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Harmar & Bruno, Interior Mounted Vehicle Mobility Scooter Lifts & Power Wheelchair Lifts For Sale

When it comes to transporting your wheelchair, mobility scooter or power-chair, you now have more options than ever thanks to companies like Bruno and Harmar. External automotive power wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts have been around for some time and are the most common least expensive option, but the use of such results in your equipment being exposed to good ole’ Mother Nature and threat of theft. 

Worry No More

The onset of power, interior mounted mobility scooter lifts & power wheelchair lifts for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have arrived! You now have more options than ever in transporting your mobility equipment inside your vehicle, thus protecting it from the elements, theft and damage. Power scooter lift and power wheelchair lift models from Harmar and Bruno are now available that easily install in most SUVs, vans, wagons and hatchback vehicles. Contact our dedicated lift specialist today at Superior Van and Mobility, and let us help you by recommending the power wheelchair lift or scooter lift option that best suits your needs, vehicle type and budget. Give us a call today at the number above; we offer FREE Estimates and FREE In-Home Consultations!

Superior Van & Mobility not only sells and installs brand new power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts from Harmar, Bruno Independent Living Aids, Adapt Solutions, AMF-Bruns, and BraunAbility, but we also have a HUGE selection of used wheelchair lifts & scooter lifts, many like new and are available at huge savings. Note: Our used wheelchair lift & scooter lift inventory does change daily, so if interested in a quality used wheelchair lift or scooter lift, be sure to call our dedicated lift manager as soon as possible!

Bruno Joey, Power Wheelchair Lifts & Mobility Scooter Lifts For Sale

The Bruno Joey wheelchair lift & mobility scooter lift is one of our most popular power mobility lifts on the market today! The Joey power wheelchair lift is designed to easily store your unoccupied mobility equipment safely inside the rear hatch of your SUV or minivan, out of the way and out of the elements. The lift works by using a handheld pendant to operate the moving platform lift in and out of your vehicle.

Simple to use, the user of the mobility equipment simply drives their mobility device onto the platform and exits. Using the handheld pendant, the user then pushes a button to load their mobility equipment inside the hatch of their vehicle.

For added safety, a standard barrier system is included with your installation which eliminates the need to use any additional tie-down straps to secure the mobility scooter or wheelchair. This barrier restraint function of the Bruno Joey is fully automatic!

Bruno Joey Platform Wheelchair Lift Highlights:

  • • Full-power – Easy, one-button lift and deploy operation.
  • • Small footprint – The Bruno Joey Lift is the most compact lifts of this type that’s on the market today.
  • • Low-rise platform has a textured finish to allow for easy, safe entry and exit.
  • • No modifications are necessary to your mobility scooter, power-chair or wheelchair for lifting and storing.
  • • Bruno Joe Lift features a manual backup system and an exclusive Obstruction Safety Sensing Technology.
  • • Optional, retractable tie-down straps can be added for an additional charge. (some applications, such as in a full-size van, the retractable straps are required)
  • • No external or additional battery installation necessary. The Bruno Joey Lift is powered by the vehicle’s own battery.

Demonstration – Bruno Joey power scooter lift, wheelchair lift.

Harmar Power Mobility Scooter Lifts/Wheelchair Lifts For Sale

Harmar interior mounted power wheelchair lifts & scooter lifts are lightweight and easy to use. Several lift models are available that operate much like a crane and as a movable platform similar to the Bruno Joey above. Styles are available for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Harmar has wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts that are full-power, partially power and fully manual in both the lifting & restraint of your mobility equipment.

Harmar hoist-style, power mobility scooter lifts and internal platform wheelchair lifts are mounted inside the vehicles cargo area or in the bed of a pickup truck. The lifts are designed for those users who have limited mobility, but who can stand for up to three minutes during the lifts operation, and can safely traverse from the rear to the front of their vehicle without the assistance of their mobility device. This is necessary to safely use a wheelchair lift or scooter lift in your vehicle. If unable to accomplish any of the necessary conditions, we recommend looking into a wheelchair accessible vehicle option as your form of transportation. Please address any concerns with our lift manager when calling.

Harmar Hoist & Platform Lift Highlights

  • • Harmar has many models and lifting capacities available for vast user & vehicle application.
  • • Harmar lifts are easy to operate.
  • • All Harmar power units are powered by the vehicle’s battery. No external or additional batteries required.
  • • Harmar lifts models are available that can be installed in various locations of your vehicle.
  • • Installation of a Harmar Lift does not involve any structural modifications to your vehicle, so the lift can be easily removed for vehicle resale purposes.
  • • Harmar lifts are designed to safely secure & transport your mobility equipment out of the elements and away from easy theft.
Demo – Harmar platform scooter lift, wheelchair lift & power-chair lift.
Demonstration – Harmar Hoist/Crane Style Scooter Lift, Wheelchair Lift.

Bruno Curb-Sider, Power Wheelchair Lift & Mobility Scooter Lift

Introducing the Bruno Curb-Sider, the world’s most popular power wheelchair lift & mobility scooter lift for your minivan, truck or SUV. The Bruno Curb-Sider is a crane-style, full-power mobility scooter lift that mounts just inside the rear hatch of your vehicle and operates much like a crane, lifting your mobility scooter, wheelchair or power-chair easily into the rear cargo area of your vehicle for safe transportation. The Bruno Curb-Sider is suitable for smaller mobility scooters and power wheelchairs and provides simple, one-touch lifting for safe operation & convenience.

Bruno Curb-Sider Wheelchair & Scooter Lift Highlights

  • • Bruno Curb-Sider is easy to use. Both the lifting & rotation aspects of this scooter lift are power.
  • • The offset post design of the Bruno Curb-Sider allows for your smaller mobility scooter, power-chair or wheelchair to be safely unloaded off-to-the-side of your vehicle.
  • • The small footprint design of the Bruno Curb-Sider easily folds down for partial used of third-row seating (if applicable) and improves the visibility of the driver when not in use (optional quick release pins required for this function).
  • • The Bruno Curb-Sider is powered by the vehicle’s own battery. No external or additional battery required.
  • • The Bruno Curb-Sider scooter lift can easily be installed in either the passenger or driver side of your vehicles cargo area.
  • • Installation of the Bruno Curb-Sider involves NO structural modifications to your vehicle, therefore the lift can be removed with ease for resale purposes when needed.
Demo – Bruno Curb-Sider Scooter Lift, Wheelchair Lift, Powerchair Lift.

Bruno Big-Lifter, Full-Power Mobility Scooter Lift & Power Wheelchair Lift

The Bruno Big-Lifter is another interior mounted power, crane-style scooter lift that is similar to the Curb-Sider wheelchair lift but with a larger lifting capacity for heavier mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. The Bruno Big-Lifter works by attaching to the rear cargo area of your minivan, SUV, hatchback or bed of your pickup truck and is operated much like a crane or hoist, by lifting your wheelchair or mobility scooter in & out of your vehicle for transport or use. The Bruno Big-Lifter is designed to easily be used with a simple touch-of-a-button for lifting and convenience. A slight modification to your mobility scooter or power wheelchair is necessary as additional lifting secure points are needed for this power wheelchair lift to operate properly and safely.

Bruno Big-Lifter Mobility Scooter Lift Highlights

  • • Both the lifting and rotating feature of the Bruno Big-Lifter is full-power for ease of use.
  • • Your scooter or power wheelchair easily loads off-to-the-side of your vehicle thanks to the Big-Lifter’s offset post design.
  • • The Bruno Big-Lifter’s small footprint & fold-down function still allows for partial third row seating (if applicable) and greatly improves the visibility of the driver when not the lift is not in use.
  • • No additional battery is necessary. The Bruno Big-Lifter’s operation is powered by the vehicle’s own battery.
  • • The Bruno Big-Lifter can be installed on either the passenger or driver-side of your vehicles cargo area.
  • • The Bruno Big-Lifter has simplified Installation – NO structural modifications are necessary to your vehicle and the lift is easily removed for vehicle resale value.
Demonstration – Bruno Big-Lifter power Scooter Lift & Power Wheelchair Lift.

Adapt Solutions Power-Pull Wheelchair Ramp Loading Assistant

The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions is a power-assist device that aids in the loading and unloading of a wheelchair users in a rear-entry or side-entry wheelchair van or handicap accessible vehicle that has a built in wheelchair ramp. The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions works the same way a vehicle wench would work, by taking the work out of loading and unloading a wheelchair user inside a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The Power-Pull uses a stainless steel cable system that attaches to the wheelchair and is then operated to assist in pulling a wheelchair user up the vehicles wheelchair ramp with the use of a wireless remote. The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions is designed for use by individuals in manual wheelchairs or their caregivers who don’t have the strength that is needed to maneuver safely & easily up and down a wheelchair accessible vehicle’s wheelchair ramp due to the angle of the ramp. Don’t risk injury, get the Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions and let it do all the work for you!

Adapt Solutions Power-Pull Wheelchair Assist Highlights:

  • • Power-Pull has a maximum pull capacity of 350 lbs.
  • • 15 feet of stainless steel cable is included.
  • • Power-Pull is operated with a wireless remote.
  • • For safety, the cable on the Power-Pull is retractable and auto-locking.
  • • For safety, the Power-Pull has a quick-release feature.
  • • There are models of the Power-Pull available for both rear entry & side-entry wheelchair accessible vehicles.
Adapt Solutions Power Pull device helps pull the wheelchair user into the vehicle.

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