Two images of the Ford Explorer MXV wheelchair SUV from BraunAbility. Both images have wheelchair ramp deployed.

The BraunAbility® MXV™ Wheelchair Accessible SUV / Handicap SUV

TheBraunAbility® MXV™ was the first wheelchair accessible crossover vehicle or SUV that delivers BraunAbility’s unsurpassed quality, in a vehicle other than a minivan.

Developed on the chassis of the Ford Explorer, the MXV™ handicap SUV is versatile, enveloping action and independence with an open floor plan, all while conveying a rugged and tough approach; a mix sure to spark the best of one’s personality.

The MXV™ wheelchair SUV holds four patent-pending features, one of which is its exclusive glide-out (sliding) side door operation and its space-saving sliding shifter design. Both of which, were designed in conjunction with its in-floor ramp technology to maximize interior space and provide unsurpassed convenience. When combined with its removable front driver and passenger seating, the flexibility and appeal of the BraunAbility® MXV™ wheelchair accessible SUV easily increases to accommodate more users of power and manual wheelchairs. This dynamic new take on mobility, plainly represents a new era in wheelchair accessible transportation, and it’s one that finally has an available tow package!

NOTE: The MXV™ from BraunAbility® was discontinued after the 2019 model year. Be on the lookout for their new handicap accessible Chevy Traverse as the replacement in summer of 2020.

Fully Automatic Sliding Door And Accessible Ramp

For convenience, the MXV™ handicap accessible SUV employs an innovative, patent pending, gliding side-door design to accommodate its space saving in-floor ramp system. Both of which, for convenience can be operated from the factory key-fob remote. The ramp system can be deactivated from a switch on the dash.

The ramp on the MXV™ wheelchair accessible SUV is 28 inches wide, has an 800 lbs. load capacity, and is lighted for nighttime access. The ramps surface is powder coated with a durable non-skid, slotted finish that ensures superior traction and aids in the removal of debris. The smooth transition plate lowers the traditional elevated joint, found in some conversions, allowing for reduced elevation.  

Ford MXV wheelchair accessible SUV from BraunAbility. Rear cabin interior features.

In 2018 – BraunAbility® released it’s all-new Tilt N’Go™ passenger and driver side seat-base. This new design became standard equipment on every new production unit after 2018 and did not increase the vehicles pricing. This all-new design provided up to three times more room to maneuver through the doorway and about the cabin of the MXV™ wheelchair SUV / Handicap SUV. This new seat base works by tilting forward 30 degrees with a simple touch-of-a-button, thus opening up the space inside and at the doorway for increased maneuverability (entry and exit). This new feature will allow more customers than ever the opportunity to purchase the MXV™ wheelchair accessible SUV as an alternative to the traditional minivan by eliminating the majority of the wheelchair size limitations that once existed. 

Auto Kneeling Feature

In an effort to reduce ramp angle and make it easier to board, all MXV™ handicap SUVs / wheelchair accessible SUVs feature an automatic, integrated “kneeling” system. When a deploy ramp command is initiated, the on-board computer activates an actuator that is mounted on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Once engaged, the actuator works to lower the vans ramp side.  This option can also be turned off or on with a switch on the dash.

Specs On The MXV™ Wheelchair Accessible SUV:

  •     28-inch wide in-floor ramp system
  •     28.5-inch door opening usable width
  •     55-inch door entry height
  •     58-inch interior cabin height
  •     52-inch ramp length
  •     5-inch ground clearance when fully loaded
  •     Power Glide & Slide door feature integrated w/factory key-fob (industry first)
  •     Power rear seat (OEM option) that folds flat for additional cargo space
  •     Nerf bar is standard
  •     Integrated LED ramp lighting system
  •     Transfer seat compatible
  •     Adjustable sliding gear lever. Shifter can be moved right or left for additional room
  •     Tilt N’Go™ cantilever seat bases for easier maneuverability and removal
  •     Class-III towing capability. OEM towing packages available
  •     OEM mounted spare tire
  •     Multiple seating configurations possible (passenger or driver or both)
  •     Conversions are available on all front wheel drive Ford Explorer trim levels
Page 2 of the Factory brochure for the BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV Wheelchair SUV.
Page 6 showing the specifications of the BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV wheelchair accessible SUV.

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