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Explore the Toyota Sienna Hybrid AWD Wheelchair Van by Vantage Mobility

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid AWD Wheelchair Van from Vantage Mobility represents a groundbreaking advancement in mobility and efficiency. Designed with accessibility and comfort in mind, this accessible van conversion combines the eco-friendly, fuel-efficient performance of a hybrid vehicle with the all-wheel-drive capabilities essential for safe and reliable transportation in various weather conditions. 

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van offers a seamless blend of functionality, style, and advanced technology previously unseen. Its state-of-the-art wheelchair accessibility ensure ease of entry and exit, making it a top choice for anyone seeking a dependable and environmentally conscious mobility solution.

Vantage Mobility's Toyota Sienna is the Industry's Only All-Wheel-Drive Wheelchair Van!

 Regardless if you choose the available front-wheel-drive (FWD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain you’ll enjoy huge savings at the pump with up to 35 MPG!

With Vantage Mobility you now have a choice,
Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)!
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In-Floor Ramp System

The Vantage Mobility Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair-accessible van features a patented, ultra-low, in-floor power ramp system with a 30-inch ramp that allows safe entry and exit by some of the largest wheelchairs

The ramp conveniently stows and deploys from underneath the floor, creating additional interior space and maneuverability for a wheelchair user and their passengers.

The ramp is made from a high-strength aluminum alloy and can support loads up to 1000 lbs.

In case of a power failure, Vantage Mobility incorporates Ramp Assist. Ramp Assist provides your vehicle with emergency backup power to ensure your ramp functions in the event of a power disruption or dead battery.

Close-up of a VMI Toyota Sienna Hybrid in-floor ramp.
Removable & Switchable Front Seating
image of inside a VMI Wheelchair van with arrows showing how the two front seats can be moved from one side to the other

The obstacle-free front seats on the Vantage Mobility Toyota Sienna Hybrid handicap-accessible are designed for easy removal. The removable seating option enables users to create multiple seating arrangements for both the wheelchair user and passengers. The space up front is also large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side if needed.

In addition, Vantage Mobility has introduced the industry’s first seat-switching technology! This feature allows the switching of the front seats between the driver and passenger positions without losing seat functionality. A wheelchair user can start driving from their wheelchair, stop and switch positions with the passenger, and only use one seat. The other seat can be left at home, freeing up valuable interior space.

Image showing seating options of the Toyota Sienna wheelchair van from vantage mobility
Suspension Kneeling System

The kneeling system in a power wheelchair van is designed to reduce the ramp angle. This process makes it easier for a  wheelchair users to navigate the ramp without assistance. 

In the Toyota Sienna Hybrid from Vantage Mobility, the kneeling system is an automatic feature. When the deploy ramp command is initiated, the onboard computer activates an actuator mounted on the vehicle’s rear suspension. As the actuator engages, it lowers the van’s ramp side closer to the ground, reducing the ramp angle. The lower the ramp angle, the easier it is for a wheelchair user to enter and exit the vehicle.

Headroom and Lowered Floor

The floor from behind the firewall to the third-row seat in the Toyota Sienna hybrid mobility van is lowered to create immense headroom! This drop in the floor creates a door opening height of 56.1 inches and an interior height of 58.5 inches.

Lowering of the floor is what makes the Toyota Sienna handicap-accessible minivan the perfect solution for even the tallest seated wheelchair user.

Interior image showing the inside of a Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van from Vantage Mobility.
AWD Drivetrain
Toyota Sienna Hybrid AWD badge

The AWD drivetrain on the Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van from Vantage Mobility is the first in the mobility industry. This advancement is significant for those in northern climates or those wanting peace of mind of advanced traction and control.

Read more here and decide if AWD is right for you.

Vantage Mobility has the Industry's Longest Rust-Through Warranty!

Using Galvenneal Steel throughout the conversion process allows Vantage Mobility to provide the industry’s longest 7-year/Unlimited Mileage rust-through warranty!

Industry's Best Rust Warranty 7 Years galvenneal steel

Vantage Mobility's Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van Specifications

Drawing of VMI Summit Toyota Wheelchair Van showing key dimensions of the conversion
Usable Door Opening Height A 56.1″
Usable Door Opening Width B 29.3″
Inside Center Height C 58.5″
Height at Driver & Passenger Position D 58.75″
Angle of Ramp E 8.8 Degrees
Length of Ramp F 58.5″
Usable Ramp Width G 30″
Overall Floor Length H 86″
Length of Floor Behind Front Seats I 56″
Width of Interior at B-Pillars J 57.625″
Ramp Load Capacity K 1000 lbs.

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