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Adaptive Power Fold-Out Chrysler Pacifica & Voyager Wheelchair Van

Silver Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van from Adaptive vans with ramp out

Check out the power side-entry Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Voyager wheelchair-accessible van from Adaptive! This budget-friendly conversion replaces the discontinued Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country. 

The Adaptive conversion features a full-cut, 10-inch lowered floor with a removable front passenger seat. By removing the front passenger seat, wheelchair users can ride in not only the mid-row section of the vehicle but also the upfront passenger position alongside the driver. 

The driver seat is not removable; therefore, users who can drive from their chairs must travel with a dedicated companion or caregiver. However, there is an option to replace the driver’s seat base with a transfer seat which will allow a wheelchair user to transfer from their wheelchair into the driver’s seat. 

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Unlike many other handicap van conversions, this vehicle does not utilize a kneeling system to reduce the ramp’s angle. Since there isn’t a kneeling system, it could make it somewhat challenging for someone in a manual wheelchair to enter & exit the vehicle. 

If a user is planning on driving and traveling alone, we recommend adding a power-pull wheelchair assistant to the vehicle to aid in navigating the vehicle’s ramp.

Power-Pull Wheelchair Assistant helping a lady in a manual wheelchair up the ramp in her wheelchair van.
Power-Pull Wheelchair Assistant

Power Operated Ramp & Door

Power Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp

The Chrysler Pacifica & Chrysler Voyager both use a power side-entry fold-out wheelchair ramp system mounted inside the doorway of the passenger sliding door.

The ramp is made of a corrosion-free aluminum alloy. It has an 800 lbs. load capacity, a 10-degree ramp angle, 28 inches wide, and is 55 inches long.

The surface of the ramp is also slotted to keep debris from entering the vehicle and is covered in a slip-resistant material for added traction. 

Close up image of wheelchair ramp on a red Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van from Adaptive Vans.

Chrysler Pacifica & Voyager Handicap Van Conversion Specifications

Door Opening Height
Ramp Width
Ramp Length
Ramp Load Capacity
800 lbs.
Ramp Angle
Ground Clearance

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