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BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV

Red Chevy Traverse wheelchair SUV from BraunAbility at park with ramp out and guy in wheelchair with basketball

BraunAbility brought to market the world’s first handicap SUV, the Ford Explorer MXV. While this vehicle had a special place throughout the wheelchair-accessible market, it proved to have its limitations for many.

The ramp and available interior space were much less than any minivan on the market, making it hard for many users of power chairs to fit comfortably.
Despite having its place for many users, the vehicle didn’t appeal to the larger masses. In 2019 BraunAbility decided to discontinue production of the Ford MXV.

Knowing its customers were still in search of a minivan alternative, BraunAbility knew they needed a replacement, one that would take the place of the Ford MXV and open an opportunity for those individuals who never had a chance to own one because of the size of their wheelchair.

Fast forward to the present and say hello to the world’s first, Chevrolet Traverse wheelchair-accessible SUV from BraunAbility.

Man in power wheelchair sitting in drivers position of chevy traverse wheelchair accessible SUV
Closeup of red Chevrolet Traverse wheelchair SUV from BraunAbility with a man in a power wheelchair going up ramp

The new Chevy Handicap SUV is taking the industry by storm! It is providing a need that had been often overlooked, a minivan alternative. 

The new Traverse mobility vehicle has nearly as much interior space as the Toyota Sienna, but it has a much larger ground clearance and sporty styling that many have yearned. At the time of this article, it was only available from BraunAbility in two trim levels, the 2LT RS package and the 3LT.

The 2LT RS package is the sportier model of the two. In fact, the 20” blacked-out wheels and trim are what set this vehicle apart.

The 3LT model has a more classic look with 20” machine-faced aluminum wheels, dual skyscape sunroof, and rear pedestrian alert. Both models are loaded with nearly every option and advanced safety features, and they are available in seven different colors.

When these vehicles first hit the market, BraunAbility was not accepting customer chassis for conversion, an option for some who already had a Chevy Traverse sitting in their driveway. However, in 2022 BraunAbility announced they would take customer chassis’ for conversion as long as they were the exact 2LT RS or 3LT they sold new.

Standard Features Include:

  • Power, lighted in-floor wheelchair ramp system
  • Larger cabin space and maneuverability
  • Sliding gear shifter for additional space adjustments
  • 3rd-row seating with footrest
  • Driver side fuel door
  • Sliding side-door operation
  • Removable front seating with removable cup holders
  • 3.6L V-6 engine
  • Factory integrated towing receiver
  • 360-degree backup camera
  • Chevy Safety Assist
  • Much more

How Much Does a Handicap SUV Cost?

If you are interested in purchasing one of the NEW Chevrolet Traverse handicap SUVs, expect to pay $80,000 to $85,000. These vehicles run higher than most new accessible minivans because the chassis is higher. However, the good news is that unlike financing a traditional vehicle, where the term usually caps at seven years, mobility vehicles can be financed for up to ten years.

If the price of a new unit is not within your budget, you should start seeing more of these becoming available in the USED market. Expect to pay between $50,000 to $72,000 for a used model. However, that figure can easily be on either side, depending on the year, mileage and condition.

BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse image with dimensions listed
Door opening usable widthA30.5” 
Door opening usable height (at the middle of door)B54.5″ 
Interior height at the center of the vehicleC58.5″ 
Interior height at driver and passenger positionD58″ 
Ramp lengthE52″ 
Ramp width (usable clear opening)30.25″ 
Ramp angle (with vehicle kneeled)2G8.5° 
Interior floor-length (behind front seat strikers)H57″ 
Overall interior floor-length (flat area)I89″ 
Interior width at passenger doors (doors closed)J64.75″ 
Interior width at B-pillarsK57″ 
Ramp capacity 1,000 lbs. 

(2) Ramp angle is subject to a 1.5-degree variance based on chassis trim level selected and other environmental factors. All measurements were taken with a 250 lbs. approximated wheelchair passenger load at the center of the ramp.

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