Can Your Existing Vehicle Be Converted? Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana & Nebraska


Can My Own Vehicle Be Converted Into A Wheelchair Van?

If you presently own a late model, unconverted Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Chrysler Pacifica, or Ford Explorer, but now find yourself in need of a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible, we may have an alternative solution to save you some cash.

BraunAbility, the world's largest converter of handicap accessible vehicles has a program where they can convert your existing vehicle into a wheelchair accessible vehicle if it fits within their current conversion requirements. This method is called converting a, "Customer Supplied Chassis" and this can be a tremendous cost saving option for those with a vehicle fitting the current requirements.

Below is the most recent infotorial from BraunAbility on which vehicles they will accept for conversion and the requirements they have established for each.

If you feel this might be a viable option for your situation, please contact one of our mobility consultants today. Our consultants will provide a FREE evaluation of your current situation and future needs, and help determine if this solution is a fit.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Conversion Guide