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Which Vehicle Wheelchair Lift is Best for You and Your Needs?

BraunAbility Commercial Wheelchair Lift in white Ford Transit

With your wheelchair, you have your set of wheels and the increased mobility that comes with it. But to get further afield than your immediate neighborhood, you need wheels for your wheels. A vehicle wheelchair lift would mean greater independence for you and the freedom to go where you need to go.

Your choice of a vehicle wheelchair lift is almost as important as your choice of a wheelchair. Finding one that suits you best becomes easier once you know your options. Read on to discover the range of inventive solutions to straightforward travel in your vehicle with your wheelchair.

Vehicles Suitable for Wheelchair Lifts

Superior Van & Mobility specializes in vehicle conversions and adaptive driving solutions of all types including wheelchair lifts and scooter carriers. However, it’s no secret, when it comes to wheelchair-accessible conversions and driving adaptations, vans and SUVs work best. Their larger platform, height, and floorplan options provide more space and accessibility options.

Exterior Vehicle Lifts

A blue mobility scooter sitting behind a blue SUV with a Harmar AL100 wheelchair lift installed on the rear

Outside wheelchair vehicle lifts secure a wheelchair or mobility scooter to the vehicle’s exterior, generally at the rear. Because of this, the main advantage of an exterior lift is increased vehicle compatibility. More lift and carrier options are available for more vehicle types, including sedans.

An exterior wheelchair lift or scooter carrier works by attaching to the vehicle’s towing receiver. If your vehicle does not have one, one must be installed. Note: vehicle tongue weight will dictate using an external wheelchair lift on your vehicle. Please be sure to contact one of our lift managers to check the compatibility of your car.

Another great benefit of using an external lift is if you have multiple vehicles. It is possible and easy to move an external lift from one vehicle to the next if compatible.

To use an external lift, the user must stand for two to three minutes while the lift is running and walk a short distance without assistance. However, if you travel with a companion or caregiver, an exterior would also work for you.

Interior Scooter Lifts

Smart Lifter Wheelchair & Scooter lift inside the rear hatch of a blue hatchback holding a power wheelchair

There are many different models of interior scooter lifts & carriers available. Most store the mobility scooter or wheelchair in the cargo area of a vehicle, Some work like a crane. We call these hoist-type lifts. They are usually installed inside the rear hatch of a vehicle or in the bed of a pickup truck. They use a strap attached to a lifting point on your wheelchair or scooter. They lift your device into the air and then rotate to place it inside your rear hatch or bed of your pickup truck for transport.

There are even options that utilize a drive-on platform. This type of lift is called a hybrid lift. They are one of the easiest to use. A user drives their mobility equipment onto the platform, secures it, and then uses a handheld pendant to lift and store their device inside the rear hatch.

As you can see, many options available can make the entire process daunting. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for scooter carriers & lifts. The make and model of your vehicle have as much to do with which lift type will work best as your scooter or power wheelchair.

We suggest you converse with one of our lift managers for these reasons. Their experience matching your equipment type, to your vehicle type, to the most suitable lift or carrier type is invaluable.

Wheelchair Lifts for Wheelchairs With an Occupant

Photos of commercial wheelchair lifts installed in vehicles

One last type of lift available is occupied lifts. These types of lifts are often found in commercial applications. They are much larger but also much more substantial. They have lift capacities of 800 to 1000-pounds.

These lifts are designed to lift a person while they are seated on their wheelchair. The user does not transfer from their chair into a vehicle. They will remain in their chair during transport.

Due to their size and operation, occupied lifts have strict requirements for use. They require full-size vans or buses for installation and are generally not used in consumer applications. The keyword there is generally.

If you would like more information on internal or external wheelchair lifts and scooter carriers for sale, or to check if your vehicle is compatible, please reach out to our lift managers. You can call them direct at 1-844-341-LIFT (5438). You can also research and view the different lift models by clicking on the link below.

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