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Adaptive Vans Wheelchair Van | Power Fold-Out Dodge Caravan

red dodge caravan wheelchair van from Adaptive Vans with ramp out and passenger seat sitting next to ramp

Designed for Affordability & Convenience

The Adaptive Vans Dodge Caravan wheelchair-accessible van is designed for affordability and convenience. It features a full-cut, 10-inch lowered floor and removable front passenger seat. The removable front seat allows a wheelchair user to ride alongside the driver. Because this wheelchair conversion does not have a removable driver’s seat, it is not designed for those who desire to drive from their wheelchair.

Simple to use, this conversion is easy to operate using the factory key-fob remote. No additional remote is necessary. Unlike many other handicap van conversions, this vehicle does not utilize a kneeling vehicle system to reduce the ramp angle. Since there isn’t a kneeling system, it could make it somewhat challenging for someone in a manual wheelchair to enter & exit the vehicle under their power. Therefore, this conversion is an excellent choice for someone who travels with a dedicated companion or caregiver.

If you want a mobility van to drive from your wheelchair, please see the Braun Dodge XT Fold-Out or VMI Dodge Summit & Northstar wheelchair conversions. Click here for additional buying tips.

Power Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp

The Adaptive Vans Dodge wheelchair van is designed with a split-fold wheelchair ramp system inside the passenger power sliding door. It is built using high-strength aluminum.

The ramp is 29 inches wide, with an 800-pound load capacity, and features a non-slip surface with side rails. It is also slotted to help eliminate debris inside the cabin. Operating using the integrated factory remote or interior switch is also easy.

Adaptive Vans | Dodge Handicap Van Specifications

Usable Door Opening Height 53.5″
Length of Ramp 55″
Usable Ramp Width 29″
Angle of Ramp 12 Degrees
Ground Clearance 6″
Ramp Load Capacity 800 lbs.

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