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BraunAbility CompanionVan | Chrysler Voyager Wheelchair Van

The Most Adaptable, Adaptive Minivan!

The First Wheelchair Van that can Easily Convert from a Manual Ramp to a Power Ramp!

Red Chrysler Voyager Wheelchair Van with BraunAbility CompanionVan conversion

Economical & Designed for Those Traveling with a Dedicated Caregiver or Companion

Meet the new BraunAbility® CompanionVan, a wheelchair-accessible van built on the Chrysler Voyager chassis! This new wheelchair-accessible conversion is a first from BraunAbility®. It is a first because it is the ONLY wheelchair van ever designed that can easily be converted from a standard manual ramp system to a full-power ramp system as an owner’s needs change.

Why is this important? Cost Savings! Owners & caregivers will be able to keep their vehicles longer! 

The easy conversion process that BraunAbility® developed eliminates the need down the road to trade your manual ramp system wheelchair van for a vehicle with a power ramp system as your needs change. 

Before the new CompanionVan from BraunAbility®, this was the only option for owners who needed to transition from one type to the next. Click here for additional buying tips.

Manual or Power Wheelchair Ramp (You Have a Choice!)

As stated above, the all-new Chrysler Voyager, BraunAbility® CompanionVan, is the first wheelchair-accessible van that can easily be converted from a manual to a power wheelchair ramp system. It’s like having two vans in one!

The Voyager CompanionVan has a  50/50 split, side-entry, fold-out wheelchair ramp system constructed from a high-strength aluminum alloy. This time-tested ramp system from BraunAbility® has a load limit of 1000 lbs. The ramp is easily deployed and stowed using the integrated handle.

Ramp Specifications:
  • Ramp Length – 52 inches

  • Ramp Width – 30.125 inches

  • Ramp Angle – 12.5-Degrees

  • Ramp Capacity – 1000 lbs.

Closeup of wheelchair ramp and handle on Chrysler Voyager CompanionVan from BraunAbility
Optional Second-Row Flip & Fold Seating

Another great addition to the new Chrysler Voyager CompanionVan is the option to add a 2nd-row, flip & fold jump seat. The flip & fold seat is great for those who need added room for additional ambulatory passengers or need to be near the wheelchair user for continuous care during transport.

With the addition of a 2nd-row jump seat, the Chrysler Voyager CompanionVan from BraunAbility® has enough room to accommodate up to six ambulatory passengers and one wheelchair user. The standard capacity is five ambulatory passengers and two wheelchair users without the jump seat.

Lowered Floor Conversion

To help save on cost, the BraunAbility® CompanionVan wheelchair-accessible van features a unique, 10-inch center-cut lowered floor. In a center-cut conversion, the lowering of the floor starts behind the front seats instead of the van’s firewall.

This reduced cut keeps the front passenger section of the vehicle factory. You can see this difference in the flooring height in the adjacent photo.

PROS: Less Road Noise – Cost Savings – Center Console with Cup Holders

CONS: Front Seating is Not Accessible to Wheelchair Users

Image of the center section of a BraunAbility, Chrysler Voyager CompanionVan
Additional Options

To further enhance the comfort and usability of the Chrysler Voyager, CompanionVan from BraunAbility®, owners have the option to add the following components.

3rd-Row Seat, Rear Footrest

Center Flip & Fold Jump-Seat

Power Ramp Upgrade

Available Dealer installed options for the Chrysler Voyager CompanionVan from BraunAbility
Chrysler Voyager Wheelchair Van - BraunAbility® CompanionVan Specifications
Specification drawing for BraunAbility Chrysler Voyager CompanioVan wheelchair van
Usable Door Opening WidthA31.5″
Usable Door Opening HeightB53″
Inside Center HeightC56″
Length of RampD52″
Usable Ramp WidthE30.125″
Angle of RampF12.5 Degrees
Length of Floor Behind Front SeatsG51.25
Overall Floor LengthH58.5″
Width of Interior at B-PillarsI62″
Width of Interior with Ramp Deployed to Optional Flip & Fold Seat (Stowed)J49″
Ground Clearance Loaded at full GVWR lbs. (to exhaust)K3.125″
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