Wheelchair Restraint Tie-Down Straps

We don’t have to tell you the importance of wheelchair securement while riding in a wheelchair van / handicap accessible vehicle, and we understand how easily your tie-down options can get confusing. However, at Superior Van & Mobility we help eliminate the guesswork and work to find you the best wheelchair restraint options for your current and future needs. Our staff of certified mobility consultants is fully-trained in the various types and applications of wheelchair tie-down and semi-automatic wheelchair securement devices, and is here to answer all your wheelchair securement questions. Let our team help recommend the ideal solution for wheelchair securement / tie-down based on your wheelchair accessible vehicle and needs.

We carry wheelchair tie-downs and restraint systems from the leading manufacturers, Q’straint and B&D Independence. Each providing an array of options from manual to fully- power, hands-free wheelchair docking systems. We are sure to have the right wheelchair restraint solution for you, your mobility device type and handicap accessible vehicle.

Q’Straint Deluxe Retractable Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Q’Straint 4-Point Wheelchair Restraint Systems

Image of Qstraint retractable wheelchair restraint tie-down

Leading the way in wheelchair restraint for wheelchair accessible vehicles is Q’Straint. They were the first to introduce a fully-integrated, four-point wheelchair passenger restraint system, which has remained to be the industry standard for over 25 years. Extensively designed and engineered, the Q’Straint wheelchair restraint system works to isolate the forward force of a wheelchair seated occupant during a sudden stop or accident by directing the forces involved to the vehicles flooring. The 4-point tie-down straps are available in both manual and semi-automatic retractable design and they attach to the vehicles installed tie-down track or wheelchair anchor point using a pocket or slide ‘n click system.

The retractable wheelchair restraint system from Q’straint is the most advanced 4-point system available today and they are also the easiest and fasted wheelchair tie-down restraint systems available. The QRT series from Q’Straint allows drivers, passengers and wheelchair occupants to safely secure their wheelchair inside their vehicle in less than 15 seconds. This is especially helpful for transportation operators by saving them time.

QRT Deluxe Wheelchair Restraints From Q’Straint

The QRT Deluxe wheelchair restraint system is the original ratchet-style tie-down that changed everything! The QRT Deluxe is easily attached to the four tie-down anchor points on the floor of the handicap van and then wheelchair. The user then will simply turn two knobs for tightening down the straps. The QRT Deluxe is considered to be THE industry standard of 4-point, retractable wheelchair tie-down restraint systems and is the most widely used in handicap accessible vehicles.

Dual Tightening Knobs

The two-knob design on the QRT Deluxe easily provides additional tension to safely secure your wheelchair inside the vehicle.

Foot Release Lever

The EZ-release foot lever on the QRT Deluxe wheelchair restraint system eliminates the need for caregivers to bend down and disengage the restraint straps for wheelchair user removal.

Positive Lock Indicator

This exclusive feature of the QRT Deluxe allows the wheelchair user or caregiver to easily identify visually if the restraint system is locked properly into the tie-down anchor track on the floor of the wheelchair accessible vehicle (applicable to L-track applications only).

Q’Straint M-Series Manual Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Image of manual wheelchair restraint tie-down

The Q’Straint M-Series is an economical, manual wheelchair tie-down system that is designed to meet the specifications necessary for proper wheelchair securement without sacrificing safety inside your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Manual Tie-Down Tensioning
The M-Series cam & over-center buckle design works to ensure maximum passenger safety while traveling in a moving vehicle.

Universal Design
The J-Hook design easily attaches and accommodates virtually all types of wheelchair design, including mobility scooters while reducing twist.