Automotive Exterior Mounted Mobility Scooter Lifts & Wheelchair Lifts

External automotive wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts are the most common and least expensive options available in transporting your mobility scooter, wheelchair or power-chair. The lift mounts to your vehicle through the towing-hitch receiver. If you don’t have a towing-hitch receiver already installed on your vehicle, you will need to have one installed prior, or we can help assist in the installation.

Note: The type of vehicle and towing-hitch mount installed will dictate what type of external wheelchair lift can be mounted. Not all vehicles or hitch-mounts are created equal. The tongue weight restrictions of the towing-hitch and vehicle will dictate your lift options. For more details on scooter lift and wheelchair lift compatibility for your vehicle, please call our toll-free number above to speak with our dedicated lift manager.

Harmar External Platform Scooter Lift & Wheelchair Lift

Harmar’s best-selling, exterior mounted scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. There are many models are available for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs with varying lift capacities. Simply call Superior Van and Mobility with all your questions and work one-on-one with our dedicated lift manager who will assist you in determining which model works best for your vehicle and mobility device.

Harmar exterior mounted scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts are designed for those with limited mobility and use a mobility scooter, wheelchari or power-chair; who can stand for short period of time, and can safely traverse from the rear to the front of their vehicle without the assistance of their device.

  • • Many models and lifting capacities available for cars, trucks, vans & SUVs
  • • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • • Safely carries virtually every type of mobility scooter on the market today
  • • Manual or automatic device securement systems available based on model chosen
  • • No mobility scooter modifications necessary for use or securement
  • • Unit is powered by the vehicle’s battery. No external or additional battery required
  • • Installation does not involve any structural modifications to your vehicle, so it can be removed for vehicle resale purposes
  • • Accommodates mobility scooters up to 42” in length
  • • Features the all-new, “Stars & Stripe” designed aluminum deck
  • • License plate mount included
  • • Requires the installation of a Class II or greater tow-hitch on your vehicle
  • • Lift capacities range from 100 to 400 lbs.
  • • Manual override allows for operation in the event of a power failure
  • • Optional Swing-Away feature allows for easy access to your vehicles rear cargo area when installed
  • • Optional covers available to keep you mobility device clean and dry from the elements

Bruno Out-Sider Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Lift

Easy to use and operate, the new Bruno Out-Sider ASL-275 is now 15% lighter and it will allow you to stow your mobility scooter, power-chair or wheelchair for transportation behind your vehicle. With the new universal, modular design, the Out-Sider is now easier than ever to adjust the platform to host numerous sized and type devices.

Easy to use! The user simply places their mobility device on the platform and secures it in place with included tie-downs. A simple touch-of-a-button then raises the platform into the air for storage and transportation behind your vehicle. As shown below, the new adjustable platform creates a universal application for most power-chairs and mobility scooters. Please consult one of our certified mobility consultants or lift manager for details and exact fit for your vehicle, mobility device and personal needs.

Bruno Out-Sider Mobility Scooter Lift Features

  • • Full-power operation
  • • Easy-on / Easy-off platform design
  • • Platform folds and stores automatically when not in use
  • • No modification necessary to your mobility device
  • • Optional Swing-Away feature is available to allow rear hatch access
  • • No external or secondary battery necessary, lift is powered by the vehicle’s battery
  • • Unit mounts to an external class II or class III trailer hitch receiver (not included)
  • • Works with most vehicles that can accept an installation of a trailer hitch

Bruno Out-Sider Scooter Lift “User Requirements”

  • • User must be able to safely walk to and from the rear of their vehicle
  • • User must be able to stand two to three minutes under own power
  • • Uses must be able to safely drive their mobility device on/off platform 

Bruno Out-Sider Scooter Lift Specs

  • • Heavy Lifting Capacity: up to 350 lbs.
  • • Height Adjustable from 6-inches to 24-inches
  • • Hitch Class II or III required for installation
  • • Standard platform width is 28.5-inches
  • • Optional wide platform width is 31-inches

Bruno Out-Rider Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Lift For Trucks

Invented by Bruno over 15 years ago, the Out-Rider wheelchair lift quickly became an industry leader in design and function for addressing mobility scooter, power-chair, and wheelchair lifts for pickup trucks.

The Out-Rider mounts in the truck bed of your pickup and works like a crane. The articulating arm easily attaches to your power -chair, mobility scooter or wheelchair via a lifting point on your device, and quickly lifts and stores your device safely in the bed of your truck. An optional, automatic truck topper is available to work with your Out-Rider to ensure your mobility device is kept out of the elements and safely under-cover.

Bruno Out-Rider Features

  • • Full-power operation
  • • Various articulating arms available to accommodate the different cab designs
  • • Unit is available for installation on either a standard, extended-cab or crew-cab pickup, and can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side
  • • Materials are designed for the elements and exposed use
  • • Easily installed and removed for resale capabilities

Bruno Out-Rider Specs

  • • Three models available: Lifting Capacity – Standard model: 100 lbs. or 200 lbs., HD model: 350 lbs.
  • • Vehicle installed weight -Standard models 80 lbs., HD model 90 lbs. 
  • • Works in pickup truck beds from 5 ½ foot to 8 foot

Bruno Chariot Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Lift

The Bruno Chariot wheelchair lift is a revolutionary, fixed-mount, external power-chair, mobility scooter and wheelchair lift that attaches to your vehicle like an ordinary pull-behind trailer that acts like an ordinary trailer, but without the driving issues that surround navigating a trailer. The key to it’s mobility is in the use of 360 degree rotating castor wheels that support the platform. This feature eliminates the, “Jackknife” effect that is often created when trying to navigate a normal trailer behind your vehicle, especially when backing up.

The Bruno Chariot scooter lift and wheelchair lift utilizes a fixed mount design, meaning it doesn’t swivel on a traditional ball mount trailer hitch. The unit tracks directly behind your vehicle as if it was never there. It’s also small enough, when attached to a compact vehicle, to fit inside a traditional parking space.

Bruno Chariot Wheelchair Lift Features

  • • 360-degree castor type swivel wheels – eliminates trailer “jackknifing” when traveling in reverse
  • • Comfortable ride utilizing its independent suspension
  • • Full-Power operation for ease of use and handling of platform
  • • Heavy 350lbs. lifting capacity
  • • Easy one-hand folding of the platform
  • • Retractable tie-downs are included for safe, easy device securement
  • • Allows for easy rear hatch access if applicable
  • • Includes light package that contains ancillary running/brake lights and turn signals
  • • Fix mounts to your vehicle’s class I or class II frame mounted trailer hitch receiver (not included)
  • • Easily moved for use on multiple vehicles

Bruno Chariot User Requirements

  • • User must be able to safely walk to and from the rear of their vehicle
  • • User must be able to stand two to three minutes under own power
  • • Uses must be able to safely drive their mobility device on/off platform

Bruno Chariot Specs

  • • Lifting capacity of 350lbs.
  • • Vehicle installed weight 310lbs.
  • • 47” x 33”platform size
  • • Max. Scooter/Power Chair width is 27 inches
  • • Max. Scooter/Power Chair wheelbase is 38 inches
  • • Requires hitch height of 8.5 to 15.5 inches
  • • Requires frame mounted hitch class I or II 
  • • Overall unit height is 65 inches

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