Adapt Solutions, Power-Pull – Power Wheelchair Ramp Assist For Manual Wheelchair Users


Adapt Solutions, Power-Pull - Power Wheelchair Ramp Assist For Wheelchair Users

Designed for Use in Minivans & Select SUVs

The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions is a power-assist device that aids in the loading and unloading of a wheelchair user in a rear-entry or side-entry wheelchair van or handicap accessible vehicle that has a built in wheelchair ramp.

The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions works the same way a vehicle wench would work, by taking the work out of loading and unloading a wheelchair user inside a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The Power-Pull uses a stainless steel cable system that attaches to the wheelchair and is then operated using a wireless remote to assist in pulling a wheelchair user up the vehicles wheelchair ramp. The Power-Pull is designed for use by individuals in manual wheelchairs or their caregivers who don’t have the strength that is needed to maneuver safely & easily up and down a wheelchair accessible vehicle’s ramp due to the angle of the ramp.

Don’t risk injury, get the Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions and let it safely do all the work for you!


See The Power-Pull In Action!

Loading & Unloading Assistance

The Power-Pull from Adapt Solutions features an auto-locking cable that holds your device in place from start to finish. Because of this the Power-Pull can be used for both loading and unloading assistance.


  • • Full-Power Operation
  • • Easy To Operate Wireless Remote
  • • Auto-Locking Cable
  • • Operates Off Vehicle's Own 12 Volt Supply
  • • 15-Feet Of Stainless Steel Cable
  • • Compact, Unobtrusive Design
Pull Capacity
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To learn more about the many types of wheelchair lifts from Adapt Solutions, please contact our dedicated lift manager for fastest service. Our lift manager is here to assist you in determining the proper lift for your needs, abilities and vehicle type. NOTE: Not all lift types are compatible with all vehicle types.

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