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MDFF Donates Wheelchair Van to Maddox’s Mission

O'Connor Family in front of their donated wheelchair van
Left to Right: Shawn O'Connor, Maddox O'Connor, Caleb O'Connor, Keegan O'Connor & Tim Doyle (MDFF President)

MDFF of Indiana Donates Wheelchair Van to Maddox's Mission

Picture a chilly Mid-January afternoon in 2022. The place, Superior Van & Mobility in Fishers, Indiana. Staff members with the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation (MDFF), its board members, donors, and the Superior team are gathering for MDFF’s second, yes second, wheelchair van giveaway of the year! It’s a meeting planned long before, but due to COVID, it was delayed. The whole facility was buzzing with excitement as the real stars of the day were about to arrive, Maddox O’Connor and his family.

Never meeting Maddox, he would be described as any other energetic ten-year-old boy who loves baseball. However, there is something special about him many are unaware. It’s not that he has Mitochondrial Myopathy; what makes Maddox so special is that despite what life has handed him, Maddox has made it his life’s mission to help others, and, in doing so, he started a homeless ministry. What began a few years earlier with giving his lunch to a homeless person outside of the hospital where Maddox receives ongoing therapy, has now turned into helping many. It’s become his passion, but as his condition has progressed, the need to use his wheelchair has increased, thus making transportation more difficult. Today that is about to change!

Maddox has arrived, and the family begins exiting the vehicle. Everyone in attendance has gathered first inside for a quick bite to celebrate this event, however shortly after everyone migrated to the large showroom. To the family’s surprise around the corner, there was a red carpet leading up to a ramp on a mobility van. Maddox sees this and makes a beeline toward their new wheelchair-accessible van. It was a surprise by all but heartwarming nonetheless. Seeing the look on Maddox’s face and hearing the gratitude in his mother, Shawn’s voice as she began to thank everyone in attendance for making this day possible. Emotions were high.

As everyone gathered, Shawn began to tell their story of struggles and needs, which was incredible. Her dedication and devotion to her family show that she does not allow their circumstances to define them. Their family believes that through Christ, all things are possible and that Christ brought the O’Connor’s to MDFF. There wasn’t a dry eye in the showroom. Emotions filled the hearts of everyone as this very deserving family took the realization of what had been given to them.
The O’Connor’s new van will give Maddox more time to devote to his ministry, which by the way, is called Maddox’s Mission. It helps the homeless by providing food and care packages that he calls Blessing Bags. But he doesn’t stop there. Maddox also includes a handwritten note expressing his heart for the recipient and their situation. Maddox once said his ministry was important because he knows what it’s like living in a world he didn’t ask to live in and that everyone needs someone to love them. He is a true inspiration to others.

Maddox O''Connor in his wheelchair coming out of wheelchair van

Some incredible stats on Maddox’s Mission:

• 2020 Blessing Bags provided by Maddox O’Connor to the homeless: 2,500
• 2021 Blessing Bags provided by Maddox O’Connor to the homeless: 3,000

The Mission of the MDFF is Very Special

Since the 1950s, the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation has made extraordinary things happen. Currently serving the state of Indiana, not only do they help individuals with Muscular Dystrophy get what they need to live each day to the fullest and maintain their dignity. The MDFF also provides essential items like wheelchairs, hospital beds, van lifts, ramps for homes, bathroom modifications, and shower chairs, to name a few. Over the last eight years, MDFF has donated eight wheelchair-accessible vehicles from Superior Van & Mobility to deserving Indiana families.

The staff’s passion, board members, and donors are extraordinary individuals. Everyone does so much to help others. Superior Van & Mobility is grateful to be a part of its mission. Together we have a common goal, assisting others in regaining their independence.

For 2022, MDFF has also set a goal – to team up with Superior Van & Mobility and give away two more wheelchair-accessible vans to Indiana families affected by Muscular Dystrophy. The application process for Indiana residents will open on March 15, 2022.  For more information on the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation or to apply, please visit

Industry’s First Toyota Sienna Hybrid

Meet the Industry’s First

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Van
Available in All-Wheel Drive!

2021 brought about a lot of change in the mobility industry. Not only was the iconic Dodge Grand Caravan retired, but we were introduced to two firsts in our industry. 

One, the all-new Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair-accessible van, was developed by BraunAbility, and VMI.

Second, VMI took it a step further and introduced the first-ever all-wheel-drive wheelchair van, an available option found on the Toyota Sienna Hybrid.

These milestones are a significant addition to the mobility industry, especially for those environmentally conscious or those living in our northern states where an AWD drivetrain is most important.

In addition to being the first hybrid and AWD vehicle in the mobility industry, the Toyota Sienna hybrid has many other impressive improvements and firsts. Below is a few worth mentioning.

  • Up to 36 MPG on FWD models & up to 35 MPG on AWD models
  • Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 – Includes many advanced safety features
  • Front & rear parking assist with automatic braking.
  • Road sign assist.
  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection.
  • Dynamic radar cruise.
  • Lane departure alert with steering assist, and much more.
  • Available factory towing package
  • Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay & Android audio compatibility
  • Four-zone climate control
  • Seven USB ports
  • Driver Easy-Speak – Enhances communication with rear passengers
  • 1500 watt power outlet

As we move further into the near future and more manufacturers introduce hybrids and fully electric vehicles to their portfolios, we fully expect more industry firsts heading our way. This landmark introduction by Toyota is only the beginning!

What do you think will be next? A fully electric SUV? How about a plugin, fully electric Chrysler Pacifica? We will have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, what we’ve grown to know as the norm is no longer valid. Times are changing rapidly, and new products will continue to be developed as long as we have industry partners like BraunAbility and VMI.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the BraunAbility or VMI Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van or check available vehicles currently for sale.

Superior Van & Mobility Purchases Crescent Vans In New Orleans

Superior Van & Mobility Logo

Superior Van & Mobility Purchases Crescent Vans in New Orleans, LA

September 2021 – After nearly 40 years of servicing the greater New Orleans area with adaptive equipment and mobility solutions, Crescent Van owners, James & Gina Scott have decided to retire. Over the years they have served their community and local veterans by selling, servicing and providing wheelchair accessible rental options to those individuals requiring adaptive equipment solutions to help remain independent.

Recognizing the great work Crescent Vans has provided to their community, it was easy for Superior Van & Mobility to make the decision to purchase Crescent Vans and continue to service their loyal customers in their nearby location in Harvey, LA. Only a short drive from Crescent’s previous location, and just like James and Gina, Superior Van & Mobility is also a family-owned business owned by Sam & Kathy Cook, who have been in business for 45 years. In fact, Superior Van & Mobility is the largest family-owned and operated mobility dealer in the Nation!

Superior Van & Mobility welcome you, all past and current customers of Crescent Vans to visit their facility for any of your adaptive, transportation needs. Even if you need assistance in understanding your VA vehicle benefits, the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services process, or any other adaptive equipment assistance program, reach out to Superior Van & Mobility. Their local team members, Mitch & Jerry can be reached by calling (504) 684-2100 or visiting them at 1901 Westbank Expy., Harvey, LA. The team at Superior Van & Mobility is dedicated to be here for you during this time of transition, and further welcome you with open arms to the Superior family.

Grandfather in his driveway in wheelchair with grandkids playing around his wheelchair van

Common Handicap Parking Misconceptions

Image of handicap Parking spaces

Common Handicap Parking Misconceptions

Now is the perfect time to clear up some of the most common misconceptions surrounding handicap parking practices. Surveys have shown that 74% of people have personally witnessed an accessible parking space being misused. Therefore, everyone needs to understand some critical elements associated with handicapped parking. As you can imagine, many still do not have a basic understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding handicap-accessible parking. Here are some of the most common misconceptions explained!.

#1: All Handicap Accessible Parking Spaces are the Same.

Not all handicap-accessible parking spaces are the same. The areas with the striped lines directly next to a standard handicap accessible parking spot are typically marked with an “Accessible Vans” sign. These spots are wider than the ordinary accessible parking spaces, often used by people with disabilities who are not driving wheelchair accessible vehicles. The extra space allows for a wheelchair vehicle ramp to deploy from the van or SUV or for people that need extra space to access and transfer to their wheelchair.

It is a common misconception that all handicap accessible parking spaces are for people who “physically need them” – i.e., appear to the naked eye to need the spaces. There are many “hidden disabilities” that many people do not realize merit use of handicap accessible parking spaces. Even if there is no visible sign of a disability or need for a mobility device, it does not necessarily mean that someone is misusing a parking space.

#2: I Can Park in a Striped Area Next to a Handicap Accessible Parking Space.

Building on the last point, the striped lines directly beside handicap accessible parking spaces have a specific purpose and should not be parked within. Some people think it is better to park in these spots in a pinch rather than a handicap-accessible space. In reality, utilizing either can cause accessibility issues for those with disabilities. Some people may even believe these spaces are perfect for parking motorcycles, golf carts, or small vehicles. However, these should be left for those who genuinely need them.

These striped areas are no spaces at all. These areas provide the extra room individuals need in wheelchairs to enter and exit their vehicles safely. This area is necessary because the ramp deployed from inside their vehicle extends approximately. 5 feet. Without this additional room, users would not have the space to navigate up or down their ramp. Therefore, when you park in or partially in these spaces, you take away the valuable room needed for someone to enter or exit their vehicle.

Oh, one last thing… In addition to causing convenience issues for people with disabilities, parking in these spots can also have major consequences for the offenders. In most locations, obstructing & parking illegally in a handicap zone carries a fine of at least $500 and jail time (source).

lady coming down wheelchair ram with a car blocking her exit

#3: You are Only Allowed to Use a Disabled Placard in One Car.

The above statement is both true and false. Indeed, disabled license plates cannot be transferred between vehicles, just like any other license plate. However, handicap placards that hang from the rearview mirror can be used in any vehicle the person who is issued the placard is currently riding. The person does not have to be driving the vehicle to use the placard to be legal.

With that said, it is prohibited to let other individuals use a placard that is not issued to them. Placards are allotted to a single person, and misuse can have major consequences. Stiffer penalties are now being imposed across the country, and many states are taking a closer look at monitoring methods for proper use to ensure accessibility to all.

About Us:

Superior Van & Mobility, is a proud member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association (NMEDA). We are also accredited by NMEDA and a participant in their Quality Assurance Program (QAP). QAP is a recognition reserved for only the highest-rated mobility dealers with the BEST customer experience in the Nation. To learn more about Superior Van & Mobility or our adaptive solutions for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, please visit today.

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Justin Timberlake Buys A Wheelchair Accessible Van For Tennessee Teen

J.T. Buys Tennessee Teen a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Jake Stitt sitting in wheelchair in front of his home in Tenneessee

Honk If You're Happy!

While most around the world would label 2020 as one of the worst years of recent history, the Stitt family of Morristown, TN would disagree.

(Warning: This story will touch your heart and ultimately just might strike a tear in the toughest of men.)

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, a day like any other in the small town of Morristown, TN. Here sits a teenager, Jake Stitt, a seventeen old with cerebral palsy going about his routine. It’s one of the highlights of his day, sitting on his front porch with signs to “Honk if You’re Happy” displayed, spreading cheer to others passing by.

However, on this day there so happened to be a news crew on hand from WJHL, a local TV station. Jake had thought they were there to do a story on him and his family who have been trying to raise money for a wheelchair accessible van. Unbeknownst, this day was about to take a different turn, and change the lives of the Stitt family forever.

As Jake sits, in the distance, sirens are heard. Unusual to Jake, he turns to look down his street, just as a caravan of vehicles approach. Unsure what he is seeing, it soon was announced by those surrounding Jake, that the caravan was for him. It was being led by a black Dodge Caravan from, Superior Van & Mobility with the town of Morristown following, lights and sirens blaring. There was about to be a special delivery, of a very special gift, from a very special, famous friend. Unfortunately, from here words cannot describe the excitement and feeling that ensued as the caravan reached Jake’s home, you must watch the video.

Now the conclusion to this amazing story… Jake’s, “Honk If You’re Happy” display and need for a mobility van story first got attention from a local online news article. Many in the community knew about Jake, but not his need. The family did not have a wheelchair accessible van and they currently depended on his father, who needed back surgery, to physically transfer him from his wheelchair to their vehicle for transport; a task that had become dangerous for both Jake and his father as he had grown. As word got out about their need, the community came together. A Go Fund Me was established to help raise the $35,000 needed to purchase the family a much-deserved wheelchair accessible van.

Actor, Michael Abbott, Jr. who now lives in New York. but from Morristown, Tennessee, clicked on a link about his upcoming movie release and stumbled upon Jake’s story. Next steps, Michael reached out to Superior Van & Mobility wanting to learn more about mobility transportation options and what could be a possible solution with the budget they had. After receiving the information he needed, Michael reached out to the Stitt family and promised them that somehow, someway Jake would have his van by Thanksgiving. Unsure how that might happen, Michael went to sharing the story with additional news outlets and was able to get them to video and showcase the families van need which then he quickly shared  on social media. The story was even picked up and shared by Professional Surfer, Kelly Slater!

As the short time progressed, it happened, donations had started to come in from the community and those as far as Australia. It looked like the Thanksgiving delivery, Michael Abbott, Jr. had hoped for would actually happen. And he was right! Right before Thanksgiving, the Stitt family had met their goal.

However, this story doesn’t end here. At the last minute , Grammy Award Winner and Tennessee-native, Justin Timberlake found out about the initiative to raise money for the Stitt family and the wheelchair accessible van. Needless to say, Justin was very touched by, Jake and the community’s efforts. So much in fact, Justin reached out to the father via Zoom, to let him know that he would be purchasing the van for the family. But, Justin’s request did not stop there, Justin told Jake’s father that they were to also keep the $35,000 raised to help cover the ongoing, expenses associated with Jake’s care as long as Jake got to use the van while driving around town to spread his, “Honk If You’re Happy” message.

Thank you Jake for your inspiration and unselfish effort to brighten the day of others. You truly are a gifted young man who we look forward to knowing for the many years to come. We truly applaud your efforts!

From the Stitt Family:

  • Thank you Justin Timberlake for your generous donation and for changing the Stitt’s family’s life!
  • Thank you to actor, Michael Abbott Jr., for your passion to raise and spread awareness!
  • Thank you to the Morristown / Knoxville area community for returning the favor & smiles to Jake and his family!
  • Thank you to our Superior Van & Mobility – Knoxville team for making this memorable delivery possible!

2021 Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans Available Only as Gas/Electric Hybrids Beginning 2021 Model Year

Are You Ready for the 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible minivan?

Silver BraunAbility, Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van in driveway with ramp out

Beginning with the 2021 model year, Toyota Sienna will no longer be available as a gas only minivan.

Toyota has officially announced the Toyota Sienna, one of the top-selling minivans in the U.S. and a popular chassis for wheelchair accessible van conversions, will only be available in a gas/electric hybrid model beginning with the 2021 model year. “This is an all-new vehicle from the ground up, including a new chassis platform as well as a new electrical platform,” said Monte Kaehr, Toyota Chief Engineer. “ The development of the fourth generation Sienna was a huge undertaking but we always worked towards one single mission—to make the best van yet.”

Aiming to redefine the segment, the fourth generation Toyota Sienna, in Toyota’s words, “reimagines the minivan to support a wider array of life stages and activities”.  With a standard hybrid powertrain consisting of a 2.5-liter gasoline-powered four-cylinder engine and a pair of electric motors producing 243 horsepower, the new Sienna is available in four trim levels, and boasts an array of new tech and amenities in addition to an impressive estimated combined fuel economy of 33 mpg.

Initially, Toyota’s decision to go full hybrid cast the beloved vans future as a candidate for wheelchair accessibility in doubt, but since then BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility, two of the world’s largest producer of handicap accessible vehicles, announced their converted Siennas should be available June 2021.

While the new Sienna’s SUV-inspired look and multiple upgrades in comfort, safety, drivability, and entertainment are getting rave reviews, the price of the hybrid model is rumored to be several thousand dollars more than the current models, which has caused a rush on existing new 2020 Sienna stock and older pre-owned vehicles.

If you would like more information on the new 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van, click the button below!

Front center console area of a 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid BraunAbility Wheelchair Van
Interior of a 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van from BraunAbility
2021 Toyota Sienna Infotainment center radio

To view Superior’s Toyota Sienna handicap van inventory, click below.

Dodge Discontinues Grand Caravan, the “Workhorse” of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Platforms

Dodge Discontinues Grand Caravan, and Introduces The Chrysler Voyager!

Image of a man with his wife and child outside their silver BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van at their farm

Swan Song of the Most Popular Wheelchair Van in the U.S.

In 1984, the Dodge Grand Caravan and Plymouth Voyager pioneered the minivan concept. U.S. sales of the Grand Caravan hit their peak at 300,000 in 1996 & 1997, then hovered around the 100,000 to 150,000 range since. The Caravan lived through five design updates, the most current dating back to 2008. It remained virtually unchanged for its remaining 12 years.

As far as the mobility industry was concerned, the Dodge Caravan was the gift that gave many the blessing of affordability and mobility. It was the means that allowed customers with average incomes to afford their first wheelchair van. But, what was going to happen now that the Caravan would be discontinued? The Chrysler Pacifica had already replaced the Town & Country, but the Pacifica’s MSRP was about $8,000 higher than the Caravan. $8,000 is a massive jump for many to afford!


During the delayed termination of the Dodge Caravan, which Dodge continued to build longer than anticipated, Chrysler finally announced its replacement. Chrysler was going to build the Chrysler Voyager, a lower-cost version of the Chrysler Pacifica, to help fill the need of its large category of business being left aside. The first year of this replacement would be 2020. The year the Dodge Caravan would be discontinued. It was great news! However, this is where it gets interesting.

With the production of the Chrysler Voyager, the mobility industry could provide customers once again an affordable option once driven by the Dodge Caravan. While not exactly priced the same as the Caravan once was, the costs were closer than the Pacifica, and the vehicle was safer and much more technologically advanced.

Everything seemed good once again in the industry, then Chrysler made another announcement. After the 2021 model year, they were going to discontinue the production of the Chrysler Voyager as a vehicle for sale to the general public. Meaning, after the 2021 model year, Chrysler Voyagers would not be available for sale on a local car dealer’s lot. A huge blow and scare once again to the mobility industry, or was it?

After making the dramatic announcement, Chrysler quickly added that while it would end production of consumer sales, it would continue to build the Chrysler Voyager for its fleet customers. These customers are mainly rental companies, but BraunAbility and VMI are also considered fleet customers. Meaning, this end of the Chrysler Voyager will not affect the mobility industry, unless a manufacturer does not have fleet status. Then that manufacturer will no longer be building a new Chrysler Voyager wheelchair-accessible van after the 2021 model year.

Mobility dealers like Superior Van & Mobility, who are dealers for both BraunAbility and VMI, will continue to have the Chrysler Voyager wheelchair van for many years to come. And, to make things even better, the chassis price was reduced further for the 2022 Chrysler Voyager LX, making it less than a comparable Dodge Caravan SXT in 2020! It’s a huge win for the mobility industry and its customers. 

White Chrysler Voyager wheelchair van from BraunAbility

Shop for your next wheelchair-accessible vehicle today!

Superior Van and Mobility Purchases Presidential Conversions in Arkansas

Superior Van and Mobility Purchases Presidential Conversions in Arkansas

Superior Van & Mobility Logo
Contact: Dawn McCool, Director of Business Development
Company: Superior Van & Mobility
Direct: 317.464.7111


Superior Van & Mobility Expands to Offer Arkansas Wheelchair-Users Expanded Access to Affordable Handicap Accessible Vehicles

Superior Van & Mobility acquires Presidential Conversions to become the largest family-owned wheelchair-accessible vehicle provider in the U.S.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Superior Van & Mobility, the largest family-owned wheelchair-accessible vehicle dealer group in the United States, recently announced the acquisition of Arkansas-based Presidential Conversions, and its locations in Fayetteville, Jonesboro, and Little Rock. All began operating under the Superior banner on Monday, February 10th.

“Presidential Conversions has a great reputation and loyal customers,” says Sam Cook, owner and president of Superior Van & Mobility, “We look forward to meeting them and exceeding their expectations, and we’re thrilled to provide Arkansas wheelchair users expanded access to one of the nation’s largest inventories of affordable wheelchair accessible vehicles, wheelchair lifts, and mobility aids.”

The recent acquisition of Presidential Conversion’s three locations expands Superior to sixteen stores and adds Arkansas to the list of locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Nebraska, Alabama, and Florida. Family-owned since its founding in 1976, Superior offers its customers a unique “no haggle” sales model focused on a purchase experience that is, according to Cook, “as simple and as stress-free as possible”. “We do things differently at Superior,” he says. “Every day we come to work we have the opportunity to change peoples’ lives, and that’s not something everyone can say about what they do for a living. Our mobility specialists don’t work on commission, so our customers know they get the lowest pricing possible, and we have an absolute passion for helping them regain their freedom of mobility.”

Founded by Arkansas-native John Wilson, Presidential Conversions began as a luxury van converter in 1977. The company switched exclusively to mobility vehicle conversions in 1981, and eventually added mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and home-modifications to its product line. While Superior has acquired Presidential Conversion’s name and its accessible vehicle business, John and his team will continue to offer personal mobility aids and home modification services under the name Presidential Mobility. “I’ve known Sam Cook for many years and have great respect for Superior’s business philosophy,” says Wilson. “As I began to consider semi-retirement, it was very important I find the ‘right’ company to hand the vehicle business off to, one that would continue to take great care of our customers. I’m thrilled things are aligning with Superior because I know our clients will continue to be in good hands.”


Superior Van & Mobility provides new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles, mobility seating options, hand controls, scooter and wheelchair lifts, and other driving aids, all of which meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Each Superior location is certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and supports and advocates with local community groups to promote disability awareness. Superior Van & Mobility’s sixteen sales and service centers are located throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, Louisiana, Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. For more information, visit

Superior Van & Mobility Acquires Phase III Vans with Locations in Alabama & Florida

Superior Van & Mobility Acquires Phase III Vans with Locations in Alabama & Florida



Superior Van & Mobility announces the acquisition of Phase III Mobility with locations in Alabama and Florida. The addition of these two stores will mark the 13th “brick and mortar” Superior Van & Mobility QAP dealership with in-stock and ready to deliver mobility vans, wheelchair lifts and driving aids, as well as certified on-site technicians offering 24/7 service assistance.

Phase III Mobility has been serving Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding areas with wheelchair accessible products and service since 1994, but began converting full size vans in 1980.  The Pensacola, Florida location was added 8 years ago and serves those in Northeast Florida as well as Southern Alabama.  Superior Van & Mobility is a family owned company providing mobility transportation solutions to the consumer and commercial industry since 1976.

Phase III Mobility owners Bodie and Debbie Ingram shared thoughts on the acquisition, Bodie stated, “Our customers are like family and we will truly miss working and assisting those with mobility challenges in our communities. However, we know given Superior’s presence as an industry leader in the mobility industry, our customers will be well taken care of.”

Sam Cook, President and owner of Superior Van & Mobility, shared his thoughts, “Our main focus is making mobility possible to all who need our products. The strategic growth expansion into Alabama and Northern Florida lessens the distance between our Tennessee and Louisiana locations, while also increasing our volume of mobility solutions available.” Sam continued, “Phase III Mobility has a great foundation and we look forward to continuing to grow what Bodie started in 1994.”

Superior Van & Mobility provides wheelchair accessible vehicles, mobility seating options, hand controls, Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts, and a variety of other driving aids, all of which meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).  Each location helps and supports local community groups on disability awareness issues.  Superior Van & Mobility now has thirteen sales and service centers throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, Louisiana, Nebraska, Alabama and Florida.  For more information, please visit

Pennzoil, BraunAbility and PVA Provide Veterans the Gift of Mobility

Pennzoil, BraunAbility and PVA Provide Veterans the Gift of Mobility

Daily, thousands of Americans put their lives on the line serving in the military for our freedom. This past Memorial Day, we remembered those whose lives were lost and reminded ourselves that for many returning home, a new battle begins. In an effort to assist those who have sustained a paralyzing injury while active, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), BraunAbility, and Pennzoil® teamed up to retrofit three vehicles in an effort to give back the gift of mobility to paralyzed veterans.

Hank Ebert, was one of those veterans who received a retrofitted BraunAbility Toyota Sienna minivan, featuring the latest technology in assisting paralyzed drivers, as part of Pennzoil’s “Love Your Car” program, a partnership they created with the PVA. Hank was a U.S. Navy veteran, and served four years in the Navy as a crewman on a rescue helicopter in Vietnam. Today, despite his injury, Ed stays active as he participates in the Veteran’s Wheelchair games, is a fishing guide, and an die hard drag racing fan. Ed was lucky enough to have been nominated by his local PVA chapter in Minnesota to receive the custom vehicle, and as you can see from the video, he was overwhelmed by the generosity.

“I’m incredibly excited. It hasn’t even sunk in yet how excited I am,” said U.S. Navy veteran, Hank Ebert. “From winning this vehicle, to being flown to Charlotte to see my first NASCAR race, to being here with all my friends to celebrate, it’s just awesome.”

Today, there are more than 44,000 American veterans living with paralysis and the effects of rising healthcare costs. These are veterans, who have been here for us, and are now in a great need of support. Which has led to the mission of the PVA’s “ABLE” campaign, which was developed to help the nation’s paralyzed veterans rebuild their lives. With support from companies like Pennzoil, Mission: ABLE will continue to provide American disabled veterans with the tools to help them regain their mobility.

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