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Superior Van & Mobility: A Legacy of Excellence Garners 2023 Family Business Award

Superior Van & Mobility, a steadfast beacon in the mobility solutions industry, is no stranger to accolades. However, its recent achievement is a testament to the strength of its family-owned foundation and its unyielding dedication to customer service. We are thrilled to announce that this year, the venerable company has been awarded the prestigious 2023 Family Business Award (Large Business of the Year) by the Business First Newspaper in partnership with the University of Louisville Family Business Center. The award recognizes the business’s outstanding achievements as a family-owned entity, underscoring its commitment to values, customer satisfaction, and workforce empowerment.

Founded in 1976, Superior Van & Mobility has grown from humble beginnings into the nation’s largest family-owned mobility dealer. With a team of 155 employees spread across their multiple locations and 30 dedicated local staff, the company has continually committed itself to improve the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of new and used wheelchair-accessible vans and related services.

A family legacy that now spans three generations, a strong team of executives helms Superior Van & Mobility. President and Owner Sam Cook and Vice President and Owner Kathy Cook lead a dynamic team composed of Tony Ohlmann, CFO; Tammy Johnson, VP of Sales; Erin Engelau, VP of Operations; and Jeff Brummett, VP of Expansion. This core team has been instrumental in steering the company toward continued growth and unparalleled customer service.

But what truly sets Superior Van & Mobility apart? Their unwavering commitment to family values has been instilled since their inception. For them, the joy of being a multigenerational family business is the unique opportunity it provides to build a brand deeply rooted in these values.

When asked about the future of their business, the team lights up with anticipation. They’re particularly excited about harnessing the power of technology to help individuals with disabilities gain independence through their product offerings.

Furthermore, their company culture thrives on a strong emphasis on valuing people. They maintain an environment where every member is not just an employee but a part of the solution, echoing their belief that “people are not a commodity.”

What makes Superior Van & Mobility stand out is their superior customer service, which they believe to be their unique selling point. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure their customers are cared for, providing a 24-hour customer support system and a deep dedication to getting the right vehicle or modification for each individual’s needs.

The key to their long-term success? The Cook family credits their application of the Golden Rule: treating employees and customers how they want to be treated. This simple yet powerful principle has guided their approach to business, contributing significantly to their growth, reputation, and the recent Family Business Award they now hold.

The journey of Superior Van & Mobility is a shining testament to the power of family values, innovative thinking, and customer-first philosophy in business. As they march forward, their continued success is a blueprint for other businesses seeking to blend familial values with professional growth.

Congratulations to Superior Van & Mobility on their well-deserved recognition! To learn more about their services, visit their website at

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Richard W. Maxwell, MBA

Richard Maxwell, is a seasoned automotive marketing executive with over two decades of experience. Starting in 1999 with his advertising agency, Maxx Design & Marketing, he has consistently delivered innovative marketing solutions. After earning his MBA, Richard shifted focus to adaptive technology, serving as Marketing Manager for Superior Van & Mobility. Today, he leverages his expertise to promote and educate others about adaptive equipment in transportation and drive change in accessible mobility.