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Regain Your Mobility with a Left Foot Accelerator or Pedal Extensions

Three images of a handicap, left foot accelerator inside a vehicle

Left-foot accelerators and pedal extensions for cars are adaptive driving aids designed to facilitate vehicle operation for drivers with specific mobility limitations or short stature. These tools allow individuals to use their left foot for acceleration & braking instead of standard vehicle orientation. Left-foot accelerators and pedal extensions contribute significantly to driving independence by accommodating various physical needs.

Pedal Extensions for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

Pedal extensions attached to existing gas and brake pedals in a car.

What are Pedal Extensions?

Pedal extensions attach to a vehicle’s existing gas or brake pedal. They allow users who are shorter in stature to drive their vehicle safely by bringing the pedals closer.

There are numerous types of pedal extensions available on the market today. Most systems are fully adjustable and detachable without the use of tools. High-grade construction and durable materials provide long-lasting, continuous, safe vehicle operation. The heel shelf, shown above, also helps in raising a drivers feet vertically. It is used in conjunction with pedal extensions.

Gas and Brake Pedal Guards

Gas and brake guards are designed to work with your hand controls. They are available in a single and combination design.

A combination gas/brake guard is designed to block access to both of the vehicle’s factory pedals. Pedal guards are a safety mechanism to protect the existing gas & brake pedal in a vehicle from unwanted or undesired use by users of hand controls. 

A single pedal guard is designed to only block the cars accelerator from accidental use. This is used along side a left-foot accelerator where the existing brake is used. 

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Accelerator Guard
Brake & Accelerator Guard

Regain Your Independence with a Left-Foot Accelerator for Cars

A left-foot accelerator is designed to move the functionality of a vehicle’s accelerator to the left side of the brake pedal. They are designed for those who are unable to operate the pedal on the right.

At Superior Van & Mobility, we carry left-foot accelerators from Sure Grip, MPS, and Veigel (Mobility Innovations). These companies are leaders in their industry and provide the safest and easiest-to-use equipment. 

There are two types available: mechanical & electronic. Each is designed with your safety in mind and to restrict unauthorized use by additional drivers.

Mechanical Left-Foot Accelerator

The mechanical left-foot accelerator is the most common type found. It bolts onto the existing pedals and uses rods or cables to operate off the existing pedal. No electronics are involved in the installation; they are easily removed or locked out to avoid accidental use. Easier to move to a new vehicle at a later date.

Electronic Left-Foot Accelerator

The electronic left-foot accelerator does not use cables or rods and works by tapping into the vehicle’s electrical system. The electronic left-foot accelerator can be easily switched from right to left orientation or locked out with the push of a button to avoid accidental use. It’s an excellent choice for those sharing a vehicle with multiple drivers.

Note: for your safety, a CDRS (Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist) prescription & training is required for purchase and installation.

Electronic Accelerators

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Superior Van & Mobility has Financing for Left-Foot Accelerators & Pedal Extensions

Financing options to finance the purchase of pedal extensions, left-foot accelerators, and other types of adaptive driving equipment are available. To learn more or to apply today, please click the button below.

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