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Does Your Mobility Device or Scooter Lift Block Your Backup Camera?

Let’s face it: backing up your vehicle can be stressful, especially in a crowded parking lot. Then, add an exterior scooter lift and mobility device to the back of your vehicle and now your factory backup camera is blocked! 

Relax! We’ve got this… Harmar’s new MultiView backup camera is here to help minimize the anxiety and provide additional peace of mind by giving you back a backup camera.

Did You Know that 30 to 40% of Crashes Happen When Backing Up a Vehicle?

Introducing The Harmar MultiView Backup Camera

Harmar’s new MultiView backup camera is the first camera designed to be installed on your vehicle’s exterior scooter lift.

The innovative two-camera design is specifically built to give you an unobstructed rear-view look behind your vehicle regardless if your lift is in the raised or lowered position.

Visual showing Harmar multiview backup camera viewing area while exterior scooter lift is raised.

Two Types of In-Vehicle Display Monitors Available

The MultiView backup camera does not replace your vehicle’s factory backup camera and installing does not affect your vehicles resale value. In fact, if you sell your vehicle or install a new lift, you can easily have your Harmar MultiView removed and reinstalled.

There are two types of display monitors available and our team of consultants will assist you in determining which type is best for you.

Rear-View Mirror

The first is a rear-view mirror monitor option. This type replaces your factory rear-view mirror and eliminates having an additional device installed to monitor the view from the backup camera. The camera is automatically activated when your vehicle is put into reverse.

This is a great option, but not if your vehicle has an interactive factory rear-view mirror. 

Moveable Display Monitor

The second option is to install a secondary display monitor in clear view of the driver. This is generally the best option and it provides the most flexibility.

If you would like to learn more or to discuss adding a Harmar MultiView backup camera to your exterior scooter lift, please call our lift team!

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*Statistics gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.