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Adapt Solutions is a top provider of quality mobility assist devices for the automotive application. Their mobility products are designed to assist physically challenged individuals with a safe, reliable transfer from their wheelchair to their vehicle, then safely storing their wheelchair or mobility scooter inside their vehicle for the pending journey or transport.

At Adapt Solutions, they don’t take safety lightly. In fact, Adapt was the FIRST seating company to participate in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliance review program. Their mobility products are rigorously tested and each undergos a strict certification process before it becomes available for sale or installation. These tests not only include life-cycle and weight capacity tests for longevity, practical use and reliability, but the safety of every product is challenged and reviewed using real vehicle crash-test data. The result, a quality, reliable and safe product that over delivers a real solution to an individual’s need.

Did we mention how safe and reliable are the mobility products from Adapt Solution?

Adapt Solutions Speedy-Lift Manual Wheelchair Lift

The Speedy-Lift wheelchair lift from Adapt Solutions is a space saving, compact wheelchair lift that is installed in the second-row of a minivan or select SUV using the existing seat brackets. That’s right! NO additional vehicle modifications are necessary, and in most cases it only requires the removal of one of the seats, leaving more available seating options over it’s closest competitors. Plus, it’s fast… A full-cycle of this wheelchair lift from start to finish takes less than 30 seconds!

One product for two tasks, the Speedy-Lift from Adapt Solutions not only lifts and stores your manual wheelchair quickly and conveniently, it also secures it in place for you, eliminating the need for additional wheelchair restraints.

Specifications & Benefits:

  1. Speedy-Lift has a 95 lbs. weight capacity.
  2. Speedy-Lift is currently designed for use in minivans and the Mazda 5, but check with our lift manager for additional applications.
  3. The Speedy-Lift is powered by the vehicles battery. There is no additional battery sources needed to operate.
  4. The Speedy-Lift is equipped with a manual override & backup system to operate the lift in case of power failure.
  5. The Speedy-Lift is designed for use with a ridged frame manual wheelchair, however optional adapter kit are available for use with manual-folding wheelchairs.
  6. The Speedy-Lift comes in three popular interior colors to complement your vehicle: black, tan or gray.

Adapt Solutions HI-LIFT Wheelchair Lift

The HI-LIFT manual wheelchair lift from Adapt Solutions is an optional lift that works well alongside their XL-SEAT to lift and secure a manual wheelchair inside a minivan. The HI-LIFT is one of the most compact wheelchair lifts on the market today, and it mounts directly onto the optional XL-SEAT for ease and convenience. The lift has both vertical and horizontal swing, and a 75 lb. lifting capacity.

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