Harmar AL815CC – Crew Cab Truck, Wheelchair Lift & Mobility Scooter Lift For Sale

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Harmar AL815CC, Power Wheelchair Lift & Mobility Scooter Lift

Designed Exclusively For Crew Cab Pickup Trucks!

Do you like speed? Do you drive a crew cab pickup truck and need a lift to transport your manual wheelchair or lightweight mobility scooter? If so, be sure you check out the Harmar AL815CC!  This lift gets the job done and it's fast!

The Harmar AL815CC is used to easily load and unload your mobility equipment from the bed of your pickup truck. Plus, with its extendable boom, it will also pickup and place your device at the driver or passenger door. Plus, it will do it fast!

In fact, the AL815CC from Harmar operates twice as fast as the the AL825CC! However, with that said, it's not for everyone. The AL815CC is easy to use, small and fast, but it can only lift your mobility equipment weighing up to 135 lbs. This reduced lifting capacity makes it only suitable for those with manual wheelchairs and smaller mobility devices.



2-Axis Lift - Both the lifting and rotation functions of the Harmar AL815CC wheelchair lift are power operated!


  • • Power Lifting and Boom Rotation
  • • Twice As Fast As Most Lifts
  • • Anti-Rotate Strap System
  • • Can Be Mounted On Driver Or Passenger Side Of Crew Cab Pickup Truck
  • • Docking Device Included
  • • Uses New Hand Pendant Remote Control
  • • Can Also Be Operated From Dash Mounted Switch Inside Cab
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To learn more about the many types of Harmar power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts for cars, trucks, vans & SUVs, please contact our dedicated lift manager for fastest service. Our lift manager is here to assist you in determining the proper lift for your needs, abilities and vehicle type. NOTE: Not all lift types are compatible with all vehicle types.

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