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Adaptive equipment & hand controls are modifications added to vehicles to allow an individual with a physical disability drive an automobile. These tools, which include steering knobs, hand-controlled devices for acceleration or braking, and extended mirror accessories, allow for safe, independent driving. Adaptive equipment & hand controls are instrumental in providing a sense of independence and freedom for those with mobility challenges, ensuring they can navigate the road safely, comfortably and confidently.

Three images of adaptive equipment. Three types of mechanical hand controls installed in vehicles

We Only Carry Adaptive Equipment & Hand Controls from the Top Manufacturers

At Superior Van & Mobility, we have the best mechanical and electronic adaptive driving controls designed to assist with steering and operating a vehicle’s driving control system. This includes adaptive equipment to operate your vehicle’s secondary controls – turn signals, horns, lights, wipers, etc.  

Our adaptive driving equipment comes from the world’s top manufacturers, and each system we install is custom designed and installed by certified technicians with your needs and safety in mind. You should expect nothing less!

Browse the Types of Hand Controls & Adaptive Equipment for Cars

Image of adaptive equipment. Close-up of hand controls installed in a car.

Mechanical Hand Controls

Mechanical hand controls are designed to operate a vehicle’s gas and braking function. We have both new & used, portable & fixed installed controls available.

Adaptive driving equipment. Image of a left foot accelerator installed in a car.

Foot Pedal Controls

Foot pedal control devices are designed to alter the configuration and operation of a vehicle’s gas & brake system.  Most systems are designed to move control from the right to the left. 

Adaptive equipment. Close-up image of spinner knob on a steering wheel.

Spinner Knobs & Secondary Controls

At Superior, we carry numerous driving aids designed to assist in steering and operating a vehicle’s secondary control functions. These functions include horns, lights, flashers, wipers & more. Wired & wireless systems are available.

Advanced adaptive driving equipment. Close-up image of EMC Electronic driving controls

Hi-Tech Electronic Hand Controls

Unlike most dealers, Superior Van & Mobility is certified to install hi-tech, advanced electronic driving control systems. These are highly complex systems that require advanced technician certification & training.

Adaptive Equipment Financing Available!

Superior Van & Mobility has adaptive equipment financing! Funds can be used to purchase hand controls, adaptive driving aids, wheelchair lifts, scooter carriers, mobility seating, even service & repairs! To learn more and to apply, please click below.