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Hand controls for cars are adaptive driving devices designed to let a person with a mobility impairment operate a vehicle’s brake & accelerator pedals using their hands. Hand controls are instrumental in promoting independence and confidence, providing a safe, efficient, and comfortable driving experience for those with impairments. There are also hand controls available that help operate a vehicle’s secondary systems – turn signals, horn, hazards, etcetera.

At Superior Van & Mobility, we only sell, service, and install the best adaptive hand controls for cars, trucks, vans & RVs from the world’s top manufacturers – Sure GripMobility Innovations, MPS, and more. This includes advanced hi-tech electronic driving control devices that you won’t find at many mobility dealers.

We have new and often used sets of hand controls available, starting at around $300 + installation. (Used inventory changes daily, please call for current availability)


The team at Superior Van & Mobility takes your safety seriously. For us to sell or install a set of hand controls into your vehicle, you must have prior certification or are in the process of certification by a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). If you haven’t yet received training and certification, we can assist you with locating a CDRS in your area.

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Types of Mechanical Hand Controls For Cars

Below is a small selection of the types of hand controls available for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and RVs. The type of hand controls and which manufacturer are generally decided by your CDRS. They will suggest the appropriate type and brand that best addresses your needs. 

Push-Rock Driving Hand Controls For Cars

If you’re looking for a set of hand controls for cars, the Push-Rock type from Sure-Grip is a top choice!

First, the unique design helps eliminate contact with a driver’s knees or legs.

Second, the higher rate of travel allows for installation into more vehicle types. 

Third, the Push-Rock style of hand control is designed to help reduce driver fatigue.


The Push-Rock mechanical hand control driving system uses a vertically installed handle for easy grip. This handle can be installed on either side of the steering wheel, right or left. 

To operate, the driver pulls the handle back toward themselves for acceleration and pushes away, toward the dash, for braking. 

The movement performs more like a “Rocking Motion” than a pull and push, hence Push-Rock.

This rocking motion makes the Push-Rock hand controls easier to operate by creating a smaller range of motion. 

The smaller range of motion is what helps relieve driver fatigue. It also helps increase throttle response and braking range over other hand control types.

Push-Twist Hand Controls For Cars

Push-Twist hand controls for cars from Sure-Grip use a horizontally installed handle for easy grip. This handle can be installed on either side of the steering wheel.

To accelerate, the driver twists the handle like a throttle on a motorcycle, and to brake, the user pushes the handle forward toward the dash.

A secondary lever can also be installed on the handle of the Push-Twist hand control system, enhancing throttling and allowing a more comfortable driving experience on longer trips.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Push-Twist type of driving hand controls provide these additional benefits:

  • Reduced finger and thumb strain
  • Limited modification to the vehicle
  • Reduced fatigue and cramping
  • Increased brake pedal feel and throttle response
  • Easier hand braking

Right-Angle Hand Controls For Cars

Right-Angle hand controls for cars work using a horizontally installed handle. This handle can also be installed on either side of the steering wheel.

To operate, the driver pulls the handle down in a right-angle movement, toward their legs, for acceleration and pushes the handle away, toward the dash, for braking.

What’s unique with the Right-Angle hand control system is that the entire unit pivots solely at the handle when throttling. This motion keeps the primary control body stationary, thus eliminating driver contact and reducing fatigue with short travel.

Push-Pull Hand Controls For Cars

Push-Pull hand controls for cars from Sure-Grip work use a horizontally installed handle. The handle can be installed on either side of the steering wheel and is one of the simplest controls available. 

These are the most popular type of hand control for cars sold today! For many drivers, the Push-Pull mechanical hand control system is just what the CDRS ordered.


To operate, the driver pulls the handle toward themselves to accelerate and push the handle away, toward the dash, to brake.

Quite simple and easy to use

In addition to the apparent benefits, the Push-Pull type provides these additional benefits:

  • Reduced finger and thumb strain
  • Reduced fatigue and cramping
  • Increased brake pedal feel and throttle response
  • Easier braking

Featherlite Electronic Assist Hand Controls

The addition of FeatherLite controls can be added to traditional mechanical hand controls

Discover the future of driving with Sure Grip’s FeatherLite (FL) controls – a revolutionary step in column mount driving aids. FeatherLite controls harness your vehicle’s original electronic signals to manage the throttle, removing the need for mechanical linkages to the gas pedal. This cutting-edge approach significantly increases leg and lap space for the driver, reducing the need for any dashboard alterations.

With FeatherLite controls, you get enhanced safety features. Our one-source acceleration technology offers new security and peace of mind. Experience a smoother, more comfortable drive.

Please review the video below, especially if you are new to hand controls. The video takes you through a brief demonstration of the use and discusses the pros and cons of the different hand-control devices on the market today.

  • Featherlite Hand Controls utilize an automatic calibration feature that ensures your controls never need adjusting for developed slack like most mechanical controls.
  • Safely lock out your hand controls for vehicle service or other drivers with the push of a button.
  • Electronic sensors test during start-up the necessary calibration needed to ensure your hand controls perform properly and safely each time you start your vehicle.
  • Adjustable spring tension allows for precise control lever adjustment based on individual strength.
  • Featherlite Hand Controls do not utilize a gas rod for connection, increasing room for legs and lap.
  • Featherlite can only utilize a single acceleration source. (Either pedal or hand control, but not both will operate simultaneously).

Financing Available

Financing is available to purchase hand controls, wheelchair lifts, scooter carriers, mobility seating, and more! It’s easy to apply!