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VMI Northstar Dodge Caravan Wheelchair Accessible Van

Silver VMI Dodge Caravan with Northstar in-floor wheelchair-accessible conversion

The Dodge Caravan chassis is no longer produced. It was replaced in 2021 by the Chrysler Voyager

The VMI Northstar Access360 Dodge Caravan handicap-accessible wheelchair van utilizes a full-power, in-floor ramp design to create open, unobstructed interior space for the wheelchair user and their passengers to seat up to 5+1 comfortably.

The Northstar is engineered with a 1.5-inch higher ground clearance than its competitors to reduce scraping and has advanced noise-reducing technology to create a quieter and more comfortable ride. Click here for additional buying tips.

Automatic Door And Wheelchair Ramp Operation

The VMI Northstar Access360 Dodge Caravan wheelchair van conversion features a patented, ultra-low, in-floor power ramp system that allows safe entry and exit. The ramp conveniently stows and deploys from underneath the floor, creating additional interior space and maneuverability for wheelchair user and their passengers. The ramp is made from a high-strength aluminum alloy that can support loads up to 1000 lbs. The ramp utilizes a SURE DEPLOY™ backup system to ensure the ramp will stow and deploy, even during an electrical failure.

Removable Front Seats

The obstacle-free front seats allow for easy removal and installation and create multiple seating arrangements for wheelchair users and passengers. The space is even large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side if needed.

Corrosion Resistant Floor

All VMI Northstar Access360 Dodge Caravan handicap wheelchair vans have floors built with new galvaneal steel, and they are E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention.

Three images side by side showing the interior seating options of a VMI Toyota wheelchair accessible van

Headroom And Lowered Floor

The floor from just behind the firewall to the third-row seat in the VMI Northstar Access360 Dodge Caravan handicap-accessible wheelchair van is dropped 11 inches to provide the needed headroom for the wheelchair user throughout the vehicle cabin. This floor lowering creates the much-needed interior height and door opening of 55 inches, making the Northstar handicap van suitable for even the tallest seated wheelchair users.

Vehicle Specifications

dimension of a VMI Dodge Caravan wheelchair van
Usable Door Opening HeightA54.8″
Usable Door Opening WidthB30.1″
Length of RampC58.8″
Usable Ramp WidthD28.8″
Overall Floor LengthE86″
Width of Interior at B-PillarsF60″
Inside Center HeightG58.1″
Angle of RampH9.2 Degrees
Ground ClearanceI5.5″
Overall Vehicle HeightJ74.3″
Ramp Load Capacity 1000 lbs.

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