Harmar AL600 – Interior, Hybrid Mobility Scooter & Power Wheelchair Lift For Sale


Harmar AL600 - Hybrid, Power Wheelchair Lift & Mobility Scooter Lift

Designed For Minivans, SUVs, and Full-Size Vans

The Harmar AL600 is ease & convenience rolled up into one!

The AL600 is designed so users of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters to easily transport their device inside their vehicle, out of the elements, and away from damage & theft.

At first the AL600 works similar to Harmar's externally mounted platform lifts, however there is one huge difference. This lift picks up your device and places it inside the cargo area of your vehicle. No lifting, folding or obstructive devices attached to the rear of your vehicle. 

Not enough cargo space? Ask about Harmar's EZ-Detach seatback accessory. This option allows users to further reduce the profile of their mobility device so it fits inside smaller spaces.


Easy To Use & Safer Storage

The Harmar AL600 is not only easy to operate, but works to help protect your mobility device from the elements and theft.


  • • Most Compact Hybrid Lift Available
  • • No Modifications To Chair Needed
  • • Does Not Affect 2nd-Row Seating Options
  • • No Additional Towing Hitch Needed
  • • Remote Pendant Operation (Wireless Optional)
  • • Manual Crank Backup System
  • • Models Available to Fit Most Minivans & SUVs
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To learn more about the many types of Harmar power wheelchair lifts & mobility scooter lifts for cars, trucks, vans & SUVs, please contact our dedicated lift manager for fastest service. Our lift manager is here to assist you in determining the proper lift for your needs, abilities and vehicle type. NOTE: Not all lift types are compatible with all vehicle types.

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