Wheelchair Transfer Seat Bases Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana & Nebraska



If you transfer from your wheelchair to the driver or passenger seat in your van, then you should be using a transfer seat. These seat base options create a safe easy transition from chair to chair and they provide more seat adjustments than their factory counterpart.

Why You Should Drive Using a Transfer Seat Base:

  •         Safer and more comfortable than driving from your wheelchair
  •         Your factory seat mounts directly to the seat base for maximum comfort, function and aesthetics
  •         Using the transfer seat base retain your factory seat functions
  •         Safety is retained by using the factory seatbelt securement system
  •         Adjustable nature allows for multiple drivers

Engineered for safety, the built-in Interlock function ensures that your chair is returned to the proper driving position before the vehicle can be operated. Once in operation, this function also keeps the seat base from accidently moving.

In an emergency, the seat base is equipped with a safety backup override that once manually engaged will allow the seat to move with the vehicle running.

There are numerous models available; the most popular is the 6-Way seat base:


  •        Maximum travel distance is 17.5 inches
  •        Maximum vertical travel is 6.375 inches
  •        Base rotates up to 100 degrees with an optional 180 degree rotation available
  •        Unit weight capacity is 500 lbs. which includes the weight of the seat attached


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