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Advanced Electronic Handicap Driving Controls

Advanced Electronic Driving Hand Controls from EMC allows those with a physical disability or limited mobility to operate and drive an automobile!

All EMCs products are designed with superior quality that you can see and feel. Each undergoes rigorous testing to ensure your products are safe, effective, and reliable. EMC is an ISO 9001-certified company.

Superior Van and Mobility are proud to be a dealer representing, servicing, and installing EMC advanced driving control systems. We are also certified in a few locations across the country to install these highly advanced driving control systems. 

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About EMC Electronic Driving Control Systems

The EMC advanced driving Joystick is one device that allows a wheelchair user to steer their vehicle once integrated with an EMC primary control unit. The PRIMARY Control unit from EMC controls all the driver’s input functions. 

Connecting various hardware elements to control the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, secondary features, and steering functions. You will be amazed by what we can accomplish using EMC driving control systems!

The easy “plug and play” design of the EMC AEVIT 2.0® allows for a high level of vehicle customization needed to build a user’s electronic driving system that exactly fits their needs and physical limitations.

If physical needs or limitations change over time, the EMC AEVIT 2.0® advanced driving control system can easily be swapped to change input devices, helping minimize a vehicle’s downtime for reconfiguration and design.

The EMC AEVIT 2.0® touchscreen shown in the video above is designed to control all the vehicle’s secondary functions.

SECONDARY vehicle controls are classified as all the other electro-mechanical functions of your car, truck, van, or SUV, like its headlights, wipers, gear shift, horn, A/C, etc. 

The integrated, “compact flash” upgrade drive of the EMC AEVIT 2.0® allows for further custom loading of secondary switch inputs and is expandable based on your vehicle’s installed components.

This set of functions can be easily upgraded and changed as necessary due to any physical changes that would necessitate the change. In most cases, simply inserting a compact flash upgrade is necessary to make the upgrade quick.

Financing Available

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