van

BraunAbility B&D, Unoccupied Manual Wheelchair Restraints

The Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint – or UWR for short – offers the next level of independence for those looking to safely secure their manual wheelchair inside their mobility vehicle before or after making the transition to the comfort of an OEM driver or passenger seat.

In the past, users had to rely on manual or semi-manual strap restraint systems to secure their wheelchairs safely. This, at times, had its challenges. However, there are no more straps with the new UWR system from B&D! It’s the first-of-its-kind, a power wheelchair restraint system for manual wheelchairs weighing up to 50 lbs.

Innovative Features

  • NO manual straps are required
  • Little to no additional brackets, pins, or hardware is added to your wheelchair
  • Equipped with a powered and emergency manual release
  • EZ stow feature: Takes up little room and can be installed in multiple configurations – Free up more space!

Contact one of our mobility consultants today for more information on the UWR or another securement system. Our team is eager to provide more details on the available options.

Unlike other wheelchair securement devices, the UWR requires little to no added components or pins to be installed onto your wheelchair, thus keeping your chair’s weight down to a minimum.

The restraint secures the wheelchair using a fully automated, patent-pending clasp system (see video below). There isn’t any manual securement necessary! When the user wishes to disengage the system and exit the vehicle, the clasp is power disengaged with a button push. It’s that easy!

Far too often, users of manual wheelchairs fail to properly and safely secure their chairs after transferring into a mobility vehicle’s driving or riding position. This can be very dangerous to the occupants inside the vehicle and cause major damage to your vehicle upon engaging in a hard stop or if involved in an accident. It is very important for users never to take for granted the securement of their chair while inside a motor vehicle. Whether using the UWR or another system, always ensure you secure your chair while the vehicle moves.