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BraunAbility In-Floor Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van

blue honda odyssey wheelchair van

The Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van is BraunAbility’s Premium Mobility Van!

The latest Honda Odyssey wheelchair-accessible van is also one of the most fuel-efficient and safest handicap minivans available today!

Three interior images, side by side showing seating configurations of a Honda Odyssey wheelchair van

Lowered Floor

As part of the conversion process, every BraunAbility® Honda Odyssey wheelchair van has its floor lowered from behind the firewall (behind the engine) to the rear axle. The lowering of the floor is critical to the conversion process.  First, it creates a taller door-entry height. The door opening height is 54.5 inches in the Honda Odyssey handicap-accessible van. Large enough to accommodate most wheelchair users. Second, lowering the floor provides the wheelchair user with a natural, direct line of sight while driving or riding as a passenger up-front or in the center section of the vehicle.

Short Video of The Wheelchair Van Conversion Process

Power In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp

On the BraunAbility® Power In-Floor Honda Odyssey wheelchair van, sliding side doors and wheelchair ramp are powered for easy operation. By activating the open or close command on the Honda factory key-fob or using interior switches found throughout the cabin, the side door opens or closes and deploys or stows the onboard, in-floor wheelchair ramp.

Unique in design, the Honda Odyssey accessible ramp stows out-of-sight and out-of-mind under the vehicle’s floor until needed. Unlike previous models, a fold-out ramp sat just inside the side door, blocking access unless deployed. This new in-floor ramp design allows ambulatory passengers easier entry and exit since ramp deployment is not required to access the passenger side door. In addition, since the ramp does not sit inside the cabin like the power fold-out system, there is more usable interior space!

The in-floor wheelchair ramp on the Odyssey is larger than the earlier fold-out model. The ramp is now 30.25 inches wide, accommodating most wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. In light of this, the ramp capacity has also increased from 800 lbs. to a maximum load limit of 1000 lbs.

Kneeling System

Most power wheelchair van conversions have a kneeling system. This system is designed to reduce the wheelchair ramp angle when deploying the ramp for access. The lower the ramp angle, the easier it is to navigate it. This is especially important to those using a manual wheelchair.

The kneeling system automatically engages when the deploy ramp command is given. It uses an actuator mounted on the rear passenger side of the suspension by compressing the vehicle’s spring. Once the ramp is returned inside the vehicle, the actuator disengages, returning the vehicle to standard operation.

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drawing of a honda odyssey wheelchair van from BraunAbility showing the conversion specifications
BraunAbility Honda Odyssey Power In-floor Wheelchair Van DimensionsReferenceDimensions
Usable Door Opening WidthA


Usable Door Opening Height (middle of doorB


Center Of Vehicle Interior HeightC


Interior Height Of Passenger & Driver Seated PositionD


In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp LengthE


In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp Usable WidthF


Wheelchair Ramp Angle (With Kneeling System Engaged)G

9.2 Degrees

Length Of Floor (Behind Front Seat Striker Brackets)H


Overall Length Of Floor Interior Space (Front Seats Removed)I


Center Floor Interior Width With Side Doors ClosedJ


Width Of Floor At B-Pillars (behind driver & passenger seat)K


Ramp Load Capacity 1000 lbs.
Due to manufacturing variance in both conversion and OEM components, all dimensions may vary slightly.
Options such as DVD entertainment systems and sunroofs will affect interior height dimensions as shown.
Environmental factors and chassis trim levels will affect ramp angle.


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