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Commercial ADA Wheelchair Lifts For Vans, Buses, & Shuttles

Photos of commercial wheelchair lifts installed in vehicles

What is the Difference Between a Commericial & Personal Wheelchair Lift for a Vehicle?

Commercial ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Lifts for vans and buses are built to endure the high demands of public transportation, featuring durable materials, larger dimensions, and compliance with strict ADA guidelines for safety and accessibility. Commercial ADA wheelchair lifts are also designed to lift both the wheelchair and occupant. In comparison, wheelchair lifts designed for consumer vehicles are smaller & more compact, focusing on ease of use and compatibility with personal vehicles, and are not ADA-compliant. In addition, they are designed only to lift a personal wheelchair or mobility scooter and not the occupant.

Superior Van & Mobility Has The Best New & Used Commercial ADA Wheelchair Lifts For Sale!

ADA-compliant commercial wheelchair lifts are commonly found on handicap-accessible buses, full-size vans, paratransit vehicles & shuttles, trains, and other mass-transit public vehicles. The largest manufacturer of ADA commercial wheelchair lifts is BraunAbility. You will find Braun occupied wheelchair lifts installed in most commercial wheelchair vans & buses on the road today! 

A typical commercial wheelchair lift will have a lifting capacity of 800 to 1000 lbs. This makes them suitable for most applications. There are also several types available to accommodate the needs of most fleets.  They can typically be installed in a suitable vehicle’s rear or side entryway. Some can even be installed under the vehicle’s entryway to save interior space.

How to Operate a BraunAbility Commercial Wheelchair Lift

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