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BraunAbility Power In-Floor | Dodge Caravan Handicap Wheelchair Accessible Van

image of a silver Dodge Caravan wheelchair van with ramp out

The Dodge Caravan chassis is no longer produced. It was replaced in 2021 by the Chrysler Voyager

The Dodge Grand Caravan Power In-Floor wheelchair van is BraunAbility’s in-floor wheelchair ramp model. With an in-floor ramp system, the ramp is stored and deployed from under the vehicle’s floor and is not visible when stowed away. Spacious enough to accommodate the entry and exit of wheelchair users sitting up to 55 inches, this stow n’ go ramp system is a breeze to operate. With no ramp blocking the entry of the doorway, access for passengers to the third-row seating remains unobstructed.

For night-time use, the wheelchair ramp features an LED lighting system, which, when deployed, lights the ramp’s surface for increased safety and maneuverability in the cabin. In addition to its unique in-floor ramp design, the power in-floor wheelchair van/handicap accessible van still features BraunAbility’s long list of standard features: single-touch power entry and exit system, power sliding doors, automatic kneeling system (which helps reduce ramp angle, making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle), and removable front seats to allow for up-front passenger or from-the-chair driving. The Dodge Power In-Floor wheelchair-accessible van has enough room for up to three wheelchairs! Click here for additional buying tips.

Fully Automatic Sliding Doors And In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp

On the BraunAbility, Power In-Floor, Dodge Caravan wheelchair van, the sliding side doors and ramp are powered for easy operation. By activating the open or close command on the vehicle’s factory keyless remote or using interior switches inside the sliding door or upfront on the dash, the door will open or close and deploy or stow the in-floor ramp. In the event of power failure, BraunAbility® has incorporated a backup safety feature allowing the ramp to be easily operated manually if deemed necessary.

The ramp on the BraunAbility®, Power In-Floor, Dodge Caravan handicap-accessible vehicle is a whopping 32 inches wide and is made of lightweight aluminum with a load capacity of 1000 pounds! The ramp’s surface is powder coated with a durable, non-skid, slotted finish that ensures superior traction and aids in the removal of debris. An LED lighting system is included for enhanced safety, illuminating the ramp surface and vehicle opening.

closeup of infloor wheelchair van ramp

Quiet Drive™ On The Dodge Power In-Floor Handicap Wheelchair Van

Quiet Drive™ is a noise-reducing process found on every BraunAbility, Power In-Floor, Dodge Caravan wheelchair van conversion after 2012. Quiet Drive™ works to reduce road noise and vibration by up to 25% of earlier models. By using state-of-the-art techniques and advanced acoustic materials, BraunAbility’s Quiet Drive™ helps enhance the driving experience by blocking unwanted noise at the source from entering the vehicle’s interior. Those of you who may have owned an older model wheelchair-accessible vehicle will be able to tell a huge difference.

Automatic Kneeling System

To reduce the ramp angle to make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, all power BraunAbility handicap wheelchair vans feature an automatic, integrated kneeling system. When a ramp deploy command is initiated, the onboard computer activates an actuator mounted on the rear passenger side of the vehicle’s suspension. Once engaged, the actuator lowers the van’s ramp side, thus reducing the ramp angle. This option can also be turned off or on with a switch on the dash.

Removable Seating

Standard on the BraunAbility, Power In-Floor, Dodge Caravan wheelchair van, the front seats are easily removed to allow a wheelchair user to drive from their chair with hand controls or ride as a passenger up front. The seats are easily unlocked at the base, rolled away for easy storage, and reinstalled anytime.

Lowered Floor Conversion

As part of the wheelchair van conversion process, the floor of the BraunAbility, Power In-Floor, Dodge Caravan handicap van is lowered from the firewall (just behind the engine) to the rear axle. This floor lowering does two things: First, it allows for a taller door entry of 55 inches to allow for unobstructed access. Second, it provides a wheelchair user with a direct line of sight while driving or riding as a passenger. (For a taller door height opening, see the XT model).

Drawing showing dimensions of a Dodge Caravan wheelchair van conversion
Usable Door Opening WidthA32.5″
Usable Door Opening HeightB55″
Inside Center HeightC59″
Height at Driver & Passenger PositionD57.75″
Length of RampE52″
Usable Ramp WidthF32″
Angle of RampG9.5 Degrees
Length of Floor Behind Front SeatsH57″
Overall Floor LengthI87.5″
Width of Interior at B-PillarsJ62″
Ramp Load Capacity 1000 lbs.

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