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Exterior, Wheelchair Lifts & Mobility Scooter Lifts & Carriers For Sale – Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs

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Automotive, Externally Mounted, Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Lifts & Carriers

Solutions for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs!

Car, truck, van & SUV externally mounted, power wheelchair and mobility scooter lifts & carriers are the most common and least expensive options available for transporting your mobility scooter, wheelchair or power-chair. The external, power wheelchair lift mounts to your vehicle through a towing-hitch receiver. If you don’t have a towing-hitch receiver already installed on your vehicle, you will need to have one installed prior, or we can help assist in the installation.

Note: The type of vehicle, it’s towing capacity and type of towing-hitch mount installed will dictate what type of external, power wheelchair lift or mobility scooter lift can be used. Not all cars, trucks, vans & SUVs, or hitch-mounts are created equal. The tongue weight restrictions of the towing-hitch and of the vehicle itself will dictate which Harmar or Bruno wheelchair lift & scooter lift options are available.

For more details on externally mounted, power wheelchair lift & scooter lift compatibility for your specific vehicle, please call our dedicated lift manager at the toll-free number above for your FREE consultation and evaluation.

At Superior Van & Mobility, we not only sell and install brand new power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts from Harmar, Bruno Independent Living Aids, Adapt Solutions, AMF-Bruns, and BraunAbility, but we also have a HUGE selection of used power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts, many like new, and available at huge savings! Note: Our used wheelchair lift & scooter lift inventory does change daily, so if interested in a quality used wheelchair lift or scooter lift, be sure to call our dedicated lift manager as soon as possible!

Unsure Where To Begin?

Let Our Lift Manager Guide You.

In order to use an external, automotive wheelchair Lift or mobility scooter lift, users must be able to perform these five tasks under their own power, without assistance.

  1. The user must be able to safely walk, under their own power, from the rear of the front of their vehicle to the rear.
  2. The user must be able to stand, under their own power, up to 3 minutes while the lift performs its operation.
  3. The user must be able to place their mobility device onto the lift for proper lift. 
  4. The user must be able to operate buttons or switches to operate the lift.
  5. User must be able to operate restraint tie-down straps or other device locking mechanisms.

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Exterior Lifts & Carriers

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