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Can a Handicap-Accessible Vehicle Help You or a Loved One Regain Independence?

If you’ve answered yes, you’ve come to the right place! Superior Van & Mobility is here to guide you through the mobility process and help you understand the many differences between wheelchair conversions.

However, we understand there is much information to absorb regarding wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and everyone’s situation is different. Therefore, at any time, if you feel overwhelmed, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our mobility consultants. Our consultants are here to evaluate your needs, answer questions, and recommend the right vehicle & conversion.

In no time at all, going to the grocery, the movies, or even on vacation will be no problem with your new handicap-accessible vehicle from Superior Van & Mobility.  Just imagine the possibilities!

Lady in wheelchair entering a handicap van up the ramp as a man loads luggage into the rear for a trip.

Below, we’ve organized every type of wheelchair van & handicap SUV conversion for sale by chassis type. Here you can effortlessly search and compare detailed information and specifications on EVERY wheelchair-accessible vehicle built by the two largest manufacturers globally, BraunAbility & Vantage Mobility International (VMI)

When you are ready to discuss which accessible van or SUV conversion will work best,  reach out to one of our certified mobility consultants. They will assess your situation and needs, then match vehicles & conversions for the perfect fit. Plus, they DO NOT work on commission, unlike other mobility dealers and factory-direct sales teams.  Your recommendation will be based on what’s best for you or your loved one. 

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Ready to learn more about available wheelchair conversion types and options?

We’ve made it easy! Follow the instructions below to navigate our database of available wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversion types from the most prominent manufacturers. We arranged the content by chassis type to make the process more manageable.

You can also view our FAQ page for answers to our most common questions. We also have an additional section for first-time buyers at the bottom of this page with valuable information that could save you from a major financial mistake.

To Get Started, Follow These Steps:
  • Choose the chassis manufacturer from the listed vehicle types below.
  • Next, select the wheelchair conversion entry type, rear-entry, or side-entry.
  • A list will populate, arranged by the conversion company, showing available wheelchair conversion types for sale for the chosen chassis.
  • Finally, click on any wheelchair conversion type displayed to get detailed information and specifications on that particular conversion.

The Best Wheelchair-Accessible Minivan Conversion Types!

Silver Dodge Wheelchair van
Discontinued After 2020 Model Year

DODGE Caravan

Wheelchair-Accessible Van Conversions

Get detailed information on EVERY Dodge Caravan wheelchair van conversion type available for sale from BraunAbility & VMI.

red chrysler pacifica wheelchair van
Voyager Replaces Caravan in 2021

CHRYSLER Pacifica & Voyager

Handicap, Wheelchair Van Conversions

Get details on EVERY Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van & Chrysler Voyager handicap van conversion type available for sale from BraunAbility & VMI.

blue honda odyssey wheelchair van

HONDA Odyssey

Wheelchair-Accessible Handicap Van Conversions

Get detailed information on EVERY Honda Odyssey handicap van conversion type available for sale from BraunAbility & VMI.

Silver, VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar wheelchair van with in-floor ramp extended from passenger side
FWD & AWD Models Available!


Handicap, Wheelchair Van Conversions

Get detailed information on EVERY Toyota Sienna wheelchair van conversion type available for sale from BraunAbility & VMI.

The Best Handicap-Accessible SUV Conversion

Red braunability chevrolet traverse handicap suv with ramp out
1LT, 2LT, 3LT Trims Available


Wheelchair-Accessible Handicap SUV

Get detailed information & specifications for the Chevrolet Traverse wheelchair accessible, handicap SUV Conversion for sale from BraunAbility.

The Best Full-Size Wheelchair Vans For Sale! | Other Conversion Options

blue ram promaster

RAM Promaster

Full-Size, Wheelchair-Accessible Handicap Vans

Get detailed information & specifications on the full-size Tempest luxury wheelchair van conversion.

image of ask questions button

Already Have a Minivan?

You Might be Able to Convert Your Existing Vehicle!

Get details here if your existing, non-converted minivan can be transformed into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, and SAVE!

View Current Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles For Sale

Additional Information for First-Time Buyers

Why You Should Choose a Top-Rated Mobility Dealer Like Superior Van & Mobility vs an Online-Only Retailer

NOTE: We cannot stress enough the importance of doing your homework before making a purchase, especially if this is your first wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

We know you have options when it comes to wheelchair-accessible vans for sale or adaptive equipment. However, making the wrong choice can be very costly and even dangerous to you and your loved ones. (View this video by one of our customers who bought online, sight unseen before coming to Superior.) Because of this, buying adaptive equipment or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle online sight unseen is not something you should consider lightly. Do you want to take your chances if you’re purchasing the right product for your needs from a person on a phone or computer hundreds of miles away? This person, whose primary focus is hitting their sales goal and their next commission check? Stop! Take your time and do your research.

You deserve better! You deserve Superior Van & Mobility!

At Superior Van & Mobility, first and foremost, you’ll find that our teams are not made up of sales consultants. Our teams comprise mobility consultants, and NONE OF THEM are paid on commission. In addition, we have storefront locations, service departments, and a team of certified professionals who genuinely care about you and your family’s needs. Plus, we’re here for you after the sale with our 24/7 emergency roadside service and dedicated service and rental departments. Answers to all your questions and help are always a phone call away!

What is Your Piece-of-Mind and Safety Worth?

Still considering buying a new or used wheelchair van from an online-only retailer? If we can provide you with any advice, that would be to please do your research thoroughly! Be sure you compare apples to apples. Because not all handicap van conversion manufacturers use OEM-approved parts or use the best build methods.

The wheelchair van conversion industry is somewhat loosely regulated. Many handicap-accessible vehicle converters on the internet, who sell their products online only, do not even crash-test the products they build! But that’s not all. Many make their vehicles using substandard materials and compromise factory OEM components, like brake lines and wiring harnesses.

If you would like to learn more about build quality and why it is essential, please review this video series from BraunAbility, called “Straight Talk.” This video series does an outstanding job explaining and showing the different aspects of the conversion processes and the short-cuts many online-only wheelchair van converters make. 

One last tip and this one is crucial!

When working with a mobility dealer, either an online-only retailer or one located in your community like Superior Van & Mobility, be sure they are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). NMEDA is the one organization to PROTECT YOU by regulating the wheelchair-accessible vehicle manufacturers and the mobility dealer network. 

Mobility dealers that are members of NMEDA must adhere to strict guidelines in the selling, servicing, reconditioning, and installing adaptive equipment into any vehicle. For manufacturers that are members, it is required that they MUST crash-test their vehicles and adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines and routinely undergo compliance reviews. 

Buyer beware, if you don’t see NMEDA certification associated with a dealer you are working with, you should look to do business elsewhere. CLICK HERE to check if the dealer you are working with is a member. 

Superior Van and Mobility is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and an accredited Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealer. We also have one of the highest, if not the highest, customer satisfaction ratings. Be sure to check out our listings on Google, TrustPilot, FEEFO, and To Your Success

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