VMI, Toyota Sienna, Northstar Access360, Handicap, Wheelchair Accessible Van For Sale

Beginning With The 2021 Model Year, The Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Accessible Van Will ONLY Be Available In a Hybrid

The Toyota Sienna, Northstar Access360 handicap accessible wheelchair van has the largest interior space and headroom of any, VMI wheelchair accessible vehicle. Integrated with a power, in-floor ramp system, the VMI, Toyota Northstar features a 57.5-inch door opening, 30-inch wide wheelchair ramp and 65.5-inches of floor length through the center. The in-floor ramp is designed to create an unobstructed, open interior cabin that can easily accommodate the largest wheelchairs.

The VMI, Northstar wheelchair accessible van is engineered with up to 1.5 inches of additional ground clearance than its closest competitor to reduce ground scraping.

Automatic Door And Wheelchair Ramp Operation

The Toyota Sienna, Northstar wheelchair van conversion from VMI, features a patented, ultra-low, in-floor, power ramp system with a 30-inch width ramp that allows for safe entry and exit by some of the largest wheelchairs. The ramp conveniently stows and deploys from underneath the floor; creating additional interior space and maneuverability for the wheelchair user and his/her passengers. The ramp is made from a high strength aluminum alloy, and can support loads up to 1000 lbs.

Automatic Kneeling Feature

In an effort to reduce ramp angle to make it easier for the wheelchair user to navigate the ramp, the VMI, Toyota Sienna, Northstar Access360 wheelchair accessible van features an automatic, integrated “kneeling” system. When a deploy ramp command is initiated, the onboard computer activates an actuator mounted on the rear of the vehicle. When this actuator is engaged, it works to lower the vans ramp side closer to the ground, thus reducing ramp angle. This option can also be turned off or on with a switch on the dash.

Removable Front Seats

The obstacle-free front seats of the VMI, Toyota, handicap accessible wheelchair van allows for easy removal. The removable seating option allows users to create multiple seating arrangements for both the wheelchair user and his/her passengers. The space up front is even large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side if needed.

interior image of wheelchair van with yellow arrow in a circle showing how much room for wheelchair to turn inside

Corrosion Resistant Floor

All VMI, Northstar wheelchair van conversions have floors built from galvaneal steel. The floor is also E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention. A little something that goes unnoticed to many, but ensures your VMI, wheelchair accessible vehicle is around for many years of reliable service.

ParkSmart™ Handicap Parking Aid & Deterrent

Beginning with the 2021 model year, VMI will be including this incredible new feature on all its wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale. ParkSmart™, is an industry exclusive and can only be found on, VMI wheelchair accessible vehicles. It is a patent pending, handicap parking violator deterrent system to help users of their vehicles avoid parking in a handicap accessible parking space and having themselves blocked-in by a careless driver.

The ParkSmart™ system works after the user engages the system via a button found in the interior of the vehicle. As the wheelchair user exits the vehicle, the ParkSmart™ system will engage and activate 30 seconds after the side door is shut. Once engaged the system monitors the passenger side of the vehicle for any objects that come within the acceptable distance of the vehicle that would inhibit the wheelchair user to safely enter their vehicle upon return.

The system works by using the same technology found on rear collision systems of other vehicles that detect object proximity. The only difference in the ParkSmart™ system from VMI, is that in addition to the audible alert given off externally when activated the system also employs a recorded message advising the other driver that they parked too close and to please move their vehicle. Here is a video that demonstrates the ParkSmart™, handicap parking violator deterrent system.

Headroom And Lowered Floor

The floor from just behind the firewall to the third row seat in the Toyota, Northstar wheelchair van is lowered 14.9 inches to create the industry’s largest headroom! This drop in the floor also creates a huge usable door opening height of 57 inches. This massive lowering of the floor makes the VMI, Toyota Sienna, Northstar Access360 the ideal solution for the tallest seated wheelchair user.

VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar Access360 Wheelchair Van Conversion dimensions
Usable Door Opening HeightA57.5″
Usable Door Opening WidthB30″
Inside Center HeightC61″
Height at Driver & Passenger PositionD61″
Angle of RampE9 Degrees
Length of RampF58.5″
Usable Ramp WidthG30″
Overall Floor LengthH94.5″
Length of Floor Behind Front SeatsI65.5″
Width of Interior at B-PillarsJ58.8″
Ramp Load Capacity1000 lbs.

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