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Man operating the Bruno Big-Lifter installed inside rear hatch of black minivan

Bruno Big-Lifter - Interior, Power Wheelchair Lift & Mobility Scooter Lift

Ideal For Minivans, SUVs, Trucks and Full-Size Vans

The Bruno Big-Lifter is another interior mounted power, crane-style scooter lift that is similar to the Curb-Sider wheelchair lift but with a larger lifting capacity for heavier mobility scooters and power wheelchairs and manual boom rotation.

The Bruno Big-Lifter works by installing into the rear cargo area of your minivan, SUV, hatchback or bed of your pickup truck and is operated much like a crane or hoist. The lift easily lifts your power wheelchair or mobility scooter in & out of your vehicle for transport or use.

The Bruno Big-Lifter is designed to easily be used with a simple touch-of-a-button for lifting and convenience. A slight modification to your mobility scooter or power wheelchair is necessary as additional lifting secure points are needed for this power wheelchair lift to operate properly and safely.

Man operating the Bruno Big-Lifter installed inside rear hatch of black minivan
man in yellow shirts standing behind his power wheelchair and loading it into a black minivan

Heavy Duty Lifting Capacity!

The Bruno Big-Lifter is a heavy duty power wheelchair & mobility scooter lift with a 400 lbs. lift capacity.


  • Full-Power Lift Operation – Manual Boom Rotation Action
  • Easy, Single Button Operation
  • Adjustable Boom length to Accommodate for Variable Vehicle Off-Loading
  • Vehicle’s 3rd-Row Seating Remains Useable (most vehicles when not in use)
  • Operates Off Vehicle’s 12 Volt Supply
Three images showing man in yellow shirt operate and load his power wheelchair inside a black minivan using the Bruno Big-Lifter

To learn more about the many types of Harmar power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts for cars, trucks, vans & SUVs, please contact our dedicated lift manager for fastest service. Our lift manager is here to assist you in determining the proper lift for your needs, abilities and vehicle type. NOTE: Not all lift types are compatible with all vehicle types.

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