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What is a Wheelchair Van?

What’s a Wheelchair Van? Wheelchair vans are vehicles that have been converted to make them safely accessible and operational for users in wheelchairs. To make

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MDFF Donates Wheelchair Van to Maddox’s Mission

Never meeting Maddox, he would be described as any other energetic ten-year-old boy who loves baseball. However, there is something special about him many are unaware. It’s not that he has Mitochondrial Myopathy; what makes Maddox so special is that despite what life has handed him, Maddox has made it his life’s mission to help others, and, in doing so, he started a homeless ministry.

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Shopping For a Scooter Carrier or Wheelchair Lift?

With online shopping becoming more of the rule rather than the exception these days, you may find yourself searching for a scooter lift for your vehicle online. There are numerous sources out there where you can do just that, but is that the best option for you?

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Common Handicap Parking Misconceptions

Surveys have shown that 74% of people have personally witnessed a handicap parking space being used improperly. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand some key elements associated with handicap parking.

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