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Adaptive Vans Dodge Caravan Rear-Entry Wheelchair Vans For Sale

White dodge caravan with an Adaptive Vans rear-entry wheelchair conversion

Affordable Rear-Entry Wheelchair Vans

If you are looking for an affordable rear-entry wheelchair van, look no further than the Dodge Gr. Caravan short channel from Adaptive Vans.

This accessible conversion from Adapted Vans is one of the simplest to use! There are no motors or electronics. The ramp is operated manually. 

Being a rear-entry-accessible conversion, this vehicle is designed for those traveling with a dedicated companion or caregiver.  

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Manual Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp

The Adaptive Vans Dodge rear-entry wheelchair van is designed with a split-fold wheelchair ramp system inside the rear hatch. It is built using high-strength aluminum and is very easy to operate.

The ramp is 30.75 inches wide, with an 800-pound load capacity, and features a non-slip surface with side rails. It is also slotted to help eliminate debris inside the cabin.  Inside the cabin, you’ll find several tie-down pods for secure wheelchair restraints during transit.

White dodge caravan rear entry wheelchair van from adaptive vans

Adaptive Vans Rear-Entry Dodge Handicap Van Specifications

Conversion Feature
Usable Door Opening Height
Length of Ramp
Usable Ramp Width
Angle of Ramp
10 Degrees
Ground Clearance
Ramp Load Capacity
800 lbs.
Channel Width
Channel Depth

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