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At Superior Van & Mobility, your safety is our utmost priority! We test and approve all mechanical and electronic handicap driving equipment we sell and install. If we don’t find a mobility driving aid safe, easy to use, and affordable, we won’t sell it or install it into your vehicle. When you buy a mobility driving aid from Superior Van and Mobility, you can feel assured that you’re getting the safest mobility product at the best price.

Images of various adaptive control devices for steering a vehicle

We sell and install automotive mobility driving aids from all top manufacturers: MPD, EMC, VeigelMPSSure-Grip, Wells-Enberg, and BraunAbility Menox.

What Adaptive Driving Aids For Vehicles Are Available?

Automotive handicap driving aids are devices that allow a person with a physical limitation to operate the driving functions and features of their car, truck, van, or SUV. Mobility driving aids can be steering wheel adaptions, turn signal extenders, driving controls, parking brake extensions, and any other feature control function of a vehicle. We have mechanical and digital (electronic) driving aids available for sale and installation.

NOTE: Most automotive mobility driving aids require a prescription from a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) to purchase and have installed on your vehicle. To learn more, please contact a mobility consultant for a FREE consultation at any one of our locations.

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What Are Adaptive Steering Controls?

When it comes to the adaptive equipment for your car, truck, van, or SUV, one of the first thoughts of driving aids are spinner knobs and steering controls. There are numerous products on the market that provide mechanical and electronic control. (Often, the selection comes down to which mobility aid is best becomes a  preference of the user or CDRS). Below is just a sample of some of the most popular spinner knobs and adaptive steering control mobility aids we offer.

Image of Steering knob on steering wheel

Spinner Knobs

The Sure Grip A600 spinner knob is a basic mechanical driving aid that assists drivers in turning their vehicle’s steering wheel. The clam-shell design makes mounting easy for a one-size-fits-all application. The A600 uses high-speed bearings for smooth, easy rotation. 

The device is equipped with a quick-release button for easy knob removal. This device is available in black or a wood grain finish.

Additional User Benefits:

  • Snug, quality fit reduces wheel damage
  • Quick-release knob
  • Large clamping surface for a stronger bond
  • Heavy-duty construction that you can rely on day-in and day-out
  • Multiple interior colors and finish selections to compliment your vehicle’s interior

Tri-Pin – Adaptive Steering Aid

This type of adaptive equipment, steering wheel control, is ideal for the independent driver with minimal grip strength or reduced stability in their wrist. The tri-pin steering aid is considered a more advanced steering device.

For this type of adaptive equipment, it’s best to consult our mobility consultants or a driving evaluator for more details. Both will be able to assist you in determining if the tri-pin mobility driving aid is right for you and your needs.

handicap, Tri-pin steering wheel driving aid

Single-Pin – Adaptive Steering Aid

This is a variation of a spinner knob for individuals who cannot fully open their hands but have a strong wrist. This device easily clamps onto a vehicle’s steering wheel and is equipped with a quick-release system.

Note: Due to the advanced nature of this driving device, it’s best to consult with one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for more details and to ensure this type of driving aid will fit your needs.

Single pin steering wheel driving aid on steering wheel

Amputee Ring – Adaptive Steering Assist

The Amputee Ring from Sure Grip is designed for use by a driver fitted with a prosthetic hook. It assists a driver in steering their vehicle by safely securing their prosthetic to the wheel. It works similarly to the basic spinner knob. It is equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal.

Due to the advanced nature of this type of control device, you must consult one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for fit and consultation.

amputee ring Steering wheel driving aid on steering wheel

Five Pin – Adaptive Steering Aid

The 5-Pin steering aid from Sure Grip is designed for a driver who has wrist strength but cannot open their hand fully. It works similar to a basic spinner knob, helping drivers steer their car, truck, van, or SUV.  It is equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal.

Due to the advanced nature of this adaptive device, please consult one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for fit and assessment for use.

Sure Grip 5-Pin adaptive steering aid

Counter Weight – Adaptive Steering Aid

The Counter Weight adaptive steering device from Sure Grip is designed for use with a vehicle that has reduced effort steering. There are various versions available that provide the counterweight needed to assist in steering a vehicle with reduced effort. This is not a common device used with a stock vehicle.  It is equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal.

Due to the advanced nature of this adaptive device, please consult one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for fit and assessment for use.

Sure Grip Counter Weight adaptive driving aid on a steering wheel

V-Grip – Adaptive Steering Aid

The V-Grip adaptive steering device from Sure Grip is designed to assist a driver with moderate grip strength steer their vehicle. Similar to a Single-Pin, except for the integrated guard. The guard is to help keep a driver’s hand from slipping off the steering device. It is equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal.

Due to the advanced nature of this adaptive device, please consult one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for fit and assessment for use.

Sure Grip V-Grip steering aid on a steering wheel

Palm Grip – Adaptive Steering Aid

The Palm-Grip adaptive steering device from Sure Grip is an alternative to the tri-pin steering device. It is used to assist drivers who do not require wrist support but have low grip strength to steer their vehicle. It is equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal.

Due to the advanced nature of this adaptive device, please consult one of our mobility consultants or your local CDRS for fit and assessment for use.

Sure Grip Palm-Grip adaptive steering aid on a steering wheel

Steering Wheel Extension

The steering wheel extension is a wonderful solution for drivers with limited limb length. It is designed to bring the factory steering wheel closer to the driver. For additional control, the steering wheel extension can be fitted with other steering wheel adaptive devices like a spinner knob, tri-pin, or single pin mobility driving aid.

Steering wheel extender attached to a steering wheel of vehicle

What Are Secondary Adaptive Driving Controls | Multi-Function Buttons?

If you use hand controls or other handicap adaptive driving aids to operate your car, truck, van, or SUV, do you find it difficult to operate your vehicle’s secondary controls? (turn signals, horn, wipers, etcetera.) We have the solution!

Today, many manufacturers on the market like Veigel and Sure-Grip provide a solution to the problem, and they’re called multi-function electronic hand controls. These secondary adaptive driving controls allow the driver to operate the mechanical aspects of their adaptive equipment and incorporate the ability electronically to safely and easily operate their vehicle’s secondary controls.

These adaptive controls integrate directly into your vehicle’s current design and can even be wireless in some cases. Several types of adaptive secondary control devices are available, some that can even attach directly to mechanical hand controls or steering wheels. To learn more or check if secondary driving controls are right for you and your vehicle, contact one of our mobility consultants or your CDRS.

AVQ (Audio Visual Queue)

An AVQ is a switch that provides audio and/or visual feedback on your vehicle’s secondary switch selection. Once activated, the system scans your programmed functions. When the function you wish is queued, either by an audio or visual indicator, simply push the button again to activate the selection.


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Sure-Switch 4-Way Vehicle Secondary Function Switch

The Sure Grip Sure-Switch is a four-button secondary feature control switch for your car, truck, van, or SUV that attaches to the handle of your mechanical driving hand controls. It controls various secondary driving functions while your hands remain in contact with your primary driving controls.

Suregrip switch used to control vehicle secondary features by handicap

Sure-Switch can be programmed to control headlights, turn signals, hazard flashers, and horn. A second Sure-Switch can be added to control additional features like your wipers. 

What Are Multi-Function Spinner Knobs?

Sure-Grip UH360

The Sure-Grip UH360 is one of the newest Bluetooth, programmable spinner knobs. This unit is fully customizable with up to ten secondary functions using a combination of pushbuttons & joystick controls. It allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while controlling its functionality. 

Sure Grip UH360 on a steering wheel

Sure-Grip BB-8

The Sure-Grip BB-8 is another Bluetooth, programmable spinner knob that controls your vehicle’s secondary functions.  BB-8 is fully customizable, using one to four rocker switches on the front and side of the knob.  

Sure Grip BB-8 programmable spinner know on a steering wheel

Sure-Grip RF360

The Sure-Grip EZ Spin RF360 is also a six-button wireless ergonomic spinner knob that is fully customizable to allow for any variation of secondary driving control operations while your hands remain on the steering wheel. The EZ Spin utilizes your vehicle’s Bluetooth capability in communicating with the control module.

Sure Grip RF360 Programmable spinner knob on a steering wheel

Sure-Grip RF Mini

The Sure-Grip RF Mini is available in various sizes with variable button layouts. It works like a traditional spinner knob while still providing the user with switches to operate their vehicle’s secondary functions. It is fully customizable and ergonomically designed for easy use.

Sure Grip RF Mini programmable spinner knob

Sure-Grip Remote Button

The Sure-Grip Remote Button is exactly as it sounds. This adaptive switch uses colorful 1-inch buttons to operate your vehicle’s secondary functions. The number of buttons and layout is customizable to your needs. The system operates using your vehicle’s Bluetooth system. 

Sure Grip Remote Button Secondary Function Switch

Sure-Grip Tri-Switch

The Sure-Grip Tri-Switch is a combination of a tri-pin control unit and two integrated switches for control of secondary vehicle function.  The system works by moving the Tri-Switch left or right to activate programmed functionality. 

Sure Grip Tri-Switch secondary function switch in a vehicle

What Are Secondary Function Accessories For Vehicles?

Gear Shift Extension

Do you have a limited range of motion? Look to adaptive extension aids to give you back your independence. The gear shift selector shown below from Veigel allows a driver to operate a console-mounted gear selector easily. There are also models available for floor console and dashboard-mounted gear selectors.

Handicap gear shift extender

Turn Signal Cross-Over

Multi-Function Turn Signal Lever Extension

This type of mobility driving aid fix-mounts to the steering column cover while attaching loosely to the turn signal lever itself. When using this type of mount, drivers are still able to perform additional vehicle functions often provided by the turn signal lever, such as high and low beam operation.

handicap turn signal extender

Right Hand Turn Signal Extension

This type of mobility extension allows for the operation of the turn signals from the right side of the steering column vs. the left. This device installs without damaging your vehicle’s original operating device.

Drop Down Style Turn Signal Extension

This mobility driving aid allows the user to operate the turn signals while driving by using a control arm mounted much lower on the steering column. This is a great choice for a person with limited vertical movement. The device can be used while keeping one’s hands on a set of driving hand controls. The mobility device mounts without damaging the vehicle’s original operating lever.

Parking Brake Extension

The parking brake extenders from Veigel and Sure-Grip allow for easier operation of your console-mounted parking brake. Many other adaptive driving aids often require the parking brake to be engaged first, making this one of the most common mobility driving aids installed.

This extension makes the operation of the parking brake easy and safe. The materials are sturdy and come in various lengths for customization. There are versions of this available for floor-mounted and console-mounted parking brakes.

Image of gear shift hand controls
Sure Grip Floor Mounted Parking Brake Extension

Need Financing Options?

Superior Van & Mobility has adaptive equipment financing! You can use the funds to finance hand controls, adaptive driving aids, power wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, mobility seating, and even service & repairs. To learn more or to apply today, please click the button below.

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