Image of velvet red chrysler pacifica handicap van with wheelchair ramp deployed and image of interior with man and woman riding with words, "Find you go with BraunAbility".

BraunAbility Handicap Accessible Wheelchair Vans

Founded by Ralph Braun, who had mobility challenges himself, BraunAbility® was grown from necessity. Ralph considered the lack of resources to those with physical challenges as unacceptable and he devoted his life to make a difference. With this mindset in-hand, Ralph built BraunAbility® with the stern commitment to safety, quality and continuous innovation; a path that holds true today and has led the way to BraunAbility® becoming a global handicap accessible vehicle entity. Ralph’s belief, that everyone with a physical challenge should have the tools available to achieve their dreams and desires. For well over 40 years, BraunAbility® has led the way in building handicap accessible vehicles and full-size, commercial grade wheelchair lifts with no intentions of stopping any time soon.

BraunAbility® Dodge Handicap Vans / Wheelchair Vans

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BraunAbility® Chrysler Handicap Vans / Wheelchair Vans

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BraunAbility® Honda Wheelchair Vans / Handicap Vans

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BraunAbility® Toyota Wheelchair Vans / Handicap Vans

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BraunAbility® MXV Handicap Accessible SUV

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BraunAbility® Rear-Entry Handicap Vans / Wheelchair Vans

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BraunAbility QuietDrive™

Image of exploded view of handicap van showing Quietdrive where BraunAbility insulates their wheelchair vans with sound deadening materials.

Quiet Drive™ is an advanced noise reducing process that is exclusively found on the full-line of BraunAbility® handicap van / wheelchair van conversions after 2012. This advanced design works to reduce road noise and vibration up to 25% of previous wheelchair van conversions. Using state-of-the-art techniques and advanced acoustic materials, BraunAbility’s Quiet Drive™ enhances the handicap accessible driving experience by blocking unwanted noise at the source from entering the interior of the vehicle.

Quality Handicap Accessible Vans / Wheelchair Vans

Today’s BraunAbility® offers individuals one of the widest selections, if not the widest selection of handicap accessible vehicles, wheelchair vans, wheelchair lifts and mobility seating. They are dedicated to providing those who are physically challenged with the best, highest quality and most reliable wheelchair vans / handicap vans, mobility seating options, and wheelchair lifts on the market.

You’ll find that all of BraunAbility’s products are engineered to last, and that they have the strongest dealer network comprised of local mobility dealers across the world who are certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association (NMEDA), which being a member also guarantees that you are receiving the highest quality sales and service available.

Image of man in wheelchair and woman outside in their driveway Dodge Caravan Handicap Van with ramp out.

Handicap Van / Wheelchair Van Comfort And Safety

When you purchase a wheelchair van / handicap van from BraunAbility® and Superior Van & Mobility, you will never sacrifice your comfort for safety. In fact, above all your safety and comfort are our two biggest concerns. At Superior Van and Mobility, we only carry the safest, highest quality, time-tested handicap accessible vehicles that are not only designed to fit your lifestyle, but also your budget and individual needs & desires.

When considering a handicap van / wheelchair van from BraunAbility® you have a choice of quality chassis’ from all the top automobile manufacturers: Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford; each designed to utilize the original OEM chassis to its fullest extent. In fact, unlike some online retailers who offer to deliver a vehicle to your home at a lower cost savings, keep in mind these vehicles are not apples to apples. Some of these online retailers do not even crash-test their vehicle designs, but BraunAbility® does… Some online only retailers splice brake lines and wiring harnesses during the wheelchair conversion process, but BraunAbility® does not… Some online only retailers don’t even provide emergency after-hour service, comprehensive warranty repair or back their products to the extent BraunAbility® does.

Buyer beware, if your safety, comfort and the reliability of your handicap van / wheelchair van is important to you and your loved ones, make sure you do your homework prior to your purchase. Do the right comparisons and do the diligent research. Make sure the products you are buying and the dealer you are buying it from are both NMEDA members to ensure compliance with set standards. 

Lady in wheelchair going up ramp of BraunAbility Pacifica handicap van

BraunAbility Mobility Dealer Network

Is a reliable and reputable dealer network important to you? It should be! What if you were to take a road trip in your handicap van / wheelchair van, or move to another city. How will you get your handicap accessible vehicle serviced or worst yet, what if you experience a mechanical failure while away from home on your trip? With BraunAbility’s vast, nationwide mobility dealer network you can feel rest-assured that just a short distance away, there is likely a certified mobility dealer nearby to readily assist you and help you with 24/7 emergency service. Do you think one of those online only retailers has a service center nearby to assist you with a mechanical failure? Do you take a chance like that? What is your peace-of-mind and safety worth?

Chart comparing the dimensions of all BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Conversions.

Take A (Virtual Tour) Of Various Handicap Accessible Conversions

Follow this link to take a virtual tour of the inside of various wheelchair accessible vehicles that are currently available. How Cool!

Virtual 360 Tour