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VMI Northstar | Honda Odyssey Handicap Wheelchair Accessible Van

Man in wheelchair with lady next to a silver Honda Odyssey wheelchair van from VMI with ramp out

The VMI Honda Odyssey wheelchair-accessible van features a power, in-floor wheelchair ramp deployment system for unobstructed entry & exit. With a ramp of 30.5 inches wide and a door opening height of 55.25 inches, it is larger than its closest competitor.

The VMI Honda Odyssey handicap van is engineered with an additional .75 inches of ground clearance which reduces vehicle scraping while going over raised or uneven surfaces, which can be problematic in vehicles from competitors.

Power In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp

The Honda Odyssey wheelchair van from VMI features a patented, ultra-low, in-floor wheelchair ramp deployment system. The ramp conveniently deploys from and stows underneath the vehicle’s floor. This hidden design eliminates a ramp blocking the doorway and creates additional interior space and maneuverability for passengers. 

The ramp is 30 inches wide and has an 8.65-degree ramp angle. The ramp is made from high-strength aluminum alloy and can support loads up to 1000 lbs.

drawing of flexible seating options in a honda odyssey wheelchair van from VMI

Removable Front Seats

The VMI Honda Odyssey wheelchair-accessible van uses an obstacle-free front, interchangeable seating, and easy removal and usage. This new seating design allows for multiple seating arrangements. The interchangeable seats allow users to load one seat and switch from one side to the other as needed.

EXAMPLE: (Wheelchair users may start on a trip driving from their wheelchair, but after some time, become fatigued. The installed seat on the passenger side can easily be moved from the passenger to the driving position to allow the passenger to drive. At the same time, the wheelchair user takes a break riding along in the passenger side of the wheelchair van)

The space up front is also large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side if needed.

Corrosion Resistant Galvanneal Flooring

ALL new VMI Northstar Honda Odyssey wheelchair van conversions have floors made from Galvanneal Steel and are E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention. This new material and advanced process in manufacturing make every new VMI wheelchair-accessible van highly resistant to rust issues. 

The new steel also has an increased tensile strength which results in a more robust and more durable wheelchair-accessible construction.

Only VMI has ParkSmart™, a Handicap Parking Aid & Deterrent!

ParkSmart™  is a patented feature found on VMI Honda Odyssey wheelchair-accessible vehicles. It automatically alerts careless drivers who park too close to the accessible vehicle, blocking ramp access.

The ParkSmart™ system works after the user engages the system via a button found in the vehicle’s interior. As the wheelchair user exits the vehicle, the ParkSmart™ system will engage and activate 30 seconds after the side door is closed. 

Once engaged, the system monitors the passenger side of the vehicle for any objects that come within the acceptable distance of the vehicle that would inhibit the wheelchair user from entering their vehicle upon returning.

The system uses the same technology found on rear collision systems of other vehicles that detect object proximity. The only difference in the ParkSmart™ system from VMI is that the system also broadcasts a recorded message and an audible alert when clearance is compromised. This message and alerts are repeated,  advising the other vehicle’s driver to move their vehicle or obstruct it.

Below is a great video demonstrating the ParkSmart™ handicap parking deterrent system from Vantage Mobility International.

Drawing of a VMI Honda wheelchair van showing specifications and dimensions of conversion
Usable Door Opening HeightA55.25″
Usable Door Opening WidthB30.5″
Inside Center HeightC59″
Height at Driver & Passenger PositionD58″
Angle of RampE8.65 Degrees
Length of RampF58.3″
Usable Ramp WidthG30″
Overall Floor LengthH92″
Length of Floor Behind Front SeatsI59″
Width of Interior at CenterJ66″
Ramp Load Capacity 1000 lbs.

Page from brochure on VMI, Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van with specs and highlights of the conversion listed and two photos of the van itself

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