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for commercial ADA wheelchair vans, look to Superior Van & Mobility! Our commercial division is your source for the best ADA wheelchair vans to transport single or multiple wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers. We have ADA vans available with both hydraulic lifts and manual fold-out ramp systems.

ADA Wheelchair Van Conversions are Available on the Following Chassis Types:

  • Ford Transit
  • Ram Promaster
  • Chrysler Voyager
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Toyota Sienna Hybrid

Every ADA van we sell features a customizable floor plan designed to accommodate the needs of accessible commercial transportation. Our vehicles are also ADA-compliant in all 50 states.

To learn more or to discuss your fleet’s accessible needs, contact a commercial team member today! 

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Available ADA Van Conversions by Leading Manufacturers

BraunAbility® Side-Entry Chrysler Voyager ADA Van

Taking the place of the discontinued Dodge Grand Caravan is the Chrysler Voyager! Inside and out, this ADA minivan from BraunAbility® has some exciting new features that will make a perfect addition to to your fleet for many years to come.

White Chrysler Voyager wheelchair van with man in wheelchair coming down ramp

What you don’t see outside can be deceiving, as BraunAbility® has re-engineered this fantastic vehicle with new, state-of-the-art production materials and processes. But first, it’s essential to know; that the new Chrysler Voyager wheelchair-accessible ADA van will only come in white. If any other color is requested (Billet Silver, Black, Granite, Velvet Red), it will slightly delay production time.

So, what’s different between the Dodge and Chrysler products?

First, the cabin interior is 15 percent larger than the Caravan. This increase in space is noticeable in the center position and firewall area of the vehicle.

SECOND, drivers will enjoy a full 5 inches of ground clearance to help avoid ground scraping often found on other mobility van models. 

THIRD, the side step-flares are no longer hard plastic which can easily become damaged by road hazards. The new step-flares of the Chrysler Voyager ADA van are made from flexible material under stress while remaining durable for use. 

Man sitting in the third row of a Chrysler Voyager wheelchair van

Optional two-person flip down seating!

The Voyager ADA handicap van can accommodate six ambulatory passengers thanks to an optional two-passenger flip-down, mid-row seat. There is also more lighting throughout the interior, above and beyond the standard ADA requirements.

Even the flooring material has changed! No longer will the underlayment be made from plywood. Braun’s unique honeycomb composite material will last longer and decrease road noise throughout the cabin!

Closeup image of the acoustical material used in the floor of a braunability wheelchair van

BraunAbility’s new honeycomb composite sub-floor is not only durable and lasts longer than previous plywood construction, but it also acts as a sound deadening material that helps decrease in-cabin road noise.

A BraunAbility® Exclusive!

Standard Features Include:

  • Buy America Compliant
  • ADA, FMVSS and CMVSS Compliant
  • Meets/exceeds Altoona test requirements
  • CARB approved
  • 6-passenger vehicle (with optional aftermarket 2nd row 2-passenger folding bench seat)
  • Lowered floor wheelchair conversion from the firewall to the rear axle
  • 60-inch floor-to-ceiling height at the center of the van
  • Manual fold-out ramp providing 30 inches of usable width and 1000-pound capacity
  • Multiple wheelchair restraint locations in rear and front seating positions
  • Easy one-belt system for wheelchair restraint
  • Manual driver & passenger sliding door providing 56-inch vertical opening (ADA compliant), passenger door offers 31 inches in width
  • Step-and-roll removable front passenger seat
  • 3-passenger third-row seat with folding footrest
  • Rubberized Floor for easy maintenance
  • ADA-compliant interlock
  • ADA ramp and door entrance lighting
  • Auxiliary wiring harnesses include fused circuits for safety
  • Emergency rear hatch release
  • Easy maintenance interior package
  • 19-gallon OEM fuel tank

Please contact a commercial team member today to learn more about the new Chrysler Voyager ADA wheelchair van from BraunAbility® & Superior Van and Mobility.

BraunAbility® Rear-Entry Chrysler Voyager Wheelchair-Accessible ADA Van

Much like its predecessor the Dodge Grand Caravan, the new BraunAbility® Chrysler Voyager rear-entry ADA wheelchair van has quickly become the choice of many transport companies. The new Voyager is safer, more spacious, fuel-efficient, and configurable with several new seating options.

white, BraunAbility Chrysler Voyager Rear-Entry ADA wheelchair van with ramp out

Multiple Seating Options

A fifteen percent larger interior over Caravan, allows fleet companies to accommodate more passengers or those with larger wheelchairs by using new, optional seating configurations. With these new options, the Chrysler Voyager ADA van can seat up to seven passengers or five and one wheelchair user.

Configurations are now available for up to two wheelchair passengers! This new seating option provides the flexibility needed to adapt to your fleet’s passenger needs.

Standard Seating

  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Two 2nd-row flip & fold seats 

Optional Seating

  • 2nd-row flip & store seat
  • 3rd-row flip & store three-passenger bench seat
  • 3rd-row flip & store two-passenger seat
BraunAbility Chrysler Voyager ADA Flip & fold seating

Standard 2nd-row, flip & fold factory remounted seating

The new Voyager rear-entry ADA handicap van features a lowered floor from behind the front seats to the hatch.  Lowering the floor helps reduce the ramp angle, making loading and unloading passengers easier.

Incorporated into the floor are several wheelchair secure points. The new single-point latch system is easier to secure and eliminates ramp rattle.

Standard Features Include:

  • Buy America Compliant
  • ADA, FMVSS and CMVSS Compliant
  • Meets/exceeds Altoona test requirements
  • CARB approved
  • Factory remount 2nd-row flip & fold seats
  • Large 56-inch door opening height
  • Manual fold-out ramp providing 34 inches of usable width and 1000-pound capacity
  • Multiple wheelchair restraint locations
  • Rubberized commercial flooring
  • ADA-compliant transmission interlock
  • ADA ramp and entrance lighting
  • Emergency rear hatch release
  • Back-up alarm system

Please contact a commercial team member today to learn more about the Chrysler Voyager ADA wheelchair van from BraunAbility® and Superior Van & Mobility.

DRIVERGE Rear-Entry Chrysler Pacifica & Voyager Commercial ADA Handicap Van

Driverge FlexFlat 7 is an ADA-compliant wheelchair conversion built on the Chrysler Voyager or Pacifica chassis. The rear-entry design allows for transporting one wheelchair user and four ambulatory passengers, or up to six ambulatory passengers. The ramp is multi-positional to allow for various seating and cargo-carrying configurations. 


dimension guide for Driverge Rear-entry commercial wheelchair van

Please reach out to a commercial team member today to learn more about the Chrysler Voyager ADA wheelchair van from Driverge and Superior Van & Mobility.


Are you looking for best-in-class safety, reliability, and gas-saving technology for your wheelchair-accessible fleet? Check out the commercial Toyota Sienna Hybrid rear-entry ADA wheelchair van from BraunAbility® and Superior Van & Mobility. This van features a half-cut conversion with enough room for one wheelchair and five ambulatory passengers.

The new ADA Toyota Sienna hybrid is the smart choice that will more than pay for itself after years of reliable, low-maintenance fleet service.

Braun’s new ADA Toyota Hybrid features their larger, manual Simple-Stow™ slide & fold ramp system designed for years of reliable, low-maintenance service. Unique in design, the ramp can be stowed flush with the floor when not used or upright during passenger transport.

This new ramp is larger, with a width of 32.25-inches for easier loading and unloading of passengers. It’s also lighter and features a 1000 lbs. load capacity!


If you’re looking for savings at the pump in a reliable ADA wheelchair van, Look no further than the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Rear-Entry ADA Wheelchair Van from Vantage Mobility. This van is feature-packed and perfect for caregivers and commercial transportation providers alike, offering ample space, a user-friendly ramp system, and a comfortable ride for passengers.

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid rear-entry ADA wheelchair van from Vantage Mobility features a full-cut conversion with enough room for two wheelchairs!

White Toyota Sienna Hybrid Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van parked in a desert scene with ramp out.
  • Seating for up to six passengers: With its spacious interior, the Sienna can comfortably accommodate your entire group, including up to 2 passengers in wheelchairs.
  • Easy-to-use ramp system: The van’s ramp system is designed for quick and easy deployment, making it simple to get wheelchairs in and out of the van.
  • Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive® system: The Sienna’s hybrid powertrain delivers impressive fuel efficiency and eco-friendly operation, saving you money at the pump and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Vantage Mobility backs the Sienna with a comprehensive warranty, and a 7-YEAR/Unlimited Mileage Rust Through warranty giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. 
Diagram showing various seating arrangements of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Rear-Entry wheelchair van from Vantage Mobility.

Standard Features Include:

  • Full-cut conversion with enough floor space for two wheelchairs.
  • Industries longest 7-Year, unlimited mileage rust-through warranty.
  • Easy-to-operate, rattle-free, lightweight manual ramp system.
  • Standard second-row ambulatory passenger seat (additional seat optional.)
  • Aluminum tie-down tracks for safe wheelchair securement.
  • Durable easy-clean flooring.
  • 57-inch door opening height (ADA-Compliant.)
  • 39.5-inch ramp width.
  • Emergency rear hatch release.
  • 1000 lbs. ramp capacity.
Looking into the rear of a white Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van.
Toyota Sienna Rear-Entry wheelchair van specifications
Opening Height – Rear Hatch
Ramp angle
9.5 Deg
Ramp Width
Floor length
Width of Floor
Ground clearance
Vehicle height

Please contact a commercial team member today to learn more about the ADA Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van from Vantage Mobility.

Commercial Ford Transit Wheelchair-Accessible ADA Van

The Ford Transit is Ford’s replacement for their E-Series van, and it is available with a wheelchair-accessible ADA van conversion. Packages are available with either a rear or side-entry BraunAbility wheelchair lift.  Lifts are available in 800 lbs. & 1000 lbs. lifting capacity. Automatic power door openers can be added for convenience. 

The Ford Transit handicap ADA van is equipped with SmartFloor technology. SmartFloor allows entire seating configuration changes on the fly! Seats can easily be added, removed, or reconfigured as needs change.

Please reach out to a commercial team member today for more information on the ADA Ford Transit wheelchair van at Superior Van and Mobility.

Commercial Ram Promaster ADA Handicap Van

Looking for an alternative to the rear-wheel-drive Ford Transit or an alternative to an ADA van with a lift? How about the front-wheel-drive Ram Promaster ADA van?

The Promaster has a sizeable open floor plan that’s ideal for wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers. Plus, the Ram Promaster ADA van conversion is available with an optional fold-out ramp system! You now have a choice between a lift or a ramp! 

Rear view of a Ram Promaster, ADA handicap van with a fold-out ramp from rear deployed

The Commercial ADA Ram Promaster wheelchair van eliminates the need and added cost of installing raised roofs and doors.

It is available in both a side-entry and rear-entry model.

Also available in the Promaster is the patented SmartFloor system that delivers unsurpassed functionality and over 1000 different seating arrangements on the fly.

  • Seating Design – There are over 1,000 possible seating configurations when using the SmartFloor system.
  • SAVE More – with the efficient V6 Pentastar engine & an EPA-estimated 18 mpg city, 26 mpg Hwy.
  • BIGGER is better – Factory standard ADA-compliant door entry eliminates the need for additional conversion costs.
  • Van is equipped with your choice of a manual fold-out wheelchair ramp or commercial ADA wheelchair lift

Please reach out to a commercial team member today to learn more about the commercial Ram Promaster ADA van at Superior Van and Mobility.

Vantage Mobility Ram Promaster High Roof ADA Wheelchair Van

If you are looking for large accommodations with just the right amount of bells & whistles, look no further than the full-size Ram Promaster commercial ADA van from Vantage Mobility. 

Dimension guide for VMI Ram Promaster ADA wheelchair Van

This full-size ADA van features:

  • 6’3″ interior height
  • 36″ wide rear fold-out ramp with a 1000 lbs. capacity (42″ wide ramp optional)
  • Optional side-entry wheelchair lift available in place of a rear-entry ramp
  • Insulated interior with LED lighting & rear heat/air
  • 3000 lbs. vehicle load capacity
  • FlexFloor quick-release seating system for on-the-fly seating configurations
  • Rear suspension kneeling system
  • Usable door opening width – 62″
  • Usable door opening height – 70.5″
  • Overall vehicle height – 101″

Please reach out to a commercial team member today to learn more about the commercial ADA Ram Promaster wheelchair van from VMI and Superior Van & Mobility

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