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Lady sitting in turny evo mobility seat in a van and image of handicap transfer seat installed in a van

What is Mobility Seating for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs?

Mobility seating is designed to assist a person with physical limitations to safely enter or exit a vehicle for transport.

The most common type of mobility seating is the turny seat. This type of seat is customized to turn and lower outside the vehicle to make seating transfers easier and safer.

The second most common type of mobility seating is the transfer seat. It is designed to assist wheelchair users in transferring from a wheelchair onto either the driver or passenger seating inside a vehicle. 

Before You Buy Mobility Seating for Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV - Consider these 5-Items

  • PERSON WHO NEEDS IT – Similar to wheelchair options, it’s equally important to consider a person’s vehicle seating needs and how the product can best assist. Is it for a child or an adult? Which seating area in the vehicle makes sense to replace with a mobility seat?  What controls or customized control buttons are available for drivers versus passengers?  If a child or someone needs assistance, what options might a caregiver need to assist them in safe seating positions?
  • USAGE – It’s best to have a plan for usage.  Will a mobility seat be used once or twice a day or less frequently? Is the seat for the driver or passenger of the vehicle? 
  • COST – The cost of mobility seating products can vary according to the type of seat and the vehicle it will be installed into. There are also new and used seating options available at most mobility dealers. Often, a used mobility seat might be the best option for your budget.
  • FIT AND COMFORT – A mobility seat is an investment in your mobility and independence.  It’s important to ensure the type of mobility seat you choose gives you the support and comfort that you expect and need. This includes accounting for any health-related seating reasons. Many seats are compatible to work with your factory OEM seating. However, in some applications, this is not the case. For these applications, there are numerous aftermarket seats available that provide the same level of comfort and options.
  • IS A MOBILITY SEAT YOUR BEST OPTION?  Are you looking for a short-term or long-term solution?  When considering this, you’ll want to consider the reason for the mobility seat. Is it an injury or illness? Is there a condition that will progressively advance requiring additional needs?  These are important questions to ask upfront, to ensure your investment is going to be your best option. While a mobility seat might work now for you now, is it going to in the long-term?  Know all your options first by taking into account the long-term need. A mobility consultant will best assist you in understanding your options.

Here are a Few Videos of Available Mobility Seating Products