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Shopping For a Scooter Carrier or Wheelchair Lift?

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Shopping For a Scooter Carrier or Wheelchair Lift?

Online vs Brick & Mortar Mobility Dealer

With online shopping becoming more of the rule than the exception, you may search for a scooter carrier or wheelchair lift for your vehicle online. While there are numerous sources out there where you can do just that, is that going to be your best option? Most likely, it is not. Here are just a few reasons why it makes more sense to buy your scooter carrier or wheelchair lift from a “brick and mortar” mobility dealership such as Superior Van & Mobility.


The manufacturers train our mobility consultants to examine each application, ensuring you choose the right mobility equipment for your current and future needs. Finding the right wheelchair lift or scooter carrier is not always as easy as finding one that fits your vehicle. We must consider many additional factors when determining what mobility equipment to recommend.

  1. Is the lift rated for the proper amount of weight it needs?
  2.  Is the lift the appropriate type for your mobility device?
  3.  Does your vehicle have the specifications to handle a lift and its cargo?
  4.  Every vehicle has a “tongue weight rating” or TWR. The TWR is typically 10% of the vehicle’s overall towing capacity. For example, your vehicle has a 1,500-pound towing capacity. Therefore, the TWR is 150 pounds. Adding a 100-pound lift and a 200-pound scooter to that vehicle will exceed the TWR. This can result in serious damage to your vehicle and mobility device. Plus, consider your safety. Exceeding the TWR is not only bad for your vehicle/equipment, but it also affects the handling of the vehicle, which can jeopardize your safety and that of your passengers.

So, considering the investment you already made into your vehicle and mobility equipment, does saving a small amount purchasing online seem like such a good deal after all? Yes? No? Well, let me continue…

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All our technicians have been trained and certified to install and service every lift. This installation takes place in one of our service facilities. Not only will you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are receiving the correct lift, but it’s also being professionally installed and backed by a full warranty. (Most manufacturers require your mobility device to be professionally installed for activation of warranty)

  1. When you buy a lift online, who will do the installation?
  2. Does your installer warranty their work?
  3. How are you sure your installation was done correctly and it is safe?
  4. Who will adjust it to ensure the platform angle is correct to handle the weight & size of your mobility device?
  5. How do you know the correct hitch adapter is being used to ensure the lift is installed at the correct height?

These are all questions you must seriously consider as your safety and equipment depend on them. However, suppose you purchase from brick & mortar facilities like Superior Van & Mobility. In that case, these items you can rest assured are addressed and handled correctly, as your safety and your equipment is our top priority.


When you call Superior Van & Mobility, you will speak to one of our lift consultants, not a salesperson. Our consultants are trained to ask the right questions and intently listen to your current and future needs before recommending any product. Our staff is not paid on commission, so our approach is low-pressure and understanding. You can rest assured that we will ask the right questions to ensure the wheelchair lift or scooter carrier you need perfectly fits and addresses your current and future needs.

When you shop online, you must ensure you’ve done all your research correctly and understand what you purchase will work for your situation. You must know exactly what questions to ask, your measurements, weights, etc., and hope the information you provide and are provided is correct. Remember, an online-only retailer is only out for sale. They are not concerned with the service after the sale.

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When buying a wheelchair lift or scooter carrier from a brick-and-mortar dealer, you know you are getting a quality product. At Superior Van & Mobility, we do the research before selling any product as our business depends on it. We will only sell products we feel are of the utmost quality, safe, and backed by a full manufacturer warranty.

There are many lift companies out there. However, not all of them build their products with the same quality construction as others. If you purchase a wheelchair lift or scooter carrier online, how well will it hold up and do the job you rely on it providing? Who will service your device if it malfunctions? What if you need parts? At a brick-and-mortar dealer like Superior Van & Mobility, our goal is to ensure that your equipment is correct for your needs and is quality made and of good components. Nothing is worse than being out and about only to have your lift malfunction!

Most brick & mortar dealers, like Superior Van & Mobility, are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). These dealers must uphold the highest standards, and when they are also part of the NMEDA Quality Assurance Program (QAP), they must also provide 24/7 emergency service. We will never leave you stranded!


Superior Van & Mobility has been over 45 years, serving clients. We have an A+ BBB rating in every state we have a facility, and as mentioned earlier, we are standing members of NMEDA. We have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business!

At Superior, we will always stand behind our work. We have a dedicated staff, each ready and willing to help you in any way possible in “Regaining Your Independence.” We pride ourselves on having a team passionate about helping others. It is our driving force. You become part of our family when you purchase Superior Van & Mobility.

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